Sammy reveals that her real life is similar to the model, Kohk Gradohn


Source: – May 27, 2012 | Translated by yours truly

Her real name is Donlacha Phuwijan Cowell, her nickname is Sammy, an actress and model that is half Thai, half British. She was crowned as Thailand Super Model in 2007 and afterwards, she has had many lakorn projects for example, Koo Gik Prik Ga Gleua, Supap Buroot Satan, Plik Fa Laa Tawan. The feedback for her acting was great to the point where Dida company, specifically Sayom Sangwaribut seized the opportunity to cast her as the lead actress in Naang Baep Kohk Gradohn, portraying the role Lora. The feedback is excellent and is currently airing on Ch7.

As soon as we meet Sammy unexpectedly, we took the chance to talk to her immediately

How do you feel about the lakorn feedback right now?

“Ever since I started acting in lakorns, I consider the feedback for this lakorn to be very good. I never expected it to be this good but I did read the synopsis of this lakorn before and felt like this storyline will certainly be enjoyable. However, I didn’t hope that the viewers would like it this much. Whenever I go somewhere, people always call me Lora. They would ask me whether I have returned back to Kohk Gradohn yet. They don’t remember just the lakorn but they also remember my character. I’m very happy. In the past, I’ve only portrayed polite, well mannered characters. As soon as I learned that I would get to play in here, I was a little anxious. Playing this kind of role, I really like it”.

Is the character similar to yourself at all? 

“My character likes to annoy people sometimes and likes to cause trouble. In real life, I’m somewhat like that. Lora is from the countryside and became a model in the city and as for personalty, she likes to bother people. My personality is quite similar to hers. When I acted this role, it didn’t come off too forced because I didn’t have to try too hard. It shows that playing in this lakorn, I’m most happiest. I’m also close with the team and all the cast are around the same age so the atmosphere at the lakorn set is fun. When playing my character, I laugh along with her too. When I’m enjoying my work and having fun with it, it’ll come out good”.

We heard that you’ve been filming lakorns everyday. Are you tired?

“With working, there must be times where we’re tired but it’s fun. They’re lakorns where we film and it goes on air at the same time. Before, a good portion of the lakorn would have to be filmed before it goes on air. If asked if it’s hard, it is since I’m filming 7 days a week. There are also other lakorns and in Naang Baep Kohk Gradohn, I’m featured in almost every episode. I always have to change my clothes.

Acting as Lora, you’re always getting hurt, is this true? 

“In this lakorn, Lora is a fighting and an athlete at school. There not many fighting or action scenes though. “

Aside from Naang Baep Kohok Gradohn, what other lakorns do you have? 310273

“Dut Tawan Dang Poopa and Fah Jarod Sai and the sitcom Koo Gik Prik Ga Gleua that still needs to be filmed. My schedule is full but most of the queue is catered towards Naang Baep Gohk Gradohn because it’s airing right now”.

We ask honestly, how much or how little hope did you have about becoming a lead actress?

“I never had any hopes of being a nang aek ever since I first entered the industry. I chose to enter the Thai Super Model contest so that translates as I wanted to be a model. I never dreamed that I have to play in lakorns, therefore being able to act in lakorns is deemed as a benefit from of entering that competition where I won the title. It’s more like one of many other things that I was able to get the opportunity to do. As soon as I’m given a task, I’ll do it to the best of my ability while not competing with anyone else. I’m rather competing with myself. I must make adjustments and not let it turn out to be the same. I might not always be the main actress but I will still be the actress that I am. I’ve been in the entertainment field for 4 years and I’m still the same person as always. I feel like it’s been such a long time since nowadays, there’s so many newbies coming in all the time whereas before, I was so used to being the youngest and always greeting my elders. Now, there’s mostly people coming to greet me which means that I’m somewhat considered as a senior. I’m still my same old self like this though. I still go to places with my mom all the time. If I do something wrong, my mom will warn and advise me, she’s always waiting to nudge me”.

You’re this beautiful, if you said there are no guys courting you, nobody would believe you. What does your mother say about this?

“My mom doesn’t involves herself with it apart from me being the storyteller, telling her about things beforehand if something really did court me. Most of the time, I’m with my mom. She would know who I’m talking to or who I’m studying. I would tell her things and she’d listen. If I have a problem, I’d tell her but I’m not studying anyone at the moment. I only have friends. With this matter, I’d rather let nature take its course because in the past, I’ve encountered a lot of news. It was harsh for me.There was news that I was pregnant and being a third hand. At that time, I was filming and gaining weight. I was filming as the lakorn was on air and I didn’t get to rest. When I didn’t want to sleep, I’d find something to eat so I wouldn’t be sleepy so I gained a lot. So people accused me of being pregnant. Around that same time, I had news with someone out of the showbiz so people assumed I was opening up my relationship. I’m not too serious though because I know myself that it’s untrue. If it happens and I become stressed about it, it’d only make me feel disheartened. Other people don’t know what kind of person I’m like either so if I let others opinions get to me, it could also affect my work. Everyday when I go to work, I always have to make myself feel happy first. If I go to set with a bad mood, it’ll be a long day  “.

You’ve become a popular actress, wherever you go, there are many people keeping their eyes on you. Do you have to be more careful at all?

“No ka. I don’t feel that I need to be extra careful. If I’m not working, I’m my ordinary self. I don’t think of myself as a celebrity. When I’m at University, I’m very easygoing and laid back. I don’t act ignorantly or anything. If I didn’t do anything wrong, I should’t be afraid. I try to be my own self as best as I can”.


There are many guys who have wanted us to ask you, If you were to have someone, what kind of person would they be?

 “I might not be able to tell you what kind of person but if I were to talk comprehensively, first off that person must understand about my job so I might not always have free time. At times, I’m still a child so I need someone who is older and able to control me, someone with the ability to command me to the direction that is best for me. Some kids can be a little peevish so I’m kinda like that but I like someone who is mature, especially when it comes to their thinking”.

Working everyday, does it affect your schooling at all?

“I’m lucky that school is currently on holidays and I didn’t take summer classes. I’m devoting most of my time to work full time. When the semester starts, I’ll be in my 4th year but I’m not sure how things will go. I think I might be dropped from my classes because I applied once time but it was a waste of money since I didn’t get to go to the classes. I’m afraid if I take those classes again and can’t make it, it’ll just be a waste all over again”.

What is your future plan in the industry? 

“I think to work to the best of my ability and improve myself continuously. I don’t set a specific time period for myself or force myself to be better. When I’m a little older and have more funds, I might open another business of some sort but now I want to open a coffee shop. I’m someone who likes to go and sit and study at a coffee shop but I don’t drink coffee, I eat snacks”.

Is there anything you’d like to leave with the fans?

“At this time I’d like to entrust everyone to watch Naang Baep Gohk Kradohn. It’s a fun lakorn and it’s a change of character for me. Another thing is that this lakorn teaches many things. For instance, I went on Facebook and saw one person wanted Lora to give them encouragement since they have a dream and after watching my character, it was able to push them forward. I feel happy that I could help many people. I would like to give encouragement to all people who are chasing their dreams or whatever one does, I hope you’ll reach your goal”.

Likewise, we hope that whatever Sammy intends to do, we wish you to accomplish it as desired. 


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