Patricia believes in opportunities to prove her abilities


Patricia believes in opportunities to prove her abilities – Daao Taang Mum

 How’s the feedback for your lakorn Malee Reung Rabum?

“The feedback is really good. Many people recognize me. There are only people talking about it. I’m happy that the lakorn is successful beyond my expectations. I’m glad that the viewers can see my perseverance. Truthfully, the character of Nu Malee has similarities to my real self. Our ages are alike and the character is rather a little playful and likes to debate as well. People on the lakorn set like to say that it’s like I’m acting as my real self (laughs).”

As for the lakorn Lom Son Rak and Buang Atitharn, will we be able to watch them soon?

“The Lakorn Lom Son Rak which I’m acting with P’Nadech is almost done filming. My role in here is a lot older and mature compared to my real self and the character is very pitiful. I’ve tried to watch series but it hasn’t really helped much. I must try my best to understand my character. But as soon as I started filming continuously, I started understanding more. It should be ready for viewers to watch by early next year. As for another lakorn that is about to open production is Buang Atitharn. This lakorn will revolve around two periods, which is the past and present day. I’ve never accepted a lakorn where I have to portray two characters before. It’s something that’s very challenging. This lakorn is where there was news that I’m replacing P’Wawwa Nichari. Personally, I’m unaware of what happened but the Channel has given me this lakorn to act in so I must act in it.”

Truthfully, you intend to only accept one lakorn per year right?

“Yes. I intend to only accept one lakorn a year because I’m going to school as well. I don’t want to drop my education. Right now I’m studying in the Faculty of Communication Arts in the International course at Chulalongkorn University. Now I’m about to take my final for my first term. I have a lot of studying to do, which sometimes I study on the lakorn set. I manage my time so that my schooling doesn’t obstruct with my lakorns. Like for instance I know that my queue is to film lakorns from Fridays to Sundays so I study fully from Mondays to Thursdays. I also try my best to participate in my school activities too. Whenever my classes finish early and I don’t have to film, I will go help my peers do activities.”

You used to tell us that you wanted to be a Hollywood star. Now has any International opportunities contacted you yet?

“There’s been some but I can’t accept them because I have school. Honestly, I really want to accept them. When I was a kid, I had a dream of wanting to be a Hollywood actress because I love watching movies. There are also many Hollywood celebrities that I admire, pretty much everyone actually (laughs). ”

You’ve been in the industry for 3 years already. What have you learned?

“I feel that time has flown by so fast. It’s very enjoyable (smiles). I’ve learned many things like regarding my acting and how to conduct myself but I still have more that I have yet to learn and I must improve myself constantly. Like when I’m doing events or have to make an appearance on a show, I want to be able to entertain the audience and I want to be able to answer questions and know what’s going on. I think this is an aspect that I’m not very good at but I’m getting better. At first, I wasn’t making any sense at all.”

Does your brother Matthew have any desires to be in the industry?

“There are only people who say that he’s handsome (laughs). Now he’s 12 years old. Truthfully he has inkling but we’ll have to wait further and see if he’ll like it or not. For now, he doesn’t seem into it yet. Actually he has gone casting for some commercials before but he didn’t get them because he refuses to do anything. He’s still shy. As soon as someone tells him to dance and sing, he’ll say that he can’t do it. But whenever he’s at home, he’s very mischievous.”


A celebrity and news are like a pair. Do you have any methods to help deal with the news?

“At this moment, I’m used to it already. At first when I wasn’t able to adapt myself to it, I was confused. I didn’t really understand but it wasn’t to the point where I was stressed. I often encounter news of comparisons but honestly, me working in this field I don’t want to be compared with anyone. I want people to remember me as who I am. I don’t want people to see me as similar to this or that person. The news that has made me most disheartened is probably the one where people say that I’m not suitable for the roles that I’m entrusted with. I believe that all of us must accept opportunities and it’s not fair for someone to judge me without getting to know me first. ”

Let’s talk about the koo jin tidings between you and Son Yuke

“Many people are cheering from the lakorn Malee Reung Rabum which allows people to feel connected to us because the characters are very cute. Actually, we’ve been having koo jin tidings ever since our last work together but in this lakorn, there’s even more people cheering. I’m pleased.”

Apart from being koo jin in lakorns, will there be a possibility in real life?

“I don’t know yet. We must wait further and see first. Allow for others to anticipate together (smiles). P’Son is the person that I’m most closest to in the industry because I have very few friends in the industry. Majority of my friends are from school. We go out for meals together sometimes. The thing that I’m most impressed with P’Son is that he’s an easygoing person. Whenever I’m with him, I don’t feel stressed but rather happy. Sometimes if there’s anything, he’ll teach me like when we’re filming together in our scene he’ll tell me [you shouldn’t do that]. Sometimes, I secretly get mad at him (laughs).”

Is your mother possessive?

“She’s not possessive but she’s concerned. My mother and I are very close. Nowadays, we go everywhere together all the time because I don’t have a manager. But I have my mother who looks after me and knows where I go and with who doing what. Like with P’Son, most of the time whenever we met each other, me mother is always with us too.”

 Do you have any principles as to how to live your life?

“I try to do everything to the best of my ability. It’s like the saying [Live life with no regrets]. I should do everything to the fullest that I could so I don’t have to feel upset or have afterthoughts. But whenever I’m doing something, I must think carefully sometimes.”

Finally, please entrust the fans with something

“Majority of my fan club are from the province. We don’t really get to see each other. As soon as we get the chance to see each other, I feel really heartfelt and good to have people who love and give me support all the time. Like my latest birthday, they all surprised me. Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone for following up with my works and I’d like to entrust everyone with the lakorns Lom Son Rak and Buang Atitharn.”

After being able to talk with Patricia today, it makes us forget the image of the 17-year-old girl because some of her answers are things that some adults can’t even think of.

 Source: | Interview: November 23, 2014





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