Komchadluek: She is regarded as an actress who has been in this industry for many years but is not all that well-known. In this time, the lakorn Wahn Jai Gab Naai Jom Ying is airing via Channel 3 and the popularity of this lakorn is increasing with the good ratings going up continuously, making the […]

December 12, 2012 | manager.co.th This is an older interview of Bo when she first entered the showbiz. I know she’s very underrated which is why I wanted to share this article with everyone because I think it’s worth reading. This is one my favorite interviews of her and it really shows how intelligent, mature […]

    She has gained the experiences of being in the industry for 20 years along with the popularity and adoration from her fans continuously. Today the reputation and popularity of “Kob Suvanant Kongying” is still resonating in the hearts of many, even if she had a change of character to play mean in her […]

June 14, 2013 from Manager.co.th The beautiful and attractive young girl mixed Thai, Chinese and Lebanese has entrusted herself with many areas of work like in the lakorn Keu Hat Ta Krong Pi Pop in the role of Khun Prao Pilat. Many fans want to learn more about her the actress Kat Sonya Singha who apart from being […]

How is it acting in your very first period lakorn? I was secretly nervous ka. The language is one of my biggest obstacles everytime I’m acting in a lakorn and furthermore, period lakorns requires more abstract words. I must pronounce my words clearly and slowly but normally I’m someone who talks fastly and unclearly. I […]

Feb 17, 2015 | Komchadluek She’s becoming very popular at the moment for the new actress Bow Maylada, the uprising star from Channel 7 because she’s receiving work continuously. After succeeding in the lakorn Yai Kanlaya, she brought in koo jin tidings with Mike Pattaradet. Lately she has another lakorn Kaat Cheauk and the newest […]

Queue for 2 lakorns I have two lakorns. In Lom Sorn Rak, I portray a business woman who just returned from overseas who is paired with Pran, the older twin portrayed by Nadech. Actually, even with just the fitting there are already a lot of tidings for this lakorn. It’s probably due to the fact […]