Sammy brushes off news of being front leading actress, would like to develop herself to be a skillful actress



She’s been in the industry for 5 years but it’s just recently that she’s becoming popular and coming out strong after being a full time lead actress for the first time in the lakorn “Naang Baep Kohk Gradohn”. The ratings have skyrocketed for the Channel 7 actress, Sammy Puntitha Cowell.

Today we’re meeting her at an appropriate time since her lakorn just ended plus today she has free time apart from filming 2 lakorn so it’s time to chat.

How do you feel about becoming a full status nang aek in the lakorn Naang Baep Kohk Gradohn and the ratings are top notch?

Sammy: I’m very happy and proud. When they first contacted me and sent me the script to read, I felt that the story is very interesting and I want to play in it. I never thought that once the lakorn aired, there would be that many people who would watch it and like it this much. The role I played was rather hard. Going from being a dark skinned person, I had to act as one character and as soon as transformed into a prettier girl, I had to play a new character. Designing new things was quite challenging. The result of everything has made me feel like my hard work has paid off.

Acting in this lakorn has changed her life in many ways

Sammy: It has changed a lot. In the beginning when I first entered the industry, not many people could remember who I was. They would ask what my name is. After playing this lakorn, people could recognize me. Whoever walked passed by would call me “Lora Kohk Gradohn”. This lakorn has given me many experiences. Like first off, it taught me about endurance and challenges. It allowed me to understand how much and how little I could do with my acting. As soon as the thing that I was most devoted to has been effective and turned out well, I feel proud of myself and it has increased my motivation with acting. It makes me want to play in lakorns and improve myself continuously.

What lakorns do you have right now?

Sammy: I’m about to film the lakorn Dtu Tawan Dang Pupa and Fah Jarod Sai. In Dtu Tawan Dang Pupa, I play as the second couple with P’Pon. The first lead couple are P’Cee and N’Natasha. With this lakorn, I really like it because there’s a love triangle between my character and P’Cee and N’Natasha. I might not be the nang aek but my role is rather very significant. I’m not a villain. I’m a good person, a working woman who is strong willed. This role is more mature than my real self but it’s no problem. Occasionally, I would get to play characters that are a lot different from my true self so it’s a good challenge. As for Fah Jarod Sai, I’m a sweet and polite princess.

Acting in Lakorns for 4-5 years now, do you think your acting has improved a lot? 

Sammy: I think it’s an obvious improvement. My development might be a little bit slow but there’s significant improvements. If you ask where I am right now, would I make more adjustments? I believe that most actors and actresses never have a moment where they stop learning. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the industry, how talented you are, an actor/actress will always have to make progress continuously.

In the beginning when I first played lakorns, I had a lot of criticisms saying that I was very stiff and was not beautiful. How was I able to obtain the title Thai Super Model? At that time, I felt a little disheartened but I thought that one day, I might be able to change their minds. Now I’m getting a lot of feedback as oppose to the criticisms of me being stiff and not beautiful. I was able to change their viewpoint and I regard it as a big accomplishment.

How many years do you have left in your contract with Ch7?

Sammy: Half a year. I signed for 5 years but now ch7 has changed their executives. Right now it doesn’t affect me because it’s a different matter. I’m still a child of Ch7 so they still give me work. I should focus more on more work and not on things that are out of my capability. If you ask whether I’m startled that Khun Daeng isn’t working with Ch7 anymore, I feel a little sad because she was the donor who gave me the opportunity to obtain the title, Thailand Super Model as well as chances to play in lakorns.

How do you feel being in this deceptive industry for 5 years?

 Sammy: Every industry, every career has their pros and cons. I chose this career so I must accept the things that come in. I’ve been hit with many negative news but I can fully say that I’ve never been in low spirits. I’m not serious or upset.

In the earlier stages where I acted in Plik Fah La Dta Wan, I had rumours with all my seniors. The news was really harsh. At that time, I was a new kid and still very young. It was only one news but it was terrible because it insuated not just one person but three.

Having pregnant news at one point was harsh too. At that time I was shocked but understood but I was fat where I gained many kilos so people assumed I was pregnant. Apart from this, I encountered news of being the third hand in many relationships like P’Oil and P’Fang, P’Note and P’Aum and P’Nok and P’Golf which all are untrue. I’ve been hit with almost all type of news. Right now, I’m thin and dark so I wonder whether this would make news as well (laughs).

Are you downhearted by all the news?

Sammy: No ka. I understand that the relationship between an actor/actress and news is like of a destined couple. News will come and go. I try  to look at the world with an optimistic viewpoint. It’s good when it comes to my health and mind but if I look at the world negatively, it can be a good thing as well. I can have a backbone to protect myself but I might not trust people easily so in the end, it’s best to do half and half.

Nowadays, I’m able to adjust myself to the industry but I still must prepare myself for improvising and puzzles that I might encounter so I shouldn’t underestimate them. I don’t know what I’ll encounter in the future.

Now, what do you see in your future?

Sammy: My future in terms of acting, I still hope that I can continue to improve and develop myself continuously. Being an actress, I never stop learning and improving myself. There are many things for us to re-execute.

There news that Ch7 is pushing you to be the front runner nang aek

Sammy: I don’t want people to look at it as me being a front runner or anything, I want to focus on my acting more instead which sometimes it depends on appropriate timing and fate. No matter how much they push me, if I’m not ready or capable enough or my acting hasn’t reached that stage, it would be difficult. It must start from me progressing myself first. I want to give the impression that I’m an actress who can play many different roles. I don’t need be a front runner nang aek, just being an actress with talent is good enough.

Seizing opportunity because you’ve been close since acting in Sawan Saang together causing many people to think that you’re dating with Golf Anawut but Sammy objects, saying that

Sammy: With P’Golf, we’re not dating. Right now I don’t have a boyfriend. If you ask if we’re close, we are. We’ve known each other for 2 years now. We’re not going out or studying each other, we’re just talking. P’Golf helps me with school and since I entered the industry before him, we’d exchange our thoughts and viewpoints about acting.

There news that your mom likes Golf 

Sammy: Yes. My mom is close with P’Golf ever since I played in Sawan Saang. My mom has never forced me that I have to study this person or don’t talk to that person. It’s up to me. If there’s someone that my mom doesn’t feel okay with, she’d just warn me instead. She doesn’t forbid or obstruct me.

As much as she’s known Golf Anawut, the young actress admits that he’s a cute, humble and suitability. With elders, he’s adoring and merciful but with friends and younger people, he’s playful prankster. 

Sammy: P’Golf has a similar personality with me. We’re both playful. We don’t really speak nicely with each other. We tease each other instead. There’s a character that I like where P’Golf plays a gay role in Boy Bay. I think it matches him (laughs) because he’s a sweet guy but honestly, he’s not gay.

Ask if Golf is flirtatious Sammy answers

Sammy: No ka or perhaps he never gives off a flirtatious vibe for me to see. I believe every guy is flirtatious in some way.

In the future, is there a chance for you guys to date?

Sammy: The future is uncertain. P’Golf and I don’t know what the future holds. Maybe he’ll come out and say he has a girlfriend which is not me. The thing I like about him is that he loves his family and is very grateful child. He’s the youngest child like me and we’re both stubborn. My family knows him and my mom trusts him as if he’s her daughter’s friend. He’s like another son that my mom adores.

At the age of 21, what is your viewpoint on love?

Sammy: I think love is something that shouldn’t be hurried. It all depends on time and we shouldn’t underestimate it. Love is a beautiful things but it’s also like  a double-edged sword. It can give us pain but at the same time, it can also give us happiness. Everyone needs love. I’m not someone who lacks love. I feel that my mom, dad and older sister gives me full love and happiness. Even if now I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m okay. I don’t demand or seize it.

In the past have you ever been heartbroken?  

Sammy: Yes. Back then, I was studying in England and I liked a senior who was a westerner with a handsome face. But my state at that time was fat, dark and short (laughs). I liked him but he already had a girlfriend. I was a little hurt. I was around 13-14 years old. I was heartbroken but it wasn’t too severe. It was like puppy love.

What kind of love do you hope to have?

Sammy: I believe that I’ll be able to  meet someone who is suitable with me and feel okay. He is able to take care of me and understand my profession. For what I and what I think, our hopes should be similar to each other. I want it to be like this but it might be difficult. I’m not in a hurry. If I’m in a hurry, I won’t find him.

Asking honestly, is Golf your type?

Sammy: I don’t have a type. I like a guy who is taller than me. P’Golf has the height. But again, I don’t have a type, it all matters whether I feel a connection to the person who comes and talks with me. P’Golf is a clean person but I don’t like someone who is too good looking because I’m not that good looking myself. P’Golf isn’t too extensive, he’s normal like every typical guy.

Which specific qualifications, it won’t be easy. Love is like a double-edged sword. 

She’s a half-caste because her father is British and her mom is Thai

Sammy:  I have an older sister with a different father. Her name is Oh and we’re 12 years apart. She says that although we’re not from the same father, she’s loves me very much. She’s a sister who feels more like my mother. She takes care of me very well but she’s the type who loves a lot but doesn’t express it (laughs). My dad loves her like his own and my mom teaches her to love him like her real dad. My dad had another daughter who was British from his previous marriage but she passed away so once I was born, he was very happy and with my older sister, he’s happy again.

Childhood life, she isn’t someone who stayed in one place because she always moved with her father who worked as an engineer.

Sammy: Ever since I was born until grade 3, I lived in Thailand. As soon as I entered grade 4, we bought a house in Siracha so we moved there at Dara Samut school. I was there for 2 years until my dad had to work in England so I followed him and studied there.

Even though she’s a half-breed, her family has raised her in a Thai manner. Sammy explained that

Sammy: Even if my dad is a westerner, he’s very old fashioned. He’s lived in Thailand for more than 20 years. If it was someone who was very westernized, they would probably divide the bedrooms and allow the kids to go off on their own and do things on their own. But for me, my parents always follow me. Even now that I’m 21 years old, my mom still goes around everywhere with me.

When did you have the sign that you wanted to be an actress? 

Sammy: When I was little, I didn’t want to be an actress but I wanted to be a model because I thought that being an actress would mean I would have to act to things that would occasionally go against my real self.

Now her wish has been accomplished when she was entitled as Thailand’s Super Model in 2007

Sammy: At that time, I was 16 years old. I saw the advisements on TV that there was a competition so I went to apply for it. I felt like it was something that I wanted to be. After receiving that title, Ch 7 called for me to go casting for lakorns and let me play in sitcoms “Koo Gik Prik Ga Gleua”. Afterwards, I played as a villain in Supap Buroot Satan and then in Pbop Pee Fa and Plik Fah Laa Tawan, Nang Greed, Tawan Yor Saeng, Bundai Dok Ruk and other works continuously until now. The lakorn where I played as the main actress for the first time Bpop Pee Fah. It probably wasn’t outstanding and my acting wasn’t that good. At that time, I was still fairly new and didn’t think about being an actress, I didn’t like acting yet. After given that opportunity, I had to do my best.

She surely didn’t let that opportunity get away

– – – – – –

 Nickname: Sammy

Full Name: Punthita Cowell

DOB: October 8, 1991

Father/Mother: Samuel Derek Cowell & Pityanit Cowell

Siblings: One older sister (from a different father)


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