Mai believes that after the rain, the sun will shine. Waits for time to prove herself — Daao Dtaang Mum


March 31, 2013 |

How is it being able to act in your first movie?

“I’m very proud and happy to be a part of this film. It means a lot to me. It’s a movie that’s able to deliver happiness for the viewers exceeding 100%. Everyone worked together to their fullest even if we had to film early morning almost everyday. I’ve never seen myself on a cinema screen before. I’m someone who already likes to watch movies so I felt a little strange, in a good way to see myself on screen. I get to see myself on posters too and I’m very excited. Acting in a movie is similar to acting in lakorns but there are some differences. This is my first time accepting the role of a ghost and this role is also very dramatic. I’ve never had to cry this much in my life, the most is specifically during the hanging head scene. It was considered a dramatic night. This was during a time where my body was making adjustments because we would film early morning and late night so I slept during the afternoon but there were times where I’d have work during the day as well. It was a period of difficulties but it’s something that I love. Whenever I accept any work, I give it all my heart no matter how tired I am I will still do it. I never say, “Why do I have to do something like this?” I can tell you right now that acting is my life and I intend on working to make my acting come out to the best of my ability. Now, I’ve been able to act in 5 lakorns and 2 movies already”.

Did you have to do anything to improve your acting skills when you had to act in a movie?

“A lot ka. There was a relationship workshop between Pee Mak and Mae Nak. P’Mario and I barely knew each other and with the 4 other seniors, we’ve never known each other either so we had to do workshops to talk about our roles together. Teacher Ngor and the director P’Thong carefully observed our acting. Apart from the fact that I’ve been playing in lakorns and able to act in my first movie, I’ve gained a lot of experiences and new knowledge from the people I’ve worked with every time. During the time where we had workshops, I was tensed before in the movie, my role and Pee Mak love each other a lot. We had to fuse our behaviors and reactions together beforehand. I remember that we had to stay in a room and P’Oh and I sat on opposite ends. We had to close our eyes and cry and Teacher Ngor would tell us the history of love between Pee Mak and Mae Nak for us to listen. That really helped us a lot when it came to filming the actual movie.”


 What were your expectations with Pee Mak Phra Kanong?

“I was already happy when I accepted the role. Being able to work with a quality movie production like GTH, just this much and I already feel proud. Afterwards, I didn’t have any expectations that it had to make 200 million baht, 300 million baht. I just wanted to work to my fullest. Being able to work with GTH, P’Thong, P’Oh and many talented people, the whole team is very skillful. Late at night, I’d start to be tired, there would be P’Froi who would pull me up and tell me funny jokes”.

“I deal with everything with consciousness and I ask myself what is happening. ”

How do you feel about the news of you being a third hand?

“I get this type of news often. It might be coincidental by us working together during that time so it became news. ”

Are there a lot of people trying to court you?

“Not a lot ka. I wouldn’t really know if someone is courting me because I don’t dare to think too highly of myself (laughs). I’m someone who works very hard. I wake up in the morning and come home late. I work all the time.”

What is your type?

“There are a lot of things combined but truthfully, there is no one who will have all these qualities. I just ask for someone who has a good behavior, for him to love and care about me. Actually, that person should love all the people who are around me, love my family. Just this much and I’m okay. When it comes to height, I want someone who is taller than me because no matter how tall I am, he has to be able to look after and protect me. “

When was the happiest moment of your life?

“The happiest is when I’m able to make my mom proud of me. Like I’ve mentioned before, my mom is someone who doesn’t talk much. If she tells me that she’s proud, I’d smile throughout the whole day and run and cry to her. My mom is like my friend. She’s a workingwoman and we can talk about any matter but we don’t talk sweetly with each other. I wasn’t raised in a sweet manner. ”

But people see that you’re a bad person for having a problem with A Supachai

“I never forget about the people who have been my benefactor. P’A is very good to me. He was able to bring me to Channel 7. But the word ungrateful is very harsh. I’m very shocked and can’t accept this word. There’s no way I would do that. I will let time prove what type of person I am”.

How’s school?

“I’m trying to make free time. I’m studying at Rangsit in my second year. School is difficult since I have to film continuously. I film as the lakorn goes on air so it requires a lot of queues. I have good friends who help me a lot. I might graduate later than my peers but I’m trying to do study as best as I can.”

Please entrust the fans with something

“I’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much for following up with my works and for always waiting to encourage me. Fans are very important people to me in my life. Without the fans, I wouldn’t be here either. I want to say that I’m okay because I’m able to feel the love and support from you all. I want everyone to please watch the movie Pee Mak Phra Kanong together. I guarantee that people will laugh and cry along with the movie certainly.”




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