Rumours of Plastic Nose, Preem dares for someone to prove it.


We can all compliment together fully for the series project of Channel 3 Suphap Buroot Juthathep, which the first part Khun Chai Toratorn is already airing. It stars dark skinned lead actor Great Warintorn and the 16 year old lead actress Preem Ranida Techasit who debuted in the lakorn Mae Yai Tee Rak. Recently, us reporters got the chance to meet her on the filming set of the lakorn we mentioned previously and we didn’t miss the chance to ask her about many things thoroughly. To know what she’ll reveal about, you must follow up with this report closely.

 How do you feel about Khun Chai Toratorn which is the first part of the big series for Channel 3?

Preem: “I feel very tensed because in my last lakorn Mae Yai Tee Rak, the tidings from the viewers was good but I also received a lot of criticisms as well. At that time, I promised everyone that I will improve my acting and for that, I went to take more acting lessons. I’ve also been reading more. Right now my accent and speech has some improvement but there might be times where my pronunciation isn’t correct. Many people have teased me that my voice isn’t very different from a western accent. I’ve tried my best to develop and improve myself but I don’t know if it’ll match up to the viewers’ standards or not. This is such a big project for Channel 3”.

Acting in Khun Chai Toratorn, has the director warned you about anything where you had to adjust yourself?

Preem: “There was nothing specific but he did scold me often to have a little more concentration”.

Ever since you starting filming, was there a particular scene that caused you to be stressed?

Preem: “In my segment, I have to sacrifice myself in order to do the right thing no matter how much I love the praek. In reality, I’m only 16 years old so I may not understand this kind of love that much. My dialogues were also very long and I had to cry a lot too so it was rather difficult for me”.

But there’s also Dark skinned Great Warintorn to add some flavor to the lakorn

Preem: “Being in this lakorn, he has helped me a lot even though now he’s a senior actor (laughs). He has good techniques in his acting so I don’t fear him. Another thing is that he always makes me feel happy whenever we enter the same scene together because he’ll always say, ‘before I was like this too and I would do this and that. Those were really good words of advice for me”.

Many people say that in this lakorn, Great sits aside and pushes you

Preem: “That right! Actually, it’s not just P’Great but everyone on the set helps each other to teach me”.

How’s the atmosphere on the filming set with 5 main couples?

Preem: “We have the chance to all get together for 2 or 3 times already and each person is very mischievous (laughs). The guys always talk and always play with each other but with the other nang aek’s, I don’t really have the chance to meet them because in each part, we don’t have very many scenes together. For this, I regret as well”.

In your part, you had many scenes in the jungle. How was that?

Preem: “Yes, I had to go to the forest often because in the lakorn, P’Great is an archeologist so he had to go there to research and explore and because my character is worried about her father, she also goes along. As a result, my character disguises as a guy to join the group. The first bit of the lakorn takes place in the palace but the reminder of it it set in the forest. There are also some shooting scenes too. It’s difficult because the temperature is very hot and we have scenes with lots of animals like  cobras, deers, tigers, elephants, wolves. I’ve met them all so I guess you can say I’m like a hunter in the forest now (laughs)”.

So there’s a lot of action taking place

Preem: “No ka. It’s P’Great who does more of the fighting whereas I just duck away to avoid danger”.

We heard that for this lakorn, you were ordered to loose weight

Preem: “Truthfully, it wasn’t really a command but it was more of my own instinct where I felt I was a little big in comparison to the other nang aek’ who are all small frame. Also when acting with P’Mint Chalida, I feel even more aware because she’s beautiful and skinny. When being in the same scene as her, I immediately feel bigger so I lost 2-3 kg. I didn’t intend to loose that much. It’s the result of acting in the jungle! The filming locations are far and we walk back and forth so my weight dropped down on it’s own that way”.

Now are there more guys flirting and approaching you since you’re an actress for Channel 3?

Preem: “No ka because majority of the time, I’m at school where I’m plain faced and joke too much sometimes. When I’m filming, I’m not able to go to school so I don’t have the chance to talk or know other people either. Instead, there are people who greet as a celebrity, especially the teachers”.

In the series with 5 actors, has any of them come to approach you?

Preem: “These 5 guys? (laughs)No ka. They’re more like my good brothers”.

If they do approach you, would you consider them?  

Preem: “I’m not sure (laughs). No one has approached me so I don’t know who to consider. If there was, I’d have to quietly observe all of them first”.

Do you regret your teenage years since girls of your age have the chance to go out and enjoy themselves but you loose some of that opportunity because of work?

Preem: “Sometimes but I feel lucky that everyone around me are understanding whether it’s the teachers or my friends. I can always work accordingly with my job and with school”.


Seeing that your nose is swollen, there are people who are suspicious that you got a nose job. Is this true?

Preem: “Ever since my last lakorn, there has been people who criticized and said that I got a nose job. Honestly it’s because my body isn’t proportionate. With my allergies, when I wake up later in the morning or I don’t exercise, my nose will expand. As soon as I have symptoms of abnormality you can clearly tell that both my nose and eyes are more swollen. So perhaps that’s why as a result, people believe that I did surgery. Truthfully the nose you see is real. I can touch it”.

Have you consulted with a doctor at all?

Preem: “I have and I’ve gotten medicine to spray and inject in my nose to help with the swelling but instead, my nose expanded even more. It caused me to realize that I’m not suitable with chemical substances.  After that, I went to many other doctors but they couldn’t do anything much. I’ve come to terms that whenever I have those symptoms, I will try to exercise to help it to decrease”.

Have you ever experienced those symptoms while working?

Preem: “Not that much but if the symptoms are really bad then I’d stop. I’m a little bored whenever I hear this type of news. I want to say that  if I really did get a nose job, I would make sure it looked better than this ka”.

Source: Siamdara

Translated: Camboscambo


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