The Simple Life in the style of Now Tisanart


The simple life in the style of Now Tisanart

It’s airing and coming out strong for the lakorn Kularb Len Fai with many front leading actors of Channel 7 like Now Tisanart who plays as the main actress. Today, we’re going to get to learn more about her.

Let’s talk about her current work

@ With the lakorn Kulab Len Fai

In the past, I only had teary, sympathetic roles, majority of the time the roles were very prim proper which a lot of people have told me that they’ve seen me in this type of genre already and they’re bored of it. They want to see me in other roles sometimes. When people got to see me act in this lakorn, they all like it because this character has dramatically changed from my previous ones. If I were to compare it with my former lakorns, in this one I’m taking on a stronger role. Even my wardrobe has upgraded because I have to compete with my friends that are portrayed by Bo Thunyasupan and Stephany Auenig. It’s to the point where I’m about to be an antagonist but not in the sense that I’m screaming. I’m evil because I want take revenge for my friend who passed away, I’m not evil because I need to snatch a guy.

@ In this lakorn you get to work with Vee Veerapap. How is it?

I’ve never acted with P’Vee before. At first, I was tensed because P’Vee is very serious. However, in the lakorn we have to act as rivals. Before entering a scene with P’Vee, I would try to talk to him so that I wouldn’t feel stressed. He’s a very cute person. In the lakorn, there are some love scenes but not a lot. Later on, I’m not too sure how much but generally we don’t have many of them. Right now we’ve filmed quite a bit already.

@ You have to film as the lakorn is on air. Do you feel stressed at all?

Truthfully, I’m used to it already but I admit that sometimes I do get stressed because I’m going to school as well. Regarding my education, I can’t discard it and with lakorns, I have to film because it’s airing simultaneously. This is my fourth year already and I also need to be trained to be a teacher too because that’s the area that I’m studying in.

*** With working in the entertainment industry

@ How did you become an actress?

At first, I never thought of being an actress at all because being an actress restricts our privacy and everything about the industry seemed scary but as soon as I was able to act in a MV, I liked it. I accepted to act in MV’s continuously until I had the opportunity to act in a movie. Perhaps because I was able to work with such a cute team so I felt like my work was very enjoyable. This was the starting point that allowed me to enter the industry.

@ How’s your life right now that you’re an actress for Channel 7?

My life is happy na. Right now I’m an actress for Channel 7 and I signed a contract with them for 7 years. I’m not exactly sure which year it will end but I remember that the contract will end when I’m 25 years old. The fact that I’m able to be in the industry is like another life of mine. Nowadays if I’m not filming lakorns then I’m going to school. On the days that I don’t have school then I’m working. It’s tuned to a point where on the days that I’m not working, I feel a little lonely. It might be because whenever I’m working, everyone in Channel 7 works together like a family whether it be the actors/actresses, team members, the director or producer. Whenever we’re working together, it’s a lot of fun.

@ At this time there is many newbies coming in. Do you think to compete with them?

No ka. Perhaps because I’ve never thought that I have to compete with anybody or I have to compare myself with the seniors because just competing with myself is already tiring. Sometimes, I feel stressed with my acting so I try to improve myself and really understand the roles that I’m given. Like in Kulab Len Fai, the scenes where I’m with my friends are easy because it’s a young life with lots of fun. But when I have to change to be a little evil as soon as one incident happened, I wasn’t too sure if my acting was accurate.

@ What others works do you have right now?

Apart from Kulab Len Dai, now I have another lakorn which is Atitha. Right now Atitha has some problems because we’re in the process of changing the script to make it more entertaining. This lakorn is about the former days and the present day but it focuses more on the past. It’s from the Rajan era. I have to be very detailed because I don’t want to say or do things differently from the original.

@ Is there anything else that you haven’t accomplished yet?

 “Truthfully, I’m someone who likes to bake desserts and drink beverages. Whenever I want to relax, I like to go sit and drink a nice warm beverage at a shop. If I have the time, I’d like to learn how to bake professionally and open up a store like a bakery or café where the sweets are paired with a drink. But opening up a shop requires a lot of funds. Right now, I’m working and trying to save up money in order to start up a shop (smiles).

*** A love life that is not noticeable

@How’s your relationship with New Wongsakorn?

“I’m letting things go with the flow and we’re progressing continuously. I’ll wait until it reaches the appropriate time. With P’New, my family has given him the green light already (laughes). Actually, my family doesn’t want me to a boyfriend at this moment yet because I’m still studying. If I graduate and I’m only working and I’ve reached that suitable age then it would work out. Then if I want to be serious with someone, it’s fine. With P’New, now we’re siblings first. Our status hasn’t changed. I’ve already spoken with P’New about this already and he understands. We don’t forbid each other but we give each other independence. ”



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