Beloved Items of Patricia Tanchanok Good



Fanclub of Patricia Good, please shift closer. This edition will be very pleasing after entrusting viewers with her cute acting in Num Ban Rai Gub Wahn Jai Hi So that has ended already. She her now returns on screen again with a change of character with a role of a more grown up woman and she’s the main actress for the first time in her life. She’ll be starring in the lakorn Kaen Sanaeha by the producer Kay Varayuth. The title of the lakorn already sounds fun right!? There will be fury and love to such an extent or it won’t satisfy the lakorn viewers. Now with Pat’s real self, let’s discover and see what are her beloved items where if someone were to snatch them away, she’d be fury with anger.

Blythe Doll – P’Chompoo Araya gave this one to me. She said of all her dolls, this one resembles me the most so she gifted it to me. At first, I wanted to pay for it but she said it’s okay, she’s giving it to me. I was very happy and I’m very thankful for it because it’s something that I really like. I will keep in my possession and take care of it as I’m afraid it’s going to get ruined (laughs). I like changing the colours of the eyes because this doll has the ability to change her eye colour. There’s green, blue, brown. I also like to change her outfits and comb her hair. It’s fun.

Handbag – My mom bought this for me. It’s a pink handbag from Harrods. This is the second handbag from Harrods that I own. At that time, I was very little so I only used smaller bags but this bag, I can put things in it to use and bring it everywhere because it’s very convenient as the interior is very wide. It fits my lakorn script comfortably. Most importantly, the price wasn’t too expensive. I’ve used it for almost 2 years already. I also hang my keychains on them that were gifted to me by my fan club. I saw that they matched so I attached them together and bring them everywhere.

Self-made toy – This one is considered the one I’ve made myself with my own hands because when I went to Build-a-bear, I went with my friends and made it myself. It was fun. I had to choose how I wanted it to be. I made it and thought I’ll hug it to sleep every night. It’s cute. I like it (smiles sweetly). I have difficult clothes for it too. I love toys very much. I love hugging and sleeping with them. I have a lot of them at home.

Scarf – This one has a bear design. My mom bought this for me a long time ago  but I don’t remember when or where it’s from. I was probably around 10 years old then. I can’t be without this one. It’s my favourite possession of all. If it gets lost or someone takes it away, they will surely die (laughs). If I don’t have this scarf, I can’t sleep. Even if it’s hot, I still need to wrap myself with it. I can’t sleep without it, I don’t really know why. I forbid it from disappearing.

Cellphone – I got this for free (smiles). I got it at the Channel 3 event where we had drawings for prizes. When they called my name Tanchanok, I was star struck and asked myself if it was true or not. I was confused. I think everyone loves and takes care of their cellphone because it’s like our life in a technology form. If we don’t have it, we won’t be able to talk with anyone. We can’t do anything without it. Being without a phone is like missing a part of our body. It’s very significant. This one, I’ve used it and it’s very worthwhile.

Bangle – This is a bangle that my dad gave me on Christmas. I was very happy when I got it and I like it very much because it was gifted by my dad. I try to where it everywhere I go. I’ve never seen a bangle like this before in my lifetime. As soon as my dad gave it to me, I reacted saying “How did you know that I’d love something like this?” It’s a gold bracelet with a bow attached to it. When I saw it I thought “Hey! It’s so cute!!”. It’s like my dad can read my mind and know what style I like.


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