Bella is impressed with Unda’s skill, agrees to make way to develop herself


February 17, 2013 |

She has disappeared for a short period and is now returning back being the talk of the town after acting in the lakorn Porn Prom Olawaeng via Channel 3 with the role of Tanyong whose spirit is embodied in a child, Nong May for the half-caste actress, Bella Ranee Campen. 

Today is an appropriate time to set an appointment with her as the lakorn is almost closing production. We’ve met with the main actor Boy Pakorn who gave us a lot of laughter followed by by the young talented actress N’Unda Guntera who acted as Nong May who is very cheeky! After that, we got the chance to talk thoroughly with Nong Bella.

It seemed like you disappeared for a while

Bella: “After acting in my first lakorn Roy Marn and afterwards, Tawan Yord Rak, I took a break to finish my studies because it was my last year. It was rather difficult where I had more work to do so I only accepted one lakorn. I didn’t have any other works to carry on but now I’ve graduated already. I’ve returned and accepted a full word load where I have 2 lakorns which are Porn Prom Olawaeng and Suphap Buroot Juthathep in the segment Khun Chai Puttipat.”

Before this, you were always taking on supporting roles. This time with your comeback, you’re a main actress

Bella: “I’m really excited. Honestly, the first lakorn where I get to play as the lead actress is Khun Chai Puttipat but before I was able to play in this lakorn, I went casting for it since last year. I was really eager but at that time, I didn’t think of it as that I’d get to be a main actress or not. Just being able to act in lakorns is already pleasing. After that, I was contacted to play in Porn Prom Olawaeng and I was able to be the main actress again. I was very happy. I never thought that I’d get such opportunities because when I played in Roy Marn, I was rather evil. ”

Getting to be a main actress, do you feel it being any different from when you playing supporting? 

Bella: “Personally for me it’s not different but in terms of working, they’re different. I have more pressure in accordance to the roles I accept which are more significant. I have more homework to do as well. My scripts are more detailed and more people would rather notice me more. Like in the lakorn Porn Prom Olawaeng, I wasn’t too tensed. There were many workshops we did before filming and during the first few days ”

Are you afraid that N’Unda will steal the spotlight from you?

 Bella: “I’m not concerned about that. If Nong performs well then it’s like helping to attract the viewers as well. As for me, I’ve done my best with my own part. When we have to act together, it’s really fun. We clicked right away ever since we first met each other. The more we acted together, the smoother it became. She’s a very smart kid. You tell her a little thing and she’ll be able to do it. She compels the elders on set as well. As for P’Boy, we’ve worked together in Roy Marn before. This time we meet again and we get along well. He’s someone who is talented and is able to send and receive emotions for me very well. If you ask me how much expectation did I have with my first lakorn of being a lead actress? I just hope that viewers will like it and that’s enough. I’ve done my best. I would always constantly talk to the director and try to improve myself.”

What about Khun Chai Puttipat?

Bella: “In that one, I portray a poor girl from the country side. I’m the daughter of a janitor. I’m very prim and proper. I would do everything to earn money and help pay off the debts for my family.”

We notice that you also have another lakorn Luk Tard with TV Scene Production.

 Bella: “I’m waiting for the Channel to confirm things again. If I really get to act in it, that means I’ll have 3 lakorns this year.”

After this, is it necessary that you always have to be the leading actress?

 Bella: “It’s not necessary ka. It’s just that we have to look at the suitability and availability. I see myself as an actress instead. I can play any character, it all depends on the elders and what they see to be appropriate for me.”

What do you think is your unique feature?

 Bella: “There have been people who told me that it’s probably my eyes. They say I’m able to convey sweetness and evilness through my eye expressions.”

As soon as you became famous, you started having news. How are you keeping up with that?

Bella: “I’ve never really felt like that yet so I’m not sure how I would handle it. It all depends on the truth. Whatever there is, I’ll answer truthfully. Another thing is that if someone hasn’t happened yet, I shouldn’t think much of it or else I’ll be stressed and that’s just pointless.”

Has your viewpoint of the industry changed compared to when you first entered until now?

Bella: “It has changed completely. At first I thought that acting in lakorns is easy but as soon as I started acting, that’s when I realized that acting is actually like a form of art. For me, I don’t have to win or compete with anyone but I have to compete with my own self and my own heart. I have to think in the perspective of the role I’m playing and really feel connected then my inner feelings will bring out the character on it’s own.I think that I’ve made the right choice to be acting in lakorns. I’m very happy every time I arrive at the filming set. It’s become a point where I’ve fallen in love with this industry but I still have to keep improving myself because I’m still not proficient yet. I would hear things and understand it but I haven’t accomplished it yet. Right now my profession as an actress is a main foundation of my life.”

How do you see your future in this industry?

Bella: “I intend to work and complete my Master’s Degree at the same time. Working in the industry, if I still receive work then I will keep accepting them continuously bit if there isn’t then I’ll probably work in field that I studied in which would still be in the entertainment field.”


Growing up as the only child in her family, Bella reveals that

“At home, I never got what I wanted. Children usually want dolls and barbies but my mom never got them for me because they were too expensive. Many people like to think that only childs probably always got their way but that’s not true. At that time, I was a little upset that everyone else had a Barbie, why wouldn’t my mom or dad buy them for me? Majority of the toys that they bought for me were all school and development related instead.”

Bella is a half-caste where her father is British and her mother is Thai. The way she was raised up was mixture of both. 

“My dad is British who is rather very traditional somewhat like the Thai culture. He’s very particular about discipline. He’s very strict. I was born in Thailand but I learned English before I learned Thai because at home, I always spoke in English. He thought how was it that I lived in Thailand if I don’t know the language? So I must be able to speak it. ”

As for her behavior, the lead actress explains that

“I’m someone who has a lot of different personalities. I have a sense of humour. I like to listen to other people talk. I’m not very serious. If you ask whether I’m someone who always has to have my way? It’s not to that extent. Like if I’m unhappy about something, I’ll be a little moody but I’ll keep it to myself. I wouldn’t be verbal about it because if I did something wrong at home, I would be punished.”

Did you ever have an idea or inkling during childhood that you wanted to be an actress? She laughs before answering 

“When I was little, I was very fat. I had thick wavy hair. I never thought that I’d enter the showbiz and my dad disliked it too because I was once contacted to film a kid’s commercial but my dad didn’t let me. When I grew up little more, there were people who persuaded me to go into modeling and my dad refused. It wasn’t until I went to University and my grades were steady that my dad set me free because he wants education to be my main priority. He was afraid that I wouldn’t finish my studies.”


Love is understanding –  Talking Weir Sukollowat in the status of siblings

Bella Ranee is currently having news of dating the actor from the opposing Channel, Weir Sukollowat. They’re close to the point of riding a motorcycle together to go Chiangmai. 

“It’s not to that extent. We’ve known each other for a while already because we acted in a movie together called Fatherland but the movie hasn’t premiered yet so people are questioning how we got close. We’re also from different Channels. But truthfully we’re from the same family. We’re both kids under the same management of P’A Supachai. Before having news together, we were already talking but it just made news recently because during the new years, I went on a trip to Chiang Mai with my friends. P’Weir also went with his friends. We met each other unexpectedly so we all went together. People say we secretly went together when really we went separately.”

Don’t you feel that you guys click? She says

“It’s nothing special. P’Weir is cute and well mannered. I’m impressed with his honesty. He doesn’t have any barriers. He doesn’t act like a praek all the time. After it became news, we talked with each other sometimes. I don’t have a type. All I ask is for someone who can talk to me and understand my job. With P’Weir, we’re not at that stage of dating. Right now we’re just talking normally as siblings. Is there a chance for further development? It’s all up to the future. I can’t give an answer right now because there’s nothing going on for real. We just started talking and it’s not in the status of courting. We talk as siblings and consult with each other.”

Are you worried at all? P’Weir is quite handsome. What does P’A say? We heard that he forbids his kids from the same management to date each other.

“I haven’t seen P’A and he hasn’t called me either. He probably knows what’s going on already.”

What is your definition of love?

“Love is understanding each other. The fact that two people can be together and have happiness, to be with each other and be able to make each other smile and laugh (smiles).”

So are you happy whenever you’re around Weir?

“Oh ho! What is this? We never go anywhere where it’s just the two of us.”

Hmm we feel like we’ve been tricked again


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