Miss Siam with prosperity, Bella edition


Even though it has already finished airing already, but the buzz for the lakorn Khun Chai Puttipat hasn’t subsided yet. During the last time, our catalogue Supta Nai Duangjai and KomChadLuek had the chance to open up with the praek James Jirayu already. This time, we will question the woman that is most enviable, Miss Siam Krong Kaew who was portrayed by Bella Ranee Campen, the new actress who is becoming very popular right now. Let’s get to know her and what her real personality is like for this sweet smiling actress.

@@ Khun Chai Puttipat Fever

How is it for the lakorn Khun Chai Puttipat?

“It’s a very difficult lakorn, difficult to the point where I cried. I was angry with myself as to why I couldn’t do it and wasting people’s time. I have to say that I was able to pass through it all until now because of everyone’s encouragement including Paajaew, P’Mam and all the casts and team members of this lakorn as well as my parents, family, friends and James, who is the praek. With James, since we’re both newbies pairing together, there were some scenes where our acting didn’t go smoothly, which was a trouble that we faced. So each of us always gave encouragement to the other during the times where we couldn’t do it. We took turns console each other.


@@ The buzz has exceeded expectations

“At first, I was eager because to be honest, the lakorn is rather melodramatic but as soon as the lakorn aired, the feedback was great! I feel very happy because both the ratings and buzz are good. It might be that the events in the lakorn have happened in real life during the old days. There might be some matters in the story that has some truth to it so it made the viewers enjoy it”.

You have to act with James who is supposed to be a lot older but truthfully, he’s younger than you. Were there any problems?

“In reality, he’s around 3-4 years younger than me. He’s someone who likes to play; he’s mischievous and weepy. His personality is very different from Khun Chai Mor. Since I have to portray a character that is younger than him, when I first met him I didn’t let him call me Pee. I was afraid that he’d be considerate and wouldn’t dare to act accordingly because the character of Khun Chair Mor has to be decisive and authoritative. It’s as if I’m creating a sense of familiarity with him”.

How is James on the set?

“He’s like a mischievous monkey who can’t stay still. He’s moving all the time. When I have a scene to film, he likes to come prank and nudge me. But afterwards since he has to film all 5 parts, he’d spend more time reading his script though he still likes to play. He’s someone with good posture. Whenever we enter a scene, he’ll suddenly change his demeanor to Khun Chai Mor immediately. He’s talented as he makes me believe in his acting. Later, the role will flutter (smiles)”.


@@ New Lakorn

Your new Lakorn Look Tard that you’re about to film, how is that?

“For the lakorn Look Tard, we just started filming a little bit already. We filmed for the teaser and some parts that we will use in the lakorn. The scenery that we’ve filmed will be beautiful, somewhat like a dream. Now, we’ll start shooting the lakorn fully but it hasn’t taken up my entire queue. Even though we just started filming, I must say that it’s hard. There’s drama since the beginning already because it revolves around love that is impossible as in the story, I’m the daughter of a noble and the praek is a slave. In the acting department, it’s hard because during that era, the words, speech and expressions, everything was difficult as it’s a period lakorn. With this lakorn, what I’m most worried about is the language. I would speak incorrectly sometimes so I need to command myself to not make any slips. The language that is used in that generation and of today’ is very different. But since I’ve filmed a few scenes, I’m slowly starting to be more familiar with it”.

How have you been practicing the language?

“At the filming set, I would speak the language that I use in the lakorn to joke around with others so I’ll become more accustomed to speaking it. When I enter a scene, it takes a long while, around 4-5 takes, it all depends on my understanding of the dialogue. I must try my best to speak the language of that era more fluently. When we’re all on set, I would say something like [Jao doesn’t know how you feel as a slave]”.

In the lakorn Look Tard, you get to act with Ken Phuphoom. How’s is it?

“Ken and I have known each other before. Since this lakorn is rather hard, Uncle Pin (producer of TV Scene production) has to arrange many workshops for all of us to learn together. There’s me, Ken, N’Eye and Mai and it allows us to be more comfortable and familiar with each other but most importantly, it’s like putting us together to study the language and culture (laughs). N’Eye and I must learn about about the manners, behavior, speech and methods of expressions of the women from the olden days”.


@@ Both Look Tard and Khun Chai Puttipat are completely different

“That’s right. In Puttipat, I’m from a poor family so I have to be modest but in Look Tard, I’m the daughter of a noble so my demeanor is of a different style. In Look Tard, my expressions have to come out gracefully because I’m someone who takes care of all matters in the household. When I act in Look Tard, I feel more mature. In Khun Chai Puttipat, I have to play a younger person (laughs). In that lakorn, even though it’s a period genre but there are love scenes also. When I read the scene in the script, I feel like it’s such a beautiful one but back then we haven’t filmed it yet. The love scenes in Look Tard I have a lot to do because in the days, even holding hands was a big deal so I must make viewers feel like it’s an important thing to me even if it’s just holding hands”.

How do you feel about the lakorn Look Tard since it’s another big project of TV Scene?

“I have to be honest and say that I was surprised as to why Uncle Pin believes me this much? He came to me and said [I believe in you, I believe that you can do it]. As for me, I was anxious, I didn’t want him to trust me that much because there are a lot of things that I needed to make adjustments for the lakorn but the overall progress we’ve hard so far, Uncle Pin was satisfied. In the status of an actress, that made me feel more content. But for this lakorn I still have a lot of homework to do. During my breaks on set, I must always read and study my script. Uncle Pin gave me advise on acting in this lakorn by saying [Be careful with yours eyes because this lakorn requires a lot of expressions through the eyes]”.


@@ Deceptive Industry

Could you tell us how you first entered the industry?

“I have to say that I never expected I could work in this industry. Everything started from when I was in University and I was looking for something to do so began by going to commercial castings until Channel 3 saw me and persuaded me to cast for lakorns. Before I got to play in the lakorn Roy Marn, it was a long time since I had to take acting classes first”.

What kind of obstacles did you have to face until you’re able to become the Bella Ranee you are today?

“Firstly, I have to say that there are many attractive people these days. You can kind good-looking people everywhere. Before I could reach this day, I had to go through many examinations. I had to use my abilities, attention, discipline, concentration and consciousness before I could have this day. I had to use all my heart that I have because I chose to stand in this pathway so I need to do my best. I had to intend to do my fullest with my work. This industry is not a field for people to come in easily. For me, this industry is like another family of mine, a big family that has taught me many things and most importantly, since I chose to be in this field, I forbid myself to feel disheartened”.

What has this industry offered you?

“It has given me everything! I can tell you that the entertainment industry is like a world of reality for me. It is the world of employment that has happiness and sadness, tears and regrets. It allows me to understand what kind of things exists in our real world and acting has helped me learn how to see people’s perspectives towards many different things in many forms. In the lakorn Roy Marn, I play the role of May and this character is an antagonist but she has her reasons for being that way which makes me analyze this character. I’m always able to learn. Before coming into this industry, I personally thought that it was something that was different from my real self and I couldn’t imagine myself and what it would be like if I were to be in the industry and what the society would be like. I’ve heard that the industry is very competitive and has a lot of disagreements but as soon I came in, I have not seen the things that I’ve heard. Working in this field is only an honest career. What this industry has offered me is that it made me more mature. The society is so broad and so this industry has made me see things in many different angles where others might not be able to see.


@@ Life off screen

We notice that off screen, you have an inseparable friend, Nong Unda who you became close with since the lakorn Porn Prom Olawaeng 

I want to say that N’Unda is a child who is very fun to talk to and always has jokes for me to always laugh. I only feel happiness when being around her. She’s a child who’s not very mischievous; she’s just very smart. You can each her something momentarily and she’ll understand right away. We have a lot of things that are similar. She’s might not be well mannered but she’s someone who likes to talk a lot and she’s very possessive of me. Ever since we acted in Porn Prom Olawaeng, when I had a lot of cute scenes with P’Boy and the director yells cut, she would quickly come to me and grab my hand and push P’Boy’s hand away (laughs). Like with James Jirayu, N’Unda went with me to a TV program and the host was teasing me that I did a real kiss with him. N’Unda heard this and quickly turned around to ask me, [Was it a real kiss? If it were me, I wouldn’t do it]. It was very funny. I replied to her that it’s just work. Honestly, she was sulking for a short moment because she was possessive of me as her older sister”.

@@ Viewpoint on Love

How is it with the Ch7 Muscular actor, Weir Sukollawat? 

“Truthfully, P’Weir and I have known each other for almost two years now. We knew each other from filming the movie, Fatherland together but people might now know this because this movie hasn’t hit the theatres yet. People might think that we’re secretly talking to each other and going out together but really, we knew each other through work for a while now. If you ask how close we are, we’re close on a first level. We talk to each other about anything. People think that I’m stubborn. I’m not stubborn. I admit that we are talking but we’re not talking in the status of dating or courting each other because we’ve known each other for a long time. The way we talk hasn’t reached first base yet “.

Is Weir considered to be your type of guy?

“I don’t really have a certain type. I want someone who is understanding, who understands my work, someone who is mature, isn’t peevish, isn’t someone who only wants their way and P’Weir is that type of  person (smiles). He’s also worked in this industry for a long time so he’s able to advise me. If I have any problems and encounter something that I’m unsure of, I would sometimes ask and consult with him”.

Beautiful, cute and sweet smiling like this, no wonder everyone is falling for her right now

Source: KomChadLuek | June 1, 2013


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