Mai Davika – Vivi Interview

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No one in this day is as hotter and popular as the actress Mai Davika Hoorne. Everything she does is booming so we’d like to look back and delve into her life from last year and ask why is it that her life only has good things increasing.

Updated Works:

Right now I have the lakorn Kularb Rai Kong Nai Tawan for Channel 7 and this year, I might have another work that is challenging and testing of my capabilities again. I would like to keep it a secret for now but I ensure that when the viewers find out, it’ll be a big surprise.

Role that you’ve received:

In this lakorn, I portray a character named Rosarin or Khun Rose who always jeeeeeeeddddd! This is like a complete change of role for me. In every previous lakorn that I played in, I will always cry and encounter dramatic scenes. I’ve played, as a maid and everything else that makes me look pitiful. However this lakorn’s genre is a comedy and I’m acting as rich granddaughter who graduated from England. Each and everyday, she’s obsessed with dressing herself up. Her goal is to become the administrator of her family’s hotel business so in the end, her grandfather makes her agree to the terms of a contract he had with the Praek’s grandfather where both characters have to marry each other. Growing up as a spoiled and bratty child, my grandfather then sends me away to reform myself at the Praek’s farm. On the first day of my arrival, I brought my expensive luggage, drove my sports car and acted very hi so only to have everything taken away from me with the exception of one sarong. Just in the beginning and it’s already very chaotic and troublesome. I have to say with this character, most viewers probably won’t like her and look at her in a negative light. She’s not very likeable so viewers might even hate her but I ask to not hate the character because you’ll get to see the development of her personality so don’t hate her just yet (laughs).

Childhood Dream:

I’ve never thought that I’d enter the entertainment industry. As a child, I remember wanting to be many things from an airhostess to a designer but I’ve never dreamed of becoming a doctor. I’m confident that it’s very impossible. My father wanted me to a police officer (smiles). When I was little, I enjoyed painting but when I reached the age of 12, I noticed that everyone around me was starting to grow up and mature. My friends and fellow peers were all auditioning for jobs so I wanted to do the same and since then, I’ve continued to go around for castings because I was able to earn money from it. I wanted to gain experience but I didn’t hope that I would become popular or anything. For the most part, I auditioned for commercials because lakorns are out of my personality zone. I wasn’t an actress material type of girl. When I watched P’Kob Suvanant and P’Anne Thongprasom, I admired their work and saw them as such beautiful people so I wanted to stand in that same light as well. I’m someone who doesn’t like to sit still. If I had the chance, I would do everything. When I received lakorns, I wasn’t confident in myself as I felt like I couldn’t do it. I accepted it anyways. My parents never wanted me to enter the showbiz since the very beginning as my mom heard from her friends when I was little that the showbiz is very scary so she was worried on my behalf. However, ever since I started working, my mom has been very happy and gives me all of her support. Now, she goes everywhere with me. She’s like my caretaker so I feel like I’m not even working at all but more like being with my mom and doing the things that I love each and everyday.

Your feelings when you acted in your first lakorn:

At that time, I signed a contract with Channel 7 for a year already and waited for another year and still didn’t receive any work until I got the lakorn Neau Manoot. I didn’t question what the title meant but I questioned that Channel 7 really gave me the role of the lead actress? I was confused with myself. I first knew of this news when I was eating lunch with my friends and I was still in high school back then. Khun Daeng is very generous for giving me this opportunity. She believed in me. P’Klao then arranged for me to take acting classes at her house the following day. They had to teach me the fastest method for someone who had absolutely no experience and knows nothing about acting (laughs). The first day of filming was fun. I didn’t think I would have to yank P’Aof Chanapol and I was still a kid so I didn’t know about camera angles or where they were. I was stressed at that point. Looking at things from the past up until the present day, I’ve done many enjoyable things and it’s another experience I gained in life (laughs).

Your idol in the showbiz

I like many people. All the front leading actors/actresses and seniors all have their own capabilities. Everyone is my idol. I look at each and every actress in her own unique light. There’s not one particular actress that I wish to follow. There are those like P’Anne Thongprasom who is very talented. She is the first person that I grew to admire.


Last year was considered your golden year:

It was a year where I received the greatest opportunities in my life. It was a year where I experienced much happiness. For a kid who entered the industry, it’s like a year where a graph has increasingly went up continuously. Reaching this point, it’s as if I’m living in a dream. It’s more than I imagined. It’s very impressive. I must thank everyone. I would like to send good merits to all the people around me, my fanclub, the elders who entrusted with the chance to act in the movie Pee Mak Phra Kanong, the elders and lakorns of Channel 7 and everyone who has given me all these opportunities. Thank you very much. I’m very pleased.


Other works you’d like to try out:

I want to act in a musical play. My mom has dreamed of me being a singer but she has never asked whether her daughter is even good at singing (laughs). I’m very shy whenever I sing. I’ve tried it out before but I’m not very confident. If you ask me to dance, I can do it but if you ask me to sing then that’s starting to become difficult. I’ve sang the OST for my lakorn before and my cute fanclub gave me their support.

Your method for dividing free time:

I do have some free time but just little. During the times where I’m free, I’ll rest but I won’t sleep. I’m someone who can’t just sit still. I’m rather a hyper person. I might go watch a movie, go out for meals, listen to music but I don’t likely have a chance to travel overseas or go to the beach for a long time. On the holidays, the days where I’m most free is during the first half of the days.

Looking back at last year, what is something you wish to amend?

There’s nothing I’d like to fix or change. I’m afraid that suppose I was able to change something from the past, then today wouldn’t even be possible or be this way.

What are you most proud of in your life?

Making my mom proud. I’m very proud of this. In my career, I’ve done my best with every work like with the movie Pee Mak Phra Kanong, my mom was very proud of me. This is what I’m most proud of.

Mai’s definition of success:

For me personally, I’ve succeeded beyond my expectations. I’m very thankful. I want to thank god, the elders, my mom, P’Klao and everyone around me for loving me, pushing me forward in order for me to accomplishment this much. I will do my best for those who love me to be happy.

Principle when it comes to working:

To be myself and to do things to the best of my abilities. The elders, my mom and P’Klao have all taught me that regardless of what happens today to remain the person I was from the first day. Work to the best I can just like I did when I first started out. If you could succeed and overcome the first day, why can’t you succeed again today? I must conduct myself the same way I did before, don’t act like a superstar.

Low Spirits:

I’ve never felt discouraged or in low spirits because I’m with happy people.

Method of selecting and accepting work for the popular hot actress with a busy queue:

Everyone has their own style so it’s bound to happen where there are some jobs that aren’t corresponding with our style. I would apologize and ask to pass and hope that we can work together at another time.

Your work is prosperous but your love life is quiet:

I don’t have a love life perhaps because I’m working a lot. I’m never in a society where I meet a lot of people. If I were to get married, I’d get married with P’Klao. My type of guy is someone who is confident, not someone who is indecisive. He must be well-mannered and accept my job in this field and I think that’s hard.

A secret that not many people know:

I’m a very sweet person. Most people will see me this way right? Try out my Misstar products. It’s very contrary to me. Everyone was surprised because from the outside, I’m one way but yet I like products like these? (laughs).

The day you have your own business and store:

It’s something that I like and enjoy already because as a kid, my dream was to be a designer so this matches my needs. It’s my happiness to see people wearing my products. Most of the time, I produce scarves. I thought that it was something I’m able to sketch the design all over the sheet and it’s easy to use. Thai people like it and foreigners are able to use it too. It’s unique and unlike anything else. I would like to make clothes as well but I don’t have the time. I’d like to ask for some free time first (laughs).

Apart from a Thai name, you have a Japanese name as well:

Dabijang. I was working with the Za cosmetics team and all of them were Japanese and they all call me Davika so that working together is more harmonious and later they gave me the name Dabijang so everyone calls me Dabijang. It doesn’t have any special meaning. It just came from my original name just sounds more Japanese. I say this name is very cute.

Your nickname:

I have one. I’m a half caste so I understand that every half-caste kid would be teased in some way. I’ve been teased that I look like a westernized bird. When I was little, I was mad na but now it’s something normal. I’m not hurt (laughs).

What requirements the most discipline?

Working ka but there are times where I’ll make a few slips. I’m not a perfect person. There are still many things that I have to make adjustments to. My life depends on the principles of happiness.

What have you learned from last year?

I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned to be more mature. I’ve learned more about my work. I’ve learned more about responsibilities. I feel more like an adult. I’ve discovered that as I’m growing up and learning, I will have more opinions and better understanding towards different things. I’ve learned things from meeting good people that come into my life. In the past, I would do things do fast and I couldn’t keep up with it so I felt tired and drained so I learned to do things slowly.

Managing your time between work and school:

I need someone’s assistance. For example I would tell my instructors beforehand that I’m unable to come to class but I always submit my work. I would discuss with my teachers first.




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