Preem is unclear if Jett is pursuing or not, doesn’t close the door and leaves things to the future


Seeing that Preem Ranida Techasit is casted in the lakorm Sam Bai Mai Thao of the producer Jett Natapong, there are rumors that came from the filming set saying Jett is flirting and pursuing Preem. At this event, Preem immediately came out to say that she’s still unclear and doesn’t know if the male party is flirting or not. If he really is pursuing then she’ll leave it to the future. Apart from this, she talks about her feelings where people complain she is inexperienced and unsuitable for the role of the nang aek in lakorn Samee.

Preem reveals that

“For Samee, there are some criticisms but there are also those who complimented saying I’ve improved. I’m happy because I’ve done my best already. For those who think that I’ve too little experience to receive this role, the elders are the ones who gave me this opportunity to play in this lakorn. I’ve acted to the best I could. Complains and criticisms won’t discourage me na because I consider this as a learning experience. Acting in this lakorn has allowed me to learn so much more about many things. I’m able to learn through all words of criticism ka”.

“Lately with the news of Jett pursuing me, I’ve heard about it as well. That’s not true. The last time I saw him was when they whole team went to Japan and there were many actors there as well. It was chaotic. Asking if I’m shy to be in the news with him, I’m rather more confused as to how did I end up being in the news with him? No matter how close I am with him, it never reached that extent. I’ve been able to act in a lakorn of P’Ja Yosinee so I’m closer with her. If P’Jett secretly admires me where I’m not even aware, I’m not sure. Asking if someone who is a lot older is considered my type, for this I don’t think about that aspect. Right now I’m working and going to school continuously. About love, I look more at someone’s behavior and personality. If someone’s personality is compatible with me, then we can get along. About P’Jett liking half-caste, I’m not sure if that’s his type or not. From what I’ve seen, there’s nothing more to it. For those keeping a close eye on us, I’m not uncomfortable. I’m just a little unclear. When I meet him in person I won’t be tensed because I’m meeting him in the status of one actress. If I have any confusions or questions regarding my role, I will go consult with him. About him pursuing, I’ll better leave it to the future. Right now there’s nothing so there’s no need to think much. I’m now single and I’m studying along with working”.


Translated by: Camboscambo


Personal Comments: It’s weird how after Jett broke up with Kim, he’s been rumoured with many of the girls he’s working with like Due and Preem. I think Preem handled this one pretty well. She gave good answers and at the same time, showed respect to Jett and his family. As for her acting in Samee, she’s improved heaps compared to her other lakorns and she should be proud of herself for that. Some people are just more critical than others and are still stuck with the image of the older version.


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