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Sammy – KomChadLuek

@@ Reveal Sopanee’s Life How is the buzz for the role of Sopanee in the lakorn Fai Huan? “Better than expected. It’s like I’ve worked so hard because I believe that although this lakorn doesn’t have a lot of action but instead, it has a lot of internal emotions that I must express. I feel […]

Sammy practices shooting, secret hand in Bodyguard Sao

  Because she’s portraying the role of a Bodyguard in the lakorn Bodyguard Sao, who is suppose to be proficient with both hand and weapon fighting, the sweet face actress of Ch7, Sammy Punthita must take courses to practice her shooting to be accurate and attractive. Just for using in lakorns but she’s also able […]

Sammy reveals that her real life is similar to the model, Kohk Gradohn

Source: – May 27, 2012 | Translated by yours truly Her real name is Donlacha Phuwijan Cowell, her nickname is Sammy, an actress and model that is half Thai, half British. She was crowned as Thailand Super Model in 2007 and afterwards, she has had many lakorn projects for example, Koo Gik Prik Ga […]

Sammy, the love she has nowadays is for her family — Daao Dtaang Mum

Interview from| July 7, 2013 Translated by: Camboscambo *Please don’t re-post without providing credits   She’s considered to be very skilled with the role of Bupaa in the lakorn Fai Huan which is to the viewers liking where many people are praising the acting development of the half caste main actress Sammy Cowell. Today, […]