Min falls and rises to improve herself — Daao Dtaang Mum


July 1, 2012 | Dailynews.co.th

She’s considered to be another actress that many people have been keeping their eyes on ever since she entered the industry for the actress Min Pechaya Wattanamontri. Today she’d like to reveal her perspective and many aspects of the industry.

How’s the feedback for your recent lakorn Pin Anong?

“The ratings are continuously rising so I’m happy because I’ve been excited about it. This is my first time working with a new production like Mummai and working with new team members made me feel a little pressured. But I like pressure na as I feel that it allows me to push myself all the time. Working with a new production like this, I didn’t have any expectations on the feedback. I’m here to work and have fun. We all intend to work to the best of our abilities. Another thing is that if we all have high hopes for it, it’s like a constraint that can be frightening as well.”

Personally, what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of working in the industry?

“I think that every occupation and every industry out there has their pros and cons. Everyone always calls the entertainment industry as the world of illusions but it’s an illusion that we use in the most positive way possible. I love my profession. If I do my job honestly and to the best of my ability according to my capabilities, I will not turn back or tell myself that I’m not sure if I should do this or that. I don’t think that the showbiz is cruel or anything. Everyone in every career must have his or her own ethics. Being a celebrity is an honest career. I say that no matter how skillful we are, being with different people is a problem that causes us to always feel troubled everyday because there are hundreds of people with hundred different ideas. Being an actress, if we love our job then our job will love us as well. Today, I’m very proud to be able to stand in the light where many people want to be. Now I’m still studying at ACBC University which is not easy but it doesn’t interfere with my acting that much. I don’t accept that many events either because I have limitations for my education. I want to do both slowly and continuously. With school, I admit that I’m very serious. During the first stage, it was a period where I had to adjust myself. I was tired about managing my time for work and school. I was tired to the point where I thought I would have to pick one. I used to think of dropping everything; I’m unable to do it anymore. But no matter what, working everyday now is better than just going to school uncaringly. Going to school unconcernedly is just going to school, I’m not earning any money and I’m not really learning and opening up my world. As soon as I started working simultaneously, it was like I was training myself since the first year. I adjusted everything about myself for things to work, I might have struggled along the way sometimes, I was tired sometimes but in the end, it was all worthwhile doing.”


After becoming popular, has it caused you to change at all?

“I admit that I’ve changed. It has allowed for me to learn more about having a social life and how to deal to people. I meet a lot of new people everyday. I must conduct myself appropriately so I’m not too much with this person or too little with that person. There must be limits depending on the person. I also think that nowadays, I’ve grown up more and it’s another world that I’ve proud of and feel that I love this career of mine. I admit that when I first entered the industry, it was because of desire but once I started working, I was very determined. I feel like I’ve done everything for my job. If I fall down, I wasn’t in low spirits, I would stand up and try again and continue to do the things that I love. Everyone who first enters the showbiz must improve and adjust themselves. I might have encountered things that made me think what is this? But since I’m able to be here now, it’s like the best opportunity in my life so I cannot retreat or else I loose that opportunity. I will continue to do it and do to the fullest. ”

When you first entered the industry, a lot of people were saying that you looked like Aum Patchrapa. How did you feel about that?

“I felt like I’ve had enough already with these words. I don’t want it to be like this again. I’ve answered this question ever since I entered the industry and even until now, I’m still answering it. I feel that P’Aum is someone who is talented and beautiful. She’s one person who is very charming but I say that no one wants to be a shadow of another person. I want people to understand me sometimes that I admire P’Aum but I’ve never wanted to be like her. ”

At that time, were you upset that it seemed like people were focusing more on that more than your works?

“Sometimes. I admit that before I entered the industry, I adored P’Aum. I was even a part of her fanclub on her web board but as soon as I entered the industry, I was immediately compared to her. I was always scared of this and that but I still admire her like before. No one can compare to another person and I’ve never thought of replacing anyone because everyone has their own goods and bads. Before each person is able to stand up on their own, they must endure a lot. For me, I’ve been compared to people all the time and I think it’s not good. At times, P’Aum might not feel happy with it either. I don’t want people to think that I’m comparing myself with her because we’re from different generations. It’s not a good thing. At that time, I was a little annoyed. I didn’t want to answer that question anymore because I felt like it was repetitive. If things were to stay like that, it wouldn’t end.”


Right now, there are many newbies debuting. Do you have any methods or ways to ensure your popularity?

“Truthfully, I’ve never thought about that at all because I think that newcomers must learn about acting as well. Everyone must quietly walk forward continuously and if they’re tired then stop. It’s not like they’ll come and replace me because in the end, that my name is still in the industry anyhow. I think everyone in this industry are actors/actresses that are talented whether they’re a leading actor/actress or not. I’m my own self, it’s just that not many people can see it because everyone is trying to compare me to be a certain person. It doesn’t have to be P’Aum. People have been trying to see me as a replacement for this person and that person in the Channel but I want all the seniors to be good role models in my life instead. Have their talents be an example for me to follow after. Let my mistakes be something for me to learn from is a lot better.”

You’re in the news often because you’re always making headlines with all your co-stars

Like Weir Sukollawat, there’s been news ever since the lakorn first aired

“I posted pictures of us on my instagram pretty often so it’s like promoting the lakorn. Many fans are cheering because P’Weir and I are both from Khon Khaen and this is our first time collaborating. As a result, people are excited to whether we’ll be a new pairing. As for if there’s a chance for us to develop, truthfully I have to say that right now, not yet. If you ask whether I’m serious about the news, I just think it’s the tidings. Mostly, it’s because of our works. If you observe closely, it’ll be that I play in a lakorn with this person, accept events with them and then it’ll make news and that’s all. I don’t think much of it. ”


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