Mai’s main principle is work, love is secondary – Daao Dtaang Mum


Mai Davika returns back on screen to prove her abilities again with the role of Riam in the immortal movie, Plao Kao version 2014

 Interview: August 17, 2014 |

Talk about the movie Plae Kao that’s about to premiere

“Plao Kao is a national composition which has been in the hearts of many viewers for many generations already. There have been many versions of it both on movie screen and tv screen. Everyone already understands about the love that has died instead of being together, love that is pure, love in a negative model including the life of a farmer, which is the origin of being Thai. I’m very proud to be acting in this movie that is this valuable. This is the second period movie of mine. It’s quite different from my first movie because the previous one, I was a ghost and it was a comedy genre but in here, there’s a lot of drama and lots of crying scenes. We’d film until hitting the 4 am mark and I’m still crying. Luckily, I don’t have to force my emotions; just reading the script makes me sad already. I’m also lucky to be able to work with many talented people like P’Off Pongpat, P’Nok Sinjai. Everyone is like an acting role model; they’re the idol group of mine (laughs). Like with P’Nok Sinjai, I feel like she has this sort of energy that radiates (laughs). At first, I was sitting at the side and didn’t dare to look at anyone. I wasn’t brave enough to talk but truthfully, P’Nok is a very kind person. As for working with Mom Noi Pantawanop Tawagun, I believe that in the life of any actor of actress, not everyone gets the opportunity to work with her. I must thank her for accepting me as a disciple and teaching me things that I’ve never known before. It’s something that is very valuable for me.”

Do you have any expectations with this movie since you have tidings of being the billion-dollar actress?

“If you ask whether I have hopes for the movie, I do but I don’t think about breaking my own record or that it has to make a certain amount of money. I just think about whether I’m able to make the viewers accept my acting. The seniors watched the movie and liked it and those around me liked it. It doesn’t matter about how much money I’m going to make. As for the people who watch this version and see it as Kwan and Riem being half-caste, Mom Noi told me that this movie is for the young generation that’s a period genre. I’m able to attract the younger viewers to watch this movie but the viewers are able to see aspects from the older generation as well, it’s just that there will be some adjustments to make it more modern. As for me looking too Caucasian, you’ll have to try to watch the movie first and then decide. I want people to go watch the movie and not think that you’re seeing Mai Davika. I hope for people to look at me from a different perspective that you’ve never seen before in my everyday life”.

Please update us on your lakorn Nang Chada

“Right now we’re still shooting but not much. We’ve already started filming the important scenes. In this lakorn, the role is very challenging for me because it’s completely different from my real self. I’m taking on the role of Rilanee. She has a pitiful life as she’s an orphan and there are many people around her who don’t have good intentions towards her. She’s been slandered a lot until she dies and becomes a ghost. The story from the past will then take place to where I was buried alive and it will tell how I come back to take revenge on the people who have done harm to me. Each time I appear as a ghost, I’ll dance wearing a Thai outfit and ask whether I dance beautifully or not. I’m very cruel (laughs). In this lakorn, I return back to work with P’Kan again. We’re somewhat familiar with each other now. He’s someone with accurate sense when he’s working and is always on time. He fits his character too. I’m happy to be working wit him. As for my other works apart from this lakorn, now there might be another lakorn that P’Kao is currently in the process of discussing about.”

Working this hard, how is school coming along?

I’m studying in the faculty of Communication Arts, International at Rangsit University. I’m trying to best to do things one at a time. I might not graduate with my peers but I definitely won’t discard my education. I’m taking things slowly according to how I’m able to manage my time. If I have the opportunity to work, I’ll work first. I’m someone who likes to work. I’ve been doing business ever since I was little already. I’ve not a really smart student but I focus more on activities. I like to perform things.”

What about your heart?

“Right now I don’t have anyone and I’m not looking either. I feel that I’m able to be on my own. Now, I’d like to work and save up for my family first. There are still many things that I want to do (laughs). My mom has taught me that I have to earn and have things on my own so I don’t have to depend on the male side nor do I have to reconcile or ask for something. My mom is a strong woman and has worked all her life. I want this quality from her as well. Love will come at the right moment whenever we’re ready for it. A good guy will come during that right time.”

Have there been any guys courting you?

“I don’t think anyone is brave enough like when I’m working, I never look at it as oh this person is handsome and I want to date them. I’ve met a lot of good-looking people. I’d like to focus more on their inner qualities and actions because if I go out with someone, it’s not just between us two. If someone is dating me, they must go out with my family as well. P’Kao (my personal manager) is the most difficult to please, even more difficult than my mom. It’s really hard for someone to make P’Kao love him or her. P’Kao doesn’t follow to look after me but I haven’t had anyone court me for a short while now or maybe someone has but I’m not aware of it. At this moment, I’m working 7 days a week and wherever I go, we go as a team. There’s P’Kao, my mom, my makeup artist and stylist and caretaker. We’re always in our own world, speaking loudly with each other. It’s like a small world of ours and it’s fun.”

Are you ever lonely?

“I’m not lonely even though I don’t really get to see my friends. Just now, my best friends just got back from abroad and she’s very cute. There’s nothing that’s changed. She still wears her black hairpin like before. This is the friend that I hang out with apart from being with my group. I’m still always with my mom. We talk as women and go shopping together. I think that I’m able to enjoy my young life more so than others but I’m always around people who are concerned about me and bring me to go travel to places and making sure that I’m always safe. I’ve been working since I was 14 years old so I’m used to this life. It’s become work that I like. Whenever I’m free, I’d produce my Misstarbydavika business. I would do this and that and lately, I’ve been making car freshners called Misstarfresh to sell. So I never have a lonely moment. Right now, I’m very busy, I can’t even find the time to be lonely. Apart from my presenter work, I work on my individual business therefore, it’s rare for me to feel lonely”.

For those who want to court you, what kind of qualities do they need to have?

“They don’t need to have all qualifications. They just need to have individuality. That’s it! (laughs). They need to be able to pass P’Kao first and my mom as well and that’s all.”

What makes you most proud?

“Having my mom who is a good person is what I’m most proud of. It doesn’t matter how successful I am or that I’m labeled as a billion-dollar actress but what makes me most proud is having a good mom. Throughout the whole time that I’ve been in the entertainment industry, everyone already knows what kind of obstacles I’ve had to go through. But I was able to get encouragement and support from my mom who held my hand when I cried and walked with me through my journey. I can speak fully that my mom loves me and will never leave me behind. Whenever I work, she’s always with me. She’s always looking for good things to come into my life. She looks for a caretaker whenever I’m tired and she’s always teaching me good things. Whenever I see the news about mothers not loving their own children, I feel like I’m very fortunate to have a mother who loves me wholeheartedly. Otherwise, now I might be this westernized kid who doesn’t even know where she is.”

We see that you’ve built a house for your mom and dad as well.

“It’s all finished. My dad’s house is finished and my mom’s house has been done for a while now because my mom lives with me. As for my dad, he has his own house.”

Is there anything that you want or any gift that you want to buy for yourself?

“If it’s something that’s new then I want them already na as long as they’re not bad desires. What I really want, I want my projects to come out and have the viewers accept/believe in my work. I want people to be excited that I have new works coming out. There might be times where it won’t be successful but I still do it because I give it my full intentions and I have happiness doing it. I want to do things that aren’t a repeat of anyone else. I want to be my own self. Another thing that I want is for the people around me to be happy because those who are by my side are very important to me. I’m someone who cares for the people around me. If they feel sad then I feel sad as well. I want everyone to have happiness, good health and prosperity. That is what I want. ”

You seem very close with your fanclub

“I try my best to respond to everyone. Some people will comment saying, P, please reply back so I can keep that comment and show it off to my friends so I’d hurry and respond to them. I try to give everyone a chance to be able to reach me because I’m just an ordinary person, a normal pedestrian. It’s not like not everyone can talk with me nor do I see it as I only socialize with people from an upper class. These days, I don’t have a lot of time for my fanclub because truthfully, I’m working a lot. Anything that I have the chance to do, I will do it. I attempt my best to communicate with my fans as much as I can. Whenever I have the chance, I will try to plan a fan meeting to provide food for the fans and thank them for supporting me and staying by my side all this time.”

Seeing the persistence of this lead actress, don’t forget to show her your support and follow up with her works together.


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