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@@ Reveal Sopanee’s Life

How is the buzz for the role of Sopanee in the lakorn Fai Huan?

“Better than expected. It’s like I’ve worked so hard because I believe that although this lakorn doesn’t have a lot of action but instead, it has a lot of internal emotions that I must express. I feel like my work has paid off. This role that I portrayed is very different from my real self. In real life, I’ve never murdered anyone, never thought of trying to poison anyone and many other things. I need to create the mood for my acting”.

Having to portray a role that is so different from your real personality, is it hard?

“It’s hard. If it wasn’t for the director, P’Tor or my the assistant, ”

“I’ve never been worried about news or tidings that much. Having the opportunity to have this task, I’ll do everything to make sure it comes out well to the best of ability. I never thought of trying to do better than anyone else because I believe everyone on the set will do their own duties as best as they can. If not, the lakorn wouldn’t turn out well. In my perspective, P’Bo Thunyasupan has done her very best na. Whenever I’m in a scene with her, whether it’s just rehearsal or the real take, she’s always the same. It might have to do with the role itself because they are all different so they come out differently. P’Bo plays a sympathetic character so viewers will sympathize with her. As for me, viewers should hate me since I play a villain and if that’s the case then I consider it as I succeeded”.

There’s tidings of people comparing you and Bo Thunyasupan in terms of beauty

“P’Bo and I have different styles. P’Bo has asian features and is very pretty and sweet looking. But I look more caucasian and slightly on the darker side (laughs). “


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