Sets plans to bring family to travel to Hong Kong, Preem fights for her brother


Preem Ranida Techasit reveals that her brother is 16 years old and is a special person. They moved from Rome to live in Thailand because her dad foresees the many economical problems that will happen in Italy. She repeats that she plans to bring her family to visit Hong Kong.

We get to understand about the sibling relationship between the rising actress, Preem Ranida Techasit and her older brother named John who’s 16 years old. She admits that her brother is a special person; in technical terms he is a victim of down syndrome. Preem tells us that her dad has sent him to live with her for almost 4 years now.

“Right now my older brother is in Thailand. We moved here from Italy because of the economical problems in Italy so felt that it was a better option to move back to Thailand. If my brother has the chance, he will follow along with my mom to my events all the time. But events with a lot of people, he doesn’t like to attend. (We see there’s a project for you to fight for your brother). That’s right. Personally, I intend to save up money to bring my brother to go travel abroad. Looking now, we’re probably going to visit Hong Kong later this year. I want to bring him to countries that are close by first, to widen his horizon because I know that whenever he’s at home, he’s usually stressed. Truthfully, I want to bring my whole family. My brother and I are only 1 year apart. We’re very close with each other,” says Preem.

When we asked if her brother knows if she’s a lead actress for Channel 3, Preem reveals as follows

“He knows na. Like right now Mae Yai Tee Rak is airing, he would refer to me as Matree. When I had to film, I would have to wake up at around 3:00 am and he’d request to come along as well because no one is home because my dad works overseas. So whenever I film lakorns, he’ll be the one to help wake me up. He gives me a lot of motivation. I have to say that my brother is normal in every matter. He can get ready on his own, he’s okay. It’s just he doesn’t understand complex terms so we have to speak slowly and clearly to him. He would understand easily”.

Source: KomChadLuek

Translated: Camboscambo

Personal comments: I like how Preem isn’t afraid to admit about her family problems and she shows that she’s living normally like everyone else. Some celebrities would use this aspect to gain sympathy from the viewers but I don’t get that vibe from her. She also seems very sweet and loving, she cares so much for her family. She’s so young yet she’s already planning on treating her family on a trip by saving up her earnings from lakorns. Kudos to her!


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