Monthly Archives: November 2014

Mai Davika – Vivi Interview

No one in this day is as hotter and popular as the actress Mai Davika Hoorne. Everything she does is booming so we’d like to look back and delve into her life from last year and ask why is it that her life only has good things increasing. Updated Works: Right now I have the lakorn Kularb […]

Patricia believes in opportunities to prove her abilities

Patricia believes in opportunities to prove her abilities – Daao Taang Mum  How’s the feedback for your lakorn Malee Reung Rabum? “The feedback is really good. Many people recognize me. There are only people talking about it. I’m happy that the lakorn is successful beyond my expectations. I’m glad that the viewers can see my […]

The Simple Life in the style of Now Tisanart

The simple life in the style of Now Tisanart It’s airing and coming out strong for the lakorn Kularb Len Fai with many front leading actors of Channel 7 like Now Tisanart who plays as the main actress. Today, we’re going to get to learn more about her. Let’s talk about her current work @ […]