Stephany would like to compete with herself, using every opportunity to the fullest


February 2, 2014 |

She’s another newbie in the industry that people are keeping their eyes on for the half-caste actress Stephany Auernig because she just a signed a contract with Channel 7. Just within her first year and she’s already played in 3 lakorns that are all airing at the same time like Jao Sao Salatan, Keu Hat Taa Krong Pipop and Yomaban Jao Ka causing people to think that she’s the latest love child. Today, Daao Dtaang Mum must set an appointment with Stephany to come and chat about in order for everyone to learn more about her.

What are the works that you have right now?

“Currently the ones that are airing right now are on Mon-Tues, Jao Sao Salatan and on the weekends, Keu Hat Taa Krong Pipop Jop Sagon. In the evening there is Yomaban Jao Ka. All my character in each one is different. In Yombaban Jao Ka, I’m someone who likes to help people. As for my role as Preeya in Jao Sao Salatan, I’m always crying and fighting with others. As for Keu Hat Taa Krong Pipop, I play as Prim Prao, the oldest child who waits to teach her younger siblings all the time. Whenever something happens, she never expresses it; she’ll keep it to herself. But it’s such a coincidence that all the lakorns are airing at the same period. I’m also surprised. Now I watch myself everyday because I have to see which areas do I have to improve on. I still think that I have a lot of adjustments to make. In Jao Sao Salatan, I have a lot of improvements to make because I still seem very stiff. That’s my personal opinion. Others have said that it’s okay because the role is rather difficult. Majority of my friends that have watched my lakorns say that my acting in Keu Hat Taa Krong Pipop is probably my best because I was able to gain experience from the other two lakorns. The elders of the Channel have told me it’s okay, it’s passable.”

You’ve got the title of Miss Teen Thailand since 2009 but why is it until just now that you started getting work?

“At that time, I was 15 years old and I lived in Chon Buri. I went to an International school called Regents High School. My dad wanted me to graduate high school first. The travelling distance from Chon Buri to Bangkok is very far. My house is far away too. If i had to work in the city, it’d be hard. I thought to myself that it’d just be a while because I need to require some time to prepare myself more than others. When I first got the title, my Thai wasn’t fluent. It was really bad and the order and way I formed my sentences weren’t correct. Sometimes, I wouldn’t understand the questions being asked and I’ve never acted before either. Before I’m able to work, I had to practice speaking Thai very often by reading a lot. It became a lot better. As for my acting, I had to take classes to have a primary base and quietly and continuously gain experiences. When I was little, I never dreamed that I’d get to play in lakorns or I’d enter this field because just the title of Miss Teen Thailand where I only modelled and I’m happy already. As soon as the elders contacted me to try and play in lakorns, I tried it out. Anyhow, I’ve got the opportunities already and eventually after trying it out for some time, I felt like my interest and likeness has increased. I love it even more. ”

People are saying that the elders are pushing and promoting you since you have 3 lakorns

“I’m happy that they see my capabilities. When they give me opportunities, I must perform my duties to the best that I can. As for my contract with Channel 7, I just signed it last year. It will end in 2017. Since I’m a newbie, I never thought that I’d get to play in 3 lakorns in the same year. People tease me that my lakorns are on everyday. The elders have told me to gain experience continuously; I’m not competing with anyone, I’m just competing with myself. I must adjust myself and improve myself on the areas that I’m not good at. I don’t compare myself with others because each person is different. Being in this industry, I want to be the best role I can for the viewers. I want to work and be successful. If I work and my family is happy, it’s enough already. The money isn’t important.”

Did you already move from Chon Buri?

 “Now, I’m staying overnight in Bangkok. When I was in Pattaya, it was out of the city so being in the city now is comfortable. I can go to places easily. I might be a little far from the University but it’s not that bad because when I had to film lakorns, I had to travel even farther. My mom comes along with me. As for my dad, truthfully he works abroad. He’ll come back 2-3 times a year but right now he’s working in Thailand. No one is staying at our house in Pattaya. I miss it as well because I haven’t been back in a while. Being the only child, it’s lonely. My dad will visit 2-3 times yearly. At first, I was sad and asked why does he only see me 2-3 times a year when other dads stay with their children all the time? As soon as I grew older, I understood and starting getting used to it. Whenever he comes back, I’m very happy. I try to spend the most time that I can with him.”


How’s school coming along?

“Right now I’m studying in the Biology faculty at Mahidol University. I’ve liked this subject since I was little already. Many people have asked me that since I’m already working in the entertainment field, why don’t I pick an easier subject to study in? I replied that I want to study in a field that I love. If we force ourselves with something we don’t love then the result won’t be good. So I think that even if it’s hard, it’s not a problem. At least I’m happy with my decision to learn this subject. As for my grades, I have to be honest and say before when I wasn’t working it was great! I got a GPA of 3.8. As soon as I started working, it went up and down inconsistently, which is a normal thing. I have to come to terms with it. I’m not serious about it. My mom has told me that I shouldn’t pressure myself too much. As for managing my time, I’m lucky that when I first stared working, I was on school holidays so I had enough time dedicated towards lakorns. But as soon as I started school, I had to apply for morning classes and then film lakorns in the afternoon. I divide my time in half. I can manage my time on my own, it’s not that difficult. I just have to be hardworking and keep studying. I have to focus on my learning when I’m in class.”

Once you graduate, do you think you will be working in that field?

I’m not too sure yet. In the beginning, I wanted to do something involving medicine but now I’m still confused as to which field I want to work in. When I was little, I dreamed of being a pilot but as I got older, I changed my mind and wanted to become a doctor because I want to help people. Like when there was the tsunami, I went to help out the victims. I went to teach people how to read at Mae Hong Son. I thought it was fun and I liked helping them. As for my work in the showbiz, I don’t have a plan either. It all depends on the elders. If they give me any opportunities, I will accept them. I don’t have any high expectations. I don’t want to give myself any hopes.

We’d like to ask about your love life. Recently, you’re in the news with Vee Veraphap.

This is very funny. I was sitting and watching TV and saw this news so I called my mom to watch it. My mom laughed saying since when? I told her that it wasn’t true. I don’t know him personally. The first time I worked with him was when we shot Channel 7 calendar and afterwards we never saw each other again. We’ve never talked to each other either. I’m already a quiet person. Whenever I’m working anywhere, I will be still in my own world. If no one talks to me, I won’t be brave enough to approach anyone first. I’m not serious about this news because it’s not true. I’m still living my life normally. I’m not really someone who likes to go out so I’m not afraid.

Have any guys come along to court you?

“There’s none. Why? I don’t know either. Perhaps because I’m always so quiet and still. If you ask if I’m talking to people, of course I am because it’s a normal thing. My mom isn’t possessive. She tells me that if I were to have a boyfriend, it’d be okay. Truthfully though just working and going to school takes up all of my time. I don’t even have time to sleep. As for my type, I don’t have one. I will look more at someone’s personality. I like someone who is funny and not too serious. I don’t like someone who is lazy. I like someone who is hardworking. I’m the type of person who is hard to trust anyone. Just even my friends, before I learned to trust them it took a long time.”

What is the principle that you live by?

“There’s one slogan. It’s an English quote that I have kept at home. It’s something along the lines of, don’t be downhearted. If we fall down and don’t stand back up, we’ll just stay down like that and never go anywhere. But at least if we get up to fight again, we will have hope to move forward to the next level.”

Lastly, we’d like to entrust everyone to think that opportunities are things that aren’t given in equal portions. If we have the receive an opportunity, we must use it well like our intentions. Stephanie will choose to develop her acting skills to be greater in the future. 


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