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December 22, 2013 |

It’s becoming very popular for the role of Ying Aai from the lakorn “Samee” via Channel 3. Daao Dtaang Mum wouldn’t miss the opportunity to persuade the main actress Preem Ranida Techasit to come talk and update us on her life and love. We have to say; her life seems very interesting because apart from working, she’s also very engrossed with her schooling as well. She’s regarded as a good role mofel for the younger generation. Don’t hesitate to follow up with this interview along with us.

How’s the feedback for the lakorn Samee?

“It’s great. There are some people who have given constructive criticisms. During the first few episodes, the viewers might be a little confused with the storyline but eventually people started liking it and found it enjoyable. Working in this lakorn, I was very tensed a first because I have to portray an adult role who encounters many things such as family problems and I also have to be a role model for those at home. The character of Khun Na Ying Aai has to have a demeanor where she doesn’t express her inner feelings openly. She must convey her emotions through her eyes instead. It’s quite difficult. I have to do a lot of homework and understand the perspectives of an adult, how do they think and what would they do. This character is very different from my real self. I might appear older than my friends but the way I think is still like a kid who is 17 years old in the appearance of an adult. I don’t think in the viewpoint of an adult too often. I’m someone who dares to speak and express my thoughts like in the Western culture. I had to make many adjustments for this role. ”

Have you ever asked why the producer P’Nok Jariya choose you to play this role?

“Before I got the role, P’Nok took some time to make her decision. I’ve had the chance to work with her in one lakorn before so she’s probably able to understand how my acting is and how much I’m able to improve and learn. She might have already watched my role in the lakorn Suphap Buroot Juthathep. When she saw P’Great Warintorn’s personality, P’Nok probably thought that we could be suitable as a couple in here. Before I got to play this role, I had to prepare a lot of things, especially my Thai speaking skills because there are many scenes where my character has a lot of mixed feelings and each person that I have to act alongside with are all very talented ex. P’Ice Apisada and P’Ja Parimonta. I was very exicted. I had to practice projecting my voice to be much louder without yelling. I had to learn different methods of speaking by emphasizing certain words yet today I still have difficulties with this area. In the lakorn during the first episodes, there are some scenes where my acting isn’t up to par. Now I still need to practice thinking in an elders’s viewpoint.”

In this lakorn you get to meet Great Warintorn again. Is working with him easier?

“It’s great! The lakorn is already hard to begin with. There are many scenes where I have so many mixed emotions that are all colliding with each other. If I were to meet with a new actor who I’ve never worked with before, it might possibly make me feel a little more stressed. But working with P’Great, we’re able to send and receive emotions to each other very well. He’ll help me a lot like telling me if we’re acting in this type of genre, we should portray it this way.”

In this lakorn, you have a decent number of love scenes. How was that?

“It’s hard in the sense that it’s love between two adults making it a more mature relationship. Whenever I’m shy, it’s in the style of a little kid but in this lakorn, if I’m shy, it has to come out more realistically. When we were filming, I felt like I was way too tense so before I had to enter a love scene with P’Great, I would jump around first. I’m someone who will relax and work more efficiently after being active. I’m lucky that I’m already familiar with P’Great so working with him was a lot easier. ”

 Many people have said that your acting has improved

“First off, I must thank the elders for entrusting me with the opportunity to improve my acting by playing in the lakorn. I never would have thought that I could do it. Thank you to the viewers for opening up their hearts and following up with my works. Every word of criticisms has helped me a lot. It has allowed for me to see my own flaws. I will keep the criticisms close to mind in order to improve myself further. If I don’t make adjustments, who would want to watch my works? All the compliments are very heartwarming and it’s like a source of energy to help push me forward. If you ask whether I think I improved? I actually remember which scenes that I filmed first and which ones I filmed later. When I watched the scenes afterwards, I felt that I did well. My acting was a lot more natural compared to the first episodes. However when I watch my own acting, I still secretly close one eye because I’m rather shy with myself. I feel like I’m a different person when I watch myself on screen (laughs). ”


Apart from this, do you have any other lakorns or other works?

“Luckily, the elders have given me more lakorns to play in continuously. There’s Sam Bai Mai Thao which will start production next year. As for my other works, I want to be a photographer because whenever we’re filming and seeing people talking pictures, it looks very cool. Other than that, I also want to play in a movie. The procedure is different from acting in lakorns because we have to tell a shorter story but still allowing the viewers to understand it. Working behind the scenes is something that is very different from what I am. I’m still a kid. I would rather quietly work continuously and gain more experience first. ”

 Looking back at when you first entered this industry 3 years ago, did you ever imagine that you’d come this far?

“I’ve never thought about it. If you ask whether I wanted things to turn out smoothly without any troubles, of course I did! When working, I always hope that the tidings of my lakorns will turn out good. I’m someone who likes challenging myself. The harder my work is, the more determined I am to accomplish it. Being in this industry, I must have a lot of perseverance. I’ve never expected that I’d be able to come to this point where I have work continuously. When I think back to where I first started, it feels as if it’s a dream because before I entered the industry, I thought the entertainment circle is world that’s heard to reach.”

Right now Channel 3 has many newbies. Do you think you have anything prominent that makes you stand out from the rest?

“Even thought there are many newbies, but surprisingly there’s only one other person who is younger than me. That is Patricia Good. Even if there’s a lot of leading actresses, I don’t think much of it because Channel 3 produces many lakorns. As for my distinctive point, I’ve never thought about it either. It would probably have to be my simplicity. I don’t like to complicate things. I only wait for opportunities and work to the fullest while improving myself all the time.”

You’re 17 years old but you have to work and go to school at the same time. How’s that?

“Right now I just finished high school and recently wrote my admission exam for University. I’m just waiting for the final results. I chose Communication Arts at Chulalongkorn University. At first I wanted to go with Business Administration but P’James Ma told me that it’s very difficult. I thought it over and decided that since I’m working and going to school at the same time, I’m unable to be fully dedicated so it’s better to go with a field where I’m able to do both simultaneously. ”

Some people focus more on work as oppose to school. Why did you chose to do both?

“Right now, I rather have a lot of work but it’s not to the point where I don’t have time to go to school. I don’t want to work to a breaking point and then stop when I can’t take it anymore. Even to the extent of P’Yaya Urassaya or P’Nadech Kugmiya (she’s referring to their popularity status) they never took a break so why would I stop? My parents and my relatives don’t want me to discard my education. I’m serious with my education. I’m not someone who just sits and studies up until my exam day but I’m someone who pays close attention and focuses during class time. My normal GPA is 4.0 ka.”


We notice that you have a brother with Down syndrome and you take him wherever you go.

“That’s right because I don’t trust for him to stay home alone. But right now he’s getting lazy. On the days where I have to get up and work very early, he’ll ask me to stay at home so I’d let him sleep at a relatives house who lives close by and later in the evening, I’d pick him up to go home together. I’m very close with my brother. Right now, it’s like when we were kids. We’re arguing with each other sometimes. One time I asked for him to speak nicely. He wasn’t brave enough to tell me that he broke a plate. He would be beating around the bushes so I told him to speak truthfully. He refused to speak and got mad so we quarreled. Am I tired? No I’m not because he’s normally not a difficult person. He’s able to help himself. For example, he can shower on his own and prepare his own basic meals like a sandwich.”

Do you have to act as the backbone of the family?

“Yes. I don’t drive yet so my mom is the one who drops me off and picks me up and my mom also has to take care of my brother as well. Right now, you could say that I’m the backbone for my family but luckily everything accumulates continuously. When I was little, I had the duty of looking after my brother as my main principle. We’d go everywhere together. I’m used to having a lot of responsibilities since I was a child already but there are times when something happens and I have to consult with my mom first.”

What are your goals in life?

“If I didn’t enter the industry, I might have possibly wanted to open an International business because I love learning new languages. However, since I started working, I want to focus on my acting and finish my studies first. In the future, I don’t have to be a leading actress all the time. It all depends on the elders and what roles they entrust me with because I believe the elders will choose the most appropriate thing for me. “

How’s your love life? You never seem to have any news with guys aside from Great Warintorn.

“Before this, it was a period of time where I was preparing myself to do the entrance exam for University. I placed greater importance on school. It was to the point where I was reading and studying in the car therefore, I don’t have time to think about love. With P’Great, he’s truly like my brother. He’s always waiting to help me and give me advice. Even though there are people cheering for us due to the lakorn tidings, I think it’s hard because I see him as just my brother.”

We heard that Mark Prin helps you by screening all the guys who try to court you.

“He helps by screening people for everyone in our group. P’Mark, P’Mint Nutwara or P’Ploy who is my personal manager, they all help keep a look out for me because I’m the youngest one. Do you have any hard feelings that they’re acting like a barrier or a wall? No ka (laughs). Not at all. They’re not that cruel. They’ll let me determine and decide things on my own. It’s more like I’m not ready for a relationship yet.”

What is your type of guy like?

“All I ask for is someone who is able to understand me, that’s good enough. I’m someone who appreciates a good personality and someone who likes to work out. I believe that if someone has a good personality and behavior, they would be a nice person overall. But everything relies on fate.”

Do you have anything to entrust the fans with?

“I would like to entrust everyone with the lakorn Samee. There are still a lot of obstacles that my character hasn’t passed yet. Things are getting more intense and dramatic. I would also like for everyone to please follow up with my development. Thanks to all lakorn fans for giving me your support all this time. I hope for all of us to stay by each other continuously. ”

Translated by Ch3eks






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