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Interview from| July 7, 2013

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She’s considered to be very skilled with the role of Bupaa in the lakorn Fai Huan which is to the viewers liking where many people are praising the acting development of the half caste main actress Sammy Cowell. Today, Daao Dtaang Mum would like to have appointment and talk with her about many aspects in her life, especially regarding her love life that everyone is keeping an eye on.


Please give an update on your works. Right now, what are you filming?

“I’m about to film Bodyguard Sao. I’m playing a bodyguard named Prae Ploy, a person who doesn’t really smile, doesn’t have good human interacts with anyone but is very skilled. She has capability but has a psychological complex because when she was young, she saw her parents being murdered in front of her. The genre is drama with comedy and action too. I’ve played in action lakorns before but it wasn’t to this extent. Apart from this, I have a sitcom Koo Gik Prik Ga Gleau that I’m still filming. The ratings are okay, it’s going up slowly but I’m happy”.


There are many people talking about your role in Fai Huan even though it already ended

“That’s right. This lakorn is very dramatic and quite hard for me but seeing all the good feedback, I feel like my hard work has paid off. It’s worthwhile that I put my mindset to fight my way for it. It’s my first time playing a villain and she’s very evil. She’s a character that somewhat has dimension, it was enjoyable to play her but was rather difficult. I’m happy that people see the growth in my acting but if you ask whether I’m only good in villain roles then probably not ka. I don’t want to be good with only portraying an antagonist. I’d like to play in comedies sometimes, drama sometimes. It should change continuously”.


Your modeling work from last summer was really popular

“I regard it as one of many characters that I’ve never portrayed before. The feedback was good. Is it sexy? It is but I didn’t show everything. At that time, I talked with the team since the beginning that it’s suppose to be a fashion shoot. We talked for a short moment but I took a while to make my decision. It took even longer than making lakorn decisions. I discussed with my family members and many people around me. We consulted with each other about many things and thought it was the appropriate moment to do this kind of shoot. I’m a half caste. I don’t know whether next year I’ll look even more older than I am or not (laughs). I decided that I’d do the fashion shoot. Another thing is that P’Jot Tahawarit, I’ve worked with him before and I like his works. He’s someone with style that is suitable. I’ve modeled in the past too, not just an actress who did a swimming suit fashion shoot”.


What are your goals with working in this industry?

“To work and constantly improve develop my acting skills. I don’t set a time for myself to finish something. If my skills can really reach a certain level and I’m not too old, people would probably still hire me. I want it to be like that (laughs). I’ve entered this field since I was 15-16 year olds. Now I’m 22 years old. This industry has taught me to be more grown up. If I were to compare with my other classmates of the same age, I have more responsibility. Previously, I didn’t have to go and earn my own money. I spent my parents’ money but now, I work and earn things on my own therefore, I have more to think about as well. Right now, I’m happy and enjoying my job as an actress. Before, I only wanted to do a model. I want to laugh at myself because by the in days, I went on a talk show and said I don’t want to play in lakorns but nowadays, most of my time is spent on lakorn sets as oppose to modeling. I enjoy it and feel a connection to it. Whenever I get to meet new people and get new lakorns, I always get excited ”



What kind of business are you thinking of opening?

“Right now, I’m thinking about making handbags ka but I’m still not exactly sure because at this moment, many celebrities have alternative businesses. I’m one of the many. Another thing that I want to do is to open a coffee shop but it’s rather a big thing to consider. Honestly, I want to open one out of province, somewhere in the Northern area but if it’s too difficult then I’d probably just open one in Bangkok because I would need the time to drop by and take care of the shop. I must observe and learn about many things because there are many coffee shops around”.


How’s school coming along?

“Right now I’m in my 4th year in the Faculty of Communication Arts, majoring in Marketing Communications at Rangsit University. However, during this period it’s a little difficult since I’m working strenuously. All my friends have graduated already because they learn quickly and they don’t have other responsibilities but they’re always waiting to help me to finish my assignments on time. I’m lucky that my family doesn’t pressure me to graduate with honors. I should finish this year and just with the grades I have now, I didn’t pressure myself but I wouldn’t discard my education. My progress just might be a little slow, that’s all”.


About Love

“Truthfully, it’s not that I don’t want to answer but I’m scared people will be tired of my answers being repetitive. I answer honestly as it is”.


How is it with Golf Anawut?

“We both have our own works. After our lakorn ended, we went from seeing each other everyday at the filming set to working individually like before. We still talk with each other continuously as we share the same personal manager. If you ask whether we’re close like before, we’ve been close since the beginning. Nowadays, we’re still the same”.




Later on we heard that there was news of you both quarrelling with each other

“We feel that it’s a common thing. At one point, there was news that we were so in love and that we’re really sweet with each other. I already predicated that shortly afterwards, there would be news of us being distant. It’s like a cycle. I’m not serious about it though whether we’d be distant or not distant because we’re not close to that extent. We’ve never admitted that we’re dating but we answered since the beginning how things are. We’re not close to that point where we could be distant or separate from one another. Being friends, we can’t exactly split up. As for people thinking that I’m the third hand in P’Aimee and P’S’ relationship, it’s all cleared up (laughs). It’s funny. There’s nothing to it like I answered previously in my interview. No one would understand because those are words used that we use in our group chat where we jokingly talk together. There’s no need to clear anything”.



What is your viewpoint on love? 296313


“I think it’s a good thing. If we don’t want anything coming in to harm us, love on the other hand is able to give us moral support. But that doesn’t mean that it must be love between a boyfriend and girlfriend. Love comes in many forms that allow us to feel good and have moral support. Right now, I might not have love in the sense of lovers, but I feel lots of love from my parents and relatives more. If love between a couple, it would require more time. I’m not closing my options or opening myself but I’m being myself and letting things happen naturally. If I’ll meet someone, I’ll meet him on my own. I might not even be aware of it when the time comes”.


It seems like you have a good relationship with your mom. You guys go everywhere together

“That’s right. We go everywhere together. Sometimes when I go to school, my mom would drop me off and would wait to pick me up and afterwards we’d go work together. Although I’m already grown up, I’m not uncomfortable. I feel good. At times when I’m tired at work, I have my mom who can pick me up and watch out for me. There are times when my lakorns required a lot of physically energy until I don’t want to do anything after filming so both my mother and I stay to support each other”.


We heard that you just recently bought a new house

“We just purchased it. It’s at Liap Taang Duan, Raam Intra. It came from all of our hard work but we didn’t pay it all off yet. We’re paying it off as time goes by. Before, we lived in a condo in a monument neighborhood but we felt uncomfortable there. As for our house in Chonburi, we’ve rented it out to someone. Truthfully, I’ve been secretly thinking that once my life is complete, I want to go and live in the countryside and work once in a while, I wouldn’t have to meet too many people or deal with traffic. Working in the industry, I’m exposed to the sun and loud noises all the time. If my duty is there, my real life style should have some suitability with my work. Right now, I’d like another car. My dad doesn’t always come along with us to the lakorn set, sometimes he has to stay at home. If we have to go to other provinces, I don’t want him to take public transit because sometimes it can be dangerous. I’d like to give him the car that I currently have and purchase a new one that would be suitable enough for driving to work everyday. I don’t want anything too fancy, but something practical”.


Are you proud that you’re able to take care of your family?

“I’m proud. If I was by myself, I could stay anywhere. But with my dad, my mom and my dog, it’s no longer just a physical thing to me. I take care of all of the expenses. I would have never thought that I’m able to have the opportunity to earn this much money. I’ve never compared myself with others in the same profession but are more wealthy. I just look at it as before, we weren’t rich or anything, we were a middle class family but now, my dad doesn’t have to work anymore because I can take care of things in his replacement so I’m rather happy. Am I tired? Sometimes, I don’t have to say it but my mom can tell that I’m tired. When I’m tired, I’d tell myself to take a short break and then continue fighting. It’s impossible to work and not be tired. I feel that whatever comes easily will only be momentarily”.


The principles of life in the style of Sammy.

“I don’t have any. Whatever I have, I will fulfill my duties that I’m able to obtain to the fullest of my ability. As long as I’m not suffering, I’m okay. I don’t need to be always happy, to smile and laugh all the time, just as long as I don’t have to sit be stressed about this or that everyday, it’s fine”.


Lastly, please entrust the fans with a little something

“I would like everyone to follow up with my lakorn, Fai Huan ended and now there’s Bodyguard Sao. Both are different styles. I would like everyone to watch it ka. If there’s anything you like or don’t like, you can comment and give constructive criticisms. There are times where I’d like to know the feedback whether my role is good or not. This is another lakorn that’s difficult for me, everything came in full force and the role is very enjoyable. Viewers should be able to watch it this year if we can film faster and if the script is ready on time”.


After talking with Sammy, one that that we admire about her aside from her acting abilities is that she does everything in order for her family to be happy.


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