Bella, the half caste actress with a Thai heart, has a free life but has boarders — Dao Dtaang Mum


She’s becoming very popular and surprising many lakon fans with the role of Dtan Yong or Nong May in the lakorn Porn Prom Olawaeng. It has produced Bella Ranee Campen, the half Thai half British actress to suddenly become a hot rising actress, changing her life completely. Today, Bella cleared her schedule to sit and open up her heart with Daao Dtaang Mum in order for fans to learn more about her.

How are the tidings for the lakorn?

“It’s considered to be very good ka. A lot of people talk about it and the main component of the lakorn is that it has kids too. They’re all so talented. I have to alternate with Nong when we have scenes of entering the praek’s house and there are many cute scenes like kissing scenes. There’s jealousy scenes where P’Boy would be jealous of me and N’Unda”.

Do you feel pressured that this is your first lakorn being a full lead actress?

“At first, I was somewhat pressured because there was lots of tidings ever since we went casting of who would play in the lakorn and who wouldn’t. There were those that cheered and those were also those who were still stuck with the image of me playing the antagonist from before. For this lakorn, we did a lot of workshops in order for everything to come out well. Doing workshops with N’Unda, I tried my best to act as if we’re really one person and have people believe in it. It tried everything to make it come out naturally, for it to really come out from my inner self. I did a lot of homework including reading my script, interpreting my character, talking with the director all the time whether my acting was okay. I would always try to ask for advice from her but each day that we filmed, the number of scenes increased. Some days, we would film all scenes.

Do you consider it as step forward from playing rai to supporting to a lead actress?

“If you look at it from being supporting to a lead actress, it’s like a skipping sequence because I played in 2 lakorns already before becoming a nang aek but in the sense of working then I didn’t skip anything na. Before reaching here, it has been a long time. Before I had to take acting classes and as soon as my second lakorn ended, Tawan Yod Rak, I filmed Porn Prom Olawaeng right after. At first I didn’t think that I could work in this field. I used to go casting for commercials because commercials takes only one day and it ends but lakorns is more realistic and requires more time. In the beginning, I didn’t’ understand what the acting field was and I was still looking for the answer but now it has become a part of my life already. I work nearly 7 days a week. Once I understood it, I learned more so it’s enjoyable. The atmosphere on set is happy, it feels like a big family of mine”.

How much has your life changed?

“It started changing just recently. Before, not many people recognized me. Wherever I went, people merely looked at my indifferently. But now people remember me, they greet me and ask to take pictures, ask for autographs but I still act normally like before. But I might not wear shorts and sandals anywhere now (laughs). Right now, I’m still not accustomed with the fact that people call me a nang aek. There are those who call me like, [this person is the nang aek in Porn Prom Olawaeng]. When people are able to recognize me, I’m happy. Now I have a lot more expectations for myself where I shall work and improve myself. I don’t expect much from the tidings off screen. Nowadays, I practice myself regarding the use of emotions in my acting. Sometimes, I have to put more thought into it. Like right now, I don’t have dialogue where I need to use my eyes so I have to think more in my mind on how to express it from my inner feelings. I go to workshops and rehearsals and analyze my scripts but each lakorn is different so I have practice many different styles. For my future works, there’s Suphap Buroot Juthathep in the segment of Khun Chai Puttipat and Look Tard. This next lakorn, I need to practice a lot because it’s a period lakorn from the 5th reign. I’m the daughter of a nobleman and I have to speak softly”.


Being in the industry, is your family particularly strict at all?

“At first when I was still in school, they were strict about my education. They only allowed me to accept one lakorn at a time and I had to divide my time and commit 3-4 days towards school. Now I’ve graduated already so they’ve began setting me free. I have to manage my own money, look into my future but they want me to continue my education. In the beginning, I was thinking of continuing this year but I’m not prepared yet so it will be next year. As for the variety of news, my mom is worried. She’s worried that I’d think too much but if I didn’t do anything then I don’t have to worry. I’m ready to accept any news that is untrue. I’ll just speak the truth and it’ll die on its own if it’s not true”.

In what kind of style were you raised up?

“My dad and mom will let me take care of myself. I’m the only child. They let me think for myself and handle my own money; they don’t keep it for me. I take care of it myself. I drive by myself, if I want something, I need to save up and purchase it on my own. They give me independence. They don’t follow me or watch over me. My dad is a Westerner that has a lot of Thai influence. Whenever I do something, he will give me the freedom to do so but there’s also a rule that I must obey to stay in one boarder frame. For example, after we finish eating, we must wash the dishes or when we come home we must come back at the according time. I grew up in Thailand so I obey the Thai culture and regulation. I’m not westernized. I went to a Thai school and not an International school but at home, I speak with my dad in English. The fact that my parents allow me freedom has made me grown up a little faster than my peers, like I’m ahead by one step. The way I like to think is to always incline towards the future. Like for continuing my studies, I will study in the same faculty because I already planned ahead that if one day I’m old and I don’t have anything to do then I’ll be a University teacher. As for money, I will try to have many accounts and distribute my money accordingly for each one so I won’t spend all of it”.

How do you see your future if one day you leave the Entertainment Industry?

“Previously, I wanted to be an air hostess. If working in this industry isn’t successful then I might be an airhostess or if I’ve worked in the industry long enough, someday I might work behind the scenes instead because I’ve studied in the Radio and Television department. Soon, I will go back to get my Masters to expand my knowledge as well. I most likely would stay in the entertainment field but work behind the camera”.

How’s your love life? We noticed that you’re in the news with Weir Sukollawat

“We hang out as friends ka. I’ve known P’Weir for a while already since we filmed a movie together but the movie hasn’t premiered. It’s regarding love of different religions. During the news years, I went to Chiang Mai with my friends and saw P’Weir there so we went to make merits and had dinner together but I’m not opening my heart or specifying that P’Weir is the one because now I have a lot of work. I don’t have the time to think about these things. I don’t have any type or certain qualifications either, just being together and feeling happy, listening to me and is able to take care of me sometimes and understands my life and work”.

Is that P’Weir?

“It can be P’Weir but it’s not the time yet. I’m not old enough. At this moment, I’d like to work first. He isn’t courting me; we’re just talking at the filming set. We’re siblings and we exchanged numbers like normal. After we finished filming, we greet each other some times. We didn’t see each other frequently, the last time I saw him was in Chiang Mai”.

Your viewpoint on Love

“Love should make us feel happy, make us smile. The person that will come to be my lover, I should be able to show him that I’m happy and open my heart for him but I have no one courting me. Why? I don’t know either (laughs). I don’t really meet people either. Most of the time, I work all week so I only meet the same people. I don’t have the chance to meet anyone. I think I should make sure my work is stable first. I’m also scared that love could affect my work. I would rather let nature take it’s course”.

Please leave something for the fans

“I’d like to entrust fans of dailynews to please follow up with my lakorns. Porn Prom Olawaeng is almost ending. Than Yong has already went back to her own body. Please anticipate seeing how the love between Than Yong and Navee will turn out. Also, please follow up with the series Suphap Buroot Juthathep, especially part 3. It’s a change of character for me where I play a poor country girl with a sad life and there’s also Look Tard which should be on air this year as well”.

For this work, we must wish her success for this new actress and whether she will accomplish her goals or not. But what’s certain is with her love, we all shall anticipate together and see who will be able to own her heart. Will it be the actor from a different channel or not na.

Source: | Date of Interview: March 3, 2013


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