Now – The New Princess of Tears, Doesn’t Want people seeing her as following Nune Woranuch – Daao Dtaang Mum


March 24, 2013 |

The ratings are skyrocketing without stopping for the lakorn Payak Payong via Channel 7. There was a demand for us Daao Dtaang Mum to invite and learn about the main actress of the lakorn, Now Tisanart Sornsuek . For this, we set an appointment with her to talk in an easygoing matter about the entertainment industry and about how she feels that the lakorn fans are certain that she will be the replacement of Nune Woranuch because both are exactly alike!

Tell us a bit about your starting point in the industry

“When I was 15 years old, I went to Siam Centre and there was a modeling agency there that asked for my number. I gave them my mom’s number and I was able to go audition to play in MV’s and then I got to act in a movie called Love Julinsee before I met the elders of Channel 7 and got to play in the lakorn Hop Rak Ma Hom Bpa. Right now I’ve signed a contract with them for 7 years. I didn’t decide for long because I let my mom take care of everything. At first when I started working in the industry, I didn’t like it. I felt like I didn’t have any privacy but later on I started understanding and connecting more with my work and it became enjoyable. My liking towards it has increased now. Truthfully, my real dream is not to enter the entertainment industry but instead I like to bake goods. My dream is that I want to open up a small shop but now that I’m working in the showbiz, I love my job. ”

How is it acting in Seua Sang Faa 2

“It’s great. The last segment had really good ratings and this part even better. At first, I was stressed because my character is a new addition to the lakorn. The role is not very similar to myself because Rachawadee is very prim and proper, didn’t fight people and cries all the time. In real life, when I get angry I raise my voice to be loud. The director told me that I couldn’t do that. I have to be polite and sweet but in reality, I’m not all that prim and proper to that extent (laughs). ”

Did you get to watch the lakorn to see how your acting is? Do you want to make any changes/adjustments?

“I come back to watch it all the time. In some scenes, I feel weird watching myself because the character is so prim and proper and it doesn’t look like me. The hardest thing to adjust to was my speech because I talk too fast. The director told me to speak more slowly. As for the tidings on the Internet or whatever, my mom checks it all the time. She’s much more into social media than I am. Those who say that my acting isn’t that good or up to par, its no problem. I’m more than welcome to listen to all comments in order to adjust and develop myself to be a better actress.”


Whenever you go out, do people greet you?

“People would start greeting me by asking, Rachawadee right? Because whenever I go out anywhere, I don’t really dress up or wear make up. I just dress normally. When they recognize me, I feel like I’m not tired anymore when filming. I was a little worried because this lakorn has a lot of action scenes and it doesn’t really focus much on my character. But however all the casts from the first segment are here so anyways the viewers will have to follow up with this one. I already have a good base.”

Do you have any other lakorns for the fans to follow up with?

“I have the lakorn Aya Rak in the role of Neua Tong. The character is like before, prim proper and cries a lot. I’m not pressured that it’s a remake because there are changes to the script. I would like everyone to see it as a new lakorn and don’t want others to go and immediately compare it to the previous version because they’re not the same. What I’m worried about is my crying scenes because I have to cry all day. I have to read my script and understand it well because everyone in the lakorn is very talented. Being with P’Yui Jiranan or Aa Duang Daao, both help compel me to cry automatically.”

Have you heard that people say you’re the replacement of P’Nune Woranuch because you both share a resemblance?

“”I hear this very often. A lot of people have been asking this. Even before when I didn’t enter the industry yet there was a teacher who greeted me and said I look like P’Nune Worauch because she also was a dancer as well. But personally, I don’t want people to compare me and think I must be like P’Nune because P’Nune is P’Nune and Now is Now. It’s just that the roles I’ve portrayed are kinda similar to hers, that’s all. But I’m happy that people say that we look alike because P’Nune is beautiful (laughs). P’Nune is my idol along with many others but as soon as people started saying that I look like her, I was secretly scared that her fanclub might misunderstand or might not even like me. I haven’t encountered this kind of news yet but if you ask whether I’m worried, a little na. I don’t want people to think that I’m trying to be like someone.”


What is your real personality like? At first glance, you seem very prim and proper.

“I’m not prim and proper. I’m a little feisty. There are times where I’ll talk nonsense too but other times I can also be reasonable and give some advice. My dad and mom are easygoing people. I also have one younger brother and we’re both close with my mom. With my dad, we’re more in the style of a guy. With my mom, I can talk to her about anything; she’s like my friend. We can discuss every matter.”

We heard that you’re studying Traditional Thai dance. Please tell us a little bit about that.

“Right now, I’m studying in the Arts and Dance department. This is my third year. When I graduated high school, I didn’t know which field to go into but my mom likes this field and sent me to learn Thai dancing since I was 8 years old so I have a base for it already. My mom wanted me to take the exam and see how I do and so I passed. I love Thai Cultural Arts because presently there aren’t many people who are interested in it. I’m very proud that I was able to learn this field. I always have many opportunities to travel to many places and god is always close by to me so I’m very delighted. It’s also hard for me because I’m working as well as going to school at the same time. If I write a report and hand it in like everyone else it would be easier but in the dancing department, it’s required for us to perform our dances as an exam. My friends have all passed already. It’s hard to divide my time. At first I thought I would just drop it but it’s already my third year so I must fight. Now I’m able to adjust myself to it but I still worry sometimes. During my first year, I didn’t get to accept many lakorns because I wanted to dedicated more time to finishing my studies and then I would accept more lakorns fully.”

But some people who enter the industry discard their education. What is your view on that? How would you advise the younger generation?

“I place a lot of importance on school because I don’t know how long I will be in this field. I can use my education to earn a living. Some of my friends who just graudted are already working as a teacher but for me, now I’d like to finish my Bachelors Degree first and continue fighting quietly. Would I still want to in the industry? In the future I’d like to build a dancing school and teach there as well. I’ve talked with my friends about doing it together because dancing is the identity of being Thai. I love what I’ve learned. Even westerners like their own culture so why us being Thai should find it to be boring or old school? I would like to continue on with our beautiful Thai dancing further and pass it on to the next generation.”


You’re a newbie. What was your viewpoint on this industry when you first started?

“I secretly think that it’s frightening. Whenever I see the news like news of people not getting along, news of people competing I’m a little scared as to what I will have to encounter and if I do this or that, would it be bad in another person’s perspective? I don’t want to have this kind of news. I’m someone who doesn’t have anything, I’m indifferent. I don’t want negative news because there will always be two groups, those who understand and those who don’t understand. I don’t want people hating me but some people look at it as if you don’t tidings and news then it’ll be quiet. If I was able to choose, I’d like to have no bad news instead. New actors have bad news to help them become more popular and for me personally, I don’t think that’s a good thing. But now there’s nothing so it’s okay.”

How do you see your future in this industry?

“I’m enjoying my work. I would like to graduate and work full time but in this generation, there are many new actors coming along causing those who have been in this industry for a long time like our senior to have some difficulties. For me, I will work to my very best and develop my abilities for the viewers to see. Acting is one form of art that I’m creating. But acting isn’t necessarily the only thing that is used to measure and predict our future. Being in this industry also means to behave and conduct ourselves properly and to be our own original self.”


Let’s ask about your heart. Are you close with anyone or are you talking to someone?

“There have been some people who have come to talk to me but I don’t feel anything like that. But whoever comes along must be able to pass my mom first. She will help observe and watch out for me. My mom being worried about me is normal but she’s like someone with a young heart. Right now I just have friends and siblings in the industry. There’s no one special. I’m still in school and only 19 years old. I would like to work and study well first but if you ask me what kind of person do I like? I just hope for someone who can get along with my mom, just this much is enough. ”

Please entrust the fans who admire you with something to follow up on

“I would like to entrust everyone to please follow up with my lakorns and works. There’s Payak Payong and Aya Rak that should be airing very soon. I would like everyone to please give me your support (smiles).”

Newbies are often always being compared to the senior actors but the most important thing that is able to determine the future of someone in this industry is their acting talent. We would like to give our support for Now to continue fighting!


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