Patricia loves acting, wants to be remembered for her acting and for viewers to believe in her roles

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Right now, wherever she goes there’s only people who call her Nu Malee for the actress Pat, Patricia Tanchanok Good because they’re attached to her role from he lakorn Malee Reung Rabum via Channel 3 where they’ve paired her to be koo jin with Son Yuke. 

Today is a good opportunity where we can get this young actress to come visit and talk about the tidings for her lakorn including her work and individual life. 

How are the tidings for the lakorn Malee Reung Rabum?

Patricia: Good ka. Many people are talking about it. More people recognize me now as the person portraying Nu Malee. I never thought that people would like it so much. This lakorn is hard because it involves singing but I didn’t sing all the sings myself because I don’t have a great voice and in the lakorn, I have to be very good at it as well. I had to let others help with the songs. As for the scenes that require a lot of emotions, they’re difficult too. It’s drama revolving around the family and my character quarrels with the main lead as well. The singing scenes and dramatic scenes are both different in many ways but are equally hard.

The tidings are this good, are there any criticisms?

Patricia: There are some criticisms saying that I still need to improve on my acting but there are also many people who praised me as well. I feel good. I say that of all 3 lakorns, Num Ban Rai Gub Wahn Jai Hi So, Kaen Sanaeha and Malee Reung Rabum, I have succeeded them all. I consider myself to be lucky. In every lakorn, people remember me but it’s just that with this one, people recognize me even more. As for my new lakorns, there’s Lom Son Rak and Buang Atitharn.

You’ve entered the industry for a few years now

Patricia: This is my 3rd year in this industry and I’ve learned a lot regarding acting and the society. It’s like a new society where I learn about competing, saving for myself, conducting my behavior. I always have to think that whenever I go out, will people keep an eye out for me, I have to dress appropriately, whenever answering questions I need to think and answer carefully. Working in this field has taught me how to have discipline with my job. I must make sure my works turn out well in order to show my capabilities. The entertainment field has allowed me to grow up faster, have more responsibilities and become more mature. My Thai is getting better too.

Coming to this point, do you feel that you lost part of your young life?

Patricia: It’s like another style. I’m lucky that I have a social community at the University. I try my best to hang out with my friends often and not skip class. School is my first principle. Channel 3 also supports this and gives me opportunities by giving me lakorns to film on the days I don’t go to school.

Being in the industry and having news are always paired together. How do you prepare yourself for it?

Patricia: I’ll try my best to use reason whenever I’m answering questions, I won’t lie and be my own self as much as I can. I will answer what I’m really thinking and find the appropriate words because I had an experience where at that time, my Thai wasn’t very good and so people misunderstood me. I had to practice a lot where in the past 2-3 years, I’d try my best to speak more Thai and speak more clearly.”

Like the news where people compared you to Yaya saying you both look alike, how did you feel about that? Additionally there were tidings that Nadech/Yaya fanclub didn’t like you during the period where you were acting in Lom Son Rak alongside Nadech.

Patricia: Regarding the comparison news, I feel that it’s unnecessary. No one wants to be compared with another person. Coming to work in this field, I want to work to the best that I can, I want people to remember me as who I am. I don’t want people to view me as looking like this person or that person. About people disliking me, I can’t do anything about it. I can’t refuse the lakorn because it’s my duty so I have to do my best. I would like to use my capabilities to prove to everyone. When many people were criticizing me, I thought to myself why are they bashing me? I consulted with the elders and they told me that it’s normal and I have to come to terms with it. It will make me a stronger person. If you ask if I was offended, I was but I was able to get through it. Looking back, it’s like a chapter in my life, like an exam that was testing whether I was strong enough or not.

 Are you afraid of other news? Patricia: I’m afraid of news that will make people see me in a bad light. I have to accept it. I must try and use my acting abilities to help me stand strong in this industry successfully because I want people to remember me for my acting. I don’t want people to remember me in the perspective of Patricia. Being in this field, do you I have to be especially careful about anything? Well I try to be careful by bringing my mom with me everywhere I go. 

Are you afraid of news that exposes your past?

Patricia: About this problem, I think it’s something that’s very stupid because it’s not necessary to dig up dirt about someone in order to cause harm to them. Everyone has a past. To expose that past is not fair and is interference to someone’s life that is way overboard. I’m not afraid about this and I don’t see it happening either.

Reaching this day, are you in love with acting yet?

Patricia: I like it. It’s a good job that is challenging. To say that I’m in love with my career, it’s true I guess because if I don’t love it, I wouldn’t try to do my best and fight for it everyday until now.

What is your plan for being in this industry?

Patricia: The work that I accept, I will do my best but I won’t have high expectations. I just only want the experience. As for my objective with working in this field, it involves my acting. I hope to play many different roles and allow people to believe in them whether it’s a good role, bad role, comedy role, drama, every character. I want people to see me as a real actress.

Even though she’s half Thai and half British but she’s never lived in England or abroad. She reveals,“I was born and raised in Phuket. I lived there until I was 10 years old and then moved to Bangkok. Since then, I’ve lived in Bangkok all this time. I don’t really remember much from when I lived in Phuket because I was still very little. ”

She’s lived in Thailand all her life but the main reason why she doesn’t speak Thai fluently; she explains, “I’ve studied at an International school all my life. I don’t speak Thai very clearly. When I lived in Phuket, I could speak it because I studied Thai there. As soon as I moved to Bangkok, I went and studied with International students where they never emphasized on speaking, reading or writing Thai. It was a period that caused me to forget all of Thai. Normally when I’m at home, I speak Thai with my mom but I never cared to read or write it. I never thought that I’d have to use it. When I entered the industry, I had to learn it again.”


How did you enter this industry?

Patricia: I was in school then. P’Dtuk Janjira came to see me at school. She shared a mutual friend with my mom. At that time, I acted in my school plays pretty often so she came to take pictures of me to give to Channel 3 and then the Channel called back and asked me to sign a contract and go audition. Before that, I modeled for an advertisement and then I came to play the lakorn Num Ban Rai Gub Wahn Jai Hi So.

Truthfully, are you a mischievous kid? Patricia: I am but my friends tell me that I’m someone who can be with anyone but I have my moments where I’m quiet and won’t speak with anyone. As soon as I entered University, I try to speak to new people. I have a lot of friends now so I thought that I should also try to get to know others or else no one will know me.

Are you an only child?

Patricia: I have a younger brother but we don’t really get to see each other. When I come home, he’s usually sleeping. He’s only 12 years old.

What does he say when his sister plays in lakorns?

Patricia: He’d watch it and say that I look funny and then hide his face behind a pillow. He’s probably embarrassed (laughs). He’s not crazy about it but he gives me his support. When he watched my lakorn, he was so into it that he started crying (laughing).

At home, who are you closest with?

Patricia: My mom because she goes everywhere with me all the time. As for my dad, he travels abroad for work very often. I don’t really get to see him often because he works at a hotel so he has to travel and oversee different things regularly.


Her relationship with Son is a close one but he’s not reach that stage where he’s the special person because they’ve played together in 2 lakorns already, once in Kaen Sanaeha where they got the fans cheering for them and lastly, the fans requested to see them pair up again until they got to meet each other again in Malee Reung Rabum. This time around, fans really want to see them date each other off screen.

I’m happy that people are so in with the lakorn. There are only people telling me that P’Tong ta and Nu Malee are very cute. I’m happy and the role has given this to me.

Lately there’s news that you both are very close, especially on the filming set. Pat quickly explains that “it’s because we’re already familiar with each other since the lakorn Kaen Sanaeha so this time at the set, we’re not close with anyone else and no one is brave enough to talk to us so it’s just us two. So perhaps that’s why it became news. When something comes up, I ask him for advice. When I was prepping for University, I consulted with him so that allowed us to become close. He’s in the status of the closest brother that I have. It’s not the point where he’s someone special. That’s looking too far ahead (laughs).”

Has Son tried to court you? Patricia refuses saying “No. Truthfully, I don’t know too many people but I accept that P’Son is the person I’m most closest to in the industry. We’ve talked about going out for meals whenever we finish work but we go as a group with our team members of Malee Reung Rabum. Whenever we see each other, my mom is always with me too. We talk on Line but we chat with each other normally. ”

So we can say that as of right now, Son is the closest person to you in this industry? “Yes because I’m not really close with anyone else. Aside from P’Son, I’m also close with others at the lakorn set of Malee Reung Rabum. Like P’Oat, P’Pbak, but with them both, I just got to know them recently but we all become close very quickly.”

Have there been any guys at University trying to court you? “No one is brave enough to come and court me. I don’t know why that is. I’m not unfriendly but I just mostly hang out with my friends who are girls. Now, I’m close with many groups. At first when I attended classes, I was really quiet and didn’t approach or talk with anyone. But if people start talking to me, we eventually become close. I’m happy.”



Nickname: Pat

Full Name: Patricia Tanchanok Good

D.O.B: August 18, 1997

Parents: David Good – 54 years old, works at Centera Grand Hotel

Piyanut Good – 43 years old, housewife

Siblings: One younger brother – Matthew Good

Education:  Primary – Dulwhich International School, High school – Shrewsbury International School, University – Chulalongkorn Faculty of Communication Arts, International


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