Bella lets time prove love – Daao Dtaang Mum

920464 | December 28, 2014

She’s another front leading actress of Channel 3 for Bella Ranee Campen who is about to show her loveliness and cute charm in the lakorn Pope Rak for the fans to praise today. Daao Dtaang Mum would like the fans to stay closely and listen about her work that is always busy and her love life where she requests for time to prove the heart of her close friend like Weir Sukollowat.

Let’s talk about your character Namrin in Pope Rak. How is it?

“In this role, there are a lot of various sides to her that I have to play. It started from being a rich spoiled woman who always gets her way and doesn’t care about others and people dislike her without her realizing it because she’s been raised up that way. She thinks that whatever she does is never wrong until she becomes a spirit who loses her memory. Then it’s like she’s back to being a kid all over again. Whenever I’m in a scene with Mark Prin who plays the main actor we would be peevish in a cute way, I’d often argue with the praek. The hardest part about this lakorn is probably having to act as a spirit. People can’t touch her or see her so I had to use a lot of my imagination.”

What are the similarities and differences between this character and your real self?

“We’re both similar in the sense of our playfulness. We like to tease and prank others and are clever so I use this aspect in the lakorn as well. Whenever I’m acting in a scene with Mark, he’d often like to play out of script and as soon as I realized it, I’d follow along which appears more natural and the viewers will find it more enjoyable with us too. In this lakorn, I get to play with Mark for the first time. It’s nice. When we act together, his acting is very natural. He has good composure and likes to prank which adds more charm to the character he plays. He acts and it’s fun because I really feel that he’s that character he’s portraying for real. Since we’re very close, whenever we have cute scenes, it’s not easy. It feels somewhat weird, I don’t know how to explain it. I would laugh.”

But in the beginning the fanclub Jiranee was possessive of you. Did this create any issues for you?

“Truthfully, right now the pairing of me and Mark have people jinning/cheering increasingly. Our fanclub has a slogan that says, support each and every individual work of ours. They like and follow up with everything already. For the fans who’ve watched each one of my lakorns, when they watched this one they ended up liking Mark as well because he’s cute. It made working with each other much easier.”

You debuted in Roy Marn as the antagonist but were able to be popular in the status of a main actress. How do you feel?

“I feel like things are beyond my expectations. I also never expected that I would receive the trust and opportunities from Channel 3 to this extent because presently there are many actors. I must thank the elders for sending me good roles, allowing the viewers to be able to see me in various characters. I really believe this is my luck. I also feel pressured in the sense that I need to keep moving forward and improving continuously so viewers don’t feel like I’m acting the same in all of my works or that they think I can only take on a certain role. I must play a lot of different styles. I regard it as the Channel also giving me a pathway to help me develop myself too.”

You’ve been in this industry for almost 4 years already. What do you think this entertainment industry has offered you the most?

“It has allowed me to be more grown up. Some people might view the industry to be a bad thing but for me, I feel a lot of joy and warmth in it. It’s not a society to compete for survival but the people in this circle are all competing with themselves. We’re racing to improve ourselves which is considered to be a good thing. Another thing is that getting to act in lakorns is like learning about the different lifestyles of many people. It’s not just about us portraying a character that we’ve accepted but it also includes the other characters that are acting along with us in the same lakorn. It has allow me to sympathize with people more and be more understanding like the characters that are bad, they have their reasons that force them to become that way. I’ve learned to be able to deal with many different people in various ways because I’m now more broad-minded. I’m not prejudice or wanting to dispute with anyone. I would understand their reasons.”

Do you feel that being in this industry makes your life lack privacy? 

“It’s not to that extent. For me, I’m still able to walk to the market but people who see me might be interested in personal matters and ask about my heart status so I have to think that it’s a normal thing. Before I entered this field, I’ve seen our seniors already to learn that news is something that comes along with the price that we pay for being a celebrity. If there’s no one interest in us, I think that is something more scary.”

What is your principle when it comes to working?

“I must have discipline and I must look after myself. I must do my homework for each role that I’m entrusted with and I must be honest with myself. Like whenever I’m filming a lakorn, I have to feel the real emotions of my character first before the viewers can connect with it. If you ask if I’m satisfied with my acting abilities yet? I must always continually make adjustments because every character out there has its own charm and aren’t the same. Being the ones acting that character, we have to find that charm and bring it out. It’s like I’m starting on a new base, starting from number one with every new lakorn. As for my hopes and expectations with being in the showbiz, this is difficult to answer. Just for the viewers to watch my lakorns and enjoy them makes me happy already. I look at each lakorn as a step to move further, I don’t see it as I must reach a certain level or stage because looking at it that way might be pressuring myself too much. As for being a main actress, honestly I’m not attached to it. I’m able to accept every role, it all depends on what characters the elders select for me. I’m not too mindful about it. If my queue is available, I’ll accept to play in all.”

You’re another person who sometimes doesn’t have good news. How do you deal with that?

“I ask for people to understand my feelings (laughs). Honestly, I try my best to behave in a way so I don’t make news. I try to behave well. I won’t go to places where people might misunderstand me or can assume something. But people must also have to understand me as well. I’m a human, a normal person. Sometimes, I’ll have problems where I’m unable to satisfy everyone out there in everything that I can do. It’s just that I don’t go around to harm anyone and I’m trying my best for myself. Those who love and care for me give me their support when I’m encountering bad news. Like the news of me dating someone or gossips that just stick around for a long time, I think to myself why can’t people stop talking about it for once? But I try my best not to be stressed. If I’m stressed, it’ll affect my state of mind and interfere with my work therefore, I try not take it to heart and not be too involved with it. Just acknowledging what kind of news I have and how to deal with it or revise it but I don’t read too much of it. I’ll just read a little. At first I would read everything. I wanted to know what others were saying about me but when it was too much as a result, I thought I don’t want to read it anymore (smiles). I just need to adjust myself. ”

What kind of news makes you the most upset?

“News that I’m a third wheel. It’s too harsh for me because I’m just intending to work according to my role. I don’t know why or how it happens. Why must I be attached and involved in other people’s problems? I’ve denied it once and denied it again but people still keep asking until at last I ask that I’d rather not answer anymore regarding this matter because I’ve already fully answered it before.”

What is the most important type of encouragement for you?

“It’s important on a first level. It would have to be my family. I’ve received the trust and belief of the people all around me who understand what type of person I am. I’m happy already, with my fan club and the elders of Channel 3 as well. Like during the time when I had bad news, not only did they never question me as to how things are going but instead they encouraged me. They’d tell me, in a moment things will pass by. They believe me that there’s nothing going on. It’s merely just the elders who have to find the source and reason as to why unexpectedly this type of news came out. As for my fan club, they’re always waiting to support me.”

Let’s ask about your relationship with Weir. What is your status right now?

“We’re still talking. He’s still considered a brother. As for us not moving our status it’s because we’re too busy to really see each other. There’s work and many other things going on so it causes me to not be ready yet. I want to let it develop like this slowly first. For P’Weir himself, he’s in the status as what we call to earn one’s own. I have a lot of work. Perhaps, if I were to date him it probably wouldn’t be appropriate.”

But you and Weir are always having news of breaking up

“Truthfully, we never said anything indicating in that way. When we say that we’re distant, it translates as we’re distant because we’re working. I’ve never said he’s my boyfriend therefore, whether we love each other or we broke up, we can’t respond to that. Sometimes, we’ve been asked this questions so frequently until the point where we feel like oi! we don’t have anything to say anymore (smiles). We will see if there’s any progression but I understand that people want to know. I will answer as much as I’m able to. I can assure that we’re not being stubborn or tight-lipped but many factors has made us become like this really. Another thing is I’m still a kid. P’Weir has been in this industry for a long time but for me, I just started so I’m in the age and period of working. I just started taking care of the household and my family so my responsibilities are rather a lot. I want love matters to be a second priority. It’s better to let it go and let it take it’s course unhurriedly.”

Being that you both are praeks and nang aeks, are you afraid that the ratings of your lakorns will drop? That’s why you refuse to refer to each other as boyfriend/girlfriend?

“I’ve never thought about that. The idea of love is something that I’m rather not ready for. If you ask if I’m afraid to use the word boyfriend and girlfriend for that it will make us attached together, if we were to call each other that, it’s fine because it might compel both sides without being aware of it. Being siblings like this first. I’m not talking with anyone else (smiles). As for opening up my heart for other people, actually I don’t mean it that I want a boyfriend.”

Honestly what kind of guy do you like?

“He must love my family and friends. He must be able to take care of me. We must be able to talk in the same language. We must understand each other. Like my work that I’m doing, it’s hard for people to understand why I’m working so late, why they can’t contact me, that I have to act in a love scene with a praek again, there are many things. There’s also the news too. For one person to come into my life and is able to be secure on this is hard. It requires time.”

Is Weir similar to the type of guy you like?

“We can talk and understand each other (smiles). As for him a building a foundation for his future family, it’s like he’s grown up and it will last but we still need to look at it more. The timing is also something very important for me in terms of love. If I think to be serious with someone or think about this matter with someone, I want to be with them for a long time. I don’t want to constantly change partners, it wouldn’t look good.”

What do you think is the key factor that will allow for two people to date for a long time?

“It has to be trust. That is very important. Apart form behaving in an trustworthy way, the other party must must have believe and be confident in them as well. It’s not just us being trustworthy on our own and the other party can go and do whatever. Both sides must have reliance.”

Your viewpoint of love when you were younger until this point. Has it drastically changed?

“It has changed a lot. When I was little, I could refer to anyone as my boyfriend. After talking to each other for only one month I would say this person is my boy friend. As soon as I got older, the word boyfriend became something very difficult. Like being a celebrity, if I go and say I’m this persons girlfriend, it’d be a big deal. I also think that before a guy is able to become a boyfriend, it’s not just talking to each other over the phone and telling each other goodnight. That’s not it. That’s like puppy love, childish love. I’m older now and I have a lot of things to take care of and lots of responsibilities. Having a boyfriend requires time to study each other for us to be confident first, then we can decide.”

Have you ever had any thoughts of being a bride?

“Yes of course I have. I’m a woman. I’m not a woman with the style who works and doesn’t want to get married. I’m not to that extent. I want to have my own family, want to have children. I want a simple and peaceful life where I’m with my family. In how many more years until I want to get married? Again this is hard to answer. I have to quietly observe but it’s probably not anytime soon. Let’s have the fans cheering in the lakorn together first (laughs).”

Lastly, please entrust to your fan club are who always waiting to send you encouragement

“Thank you very much for staying by my side all the time whether it’s the old or new fan club members. Thank you for opening up your heats and allowing me inside. It’s like a medicine that enables me more power. Whenever I go anywhere, people are waiting to cheer. Even if something happens on social media, people are always waiting to send me encouragement. Thank you for staying beside me.”

Being able to see and understand her viewpoint today, we believe that time will pass and give her great lengths of success and much love towards this beautiful woman. 


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