Speaking with princess of tears, Yaya Urassaya



Speaking with princess of tears, Yaya Urassaya

August 21, 2010 | KomChadLuek

 Making her way up from being a model for only a few years until she’s exploring the world of lakorns, lately the sharp faced half-caste actress Yaya Urassaya Sperbund has become a full status lead actress in the lakorn Kularb Rai Narm via Channel 3. She’s receiving many sympathy points from the viewers. 

Today, KomChadLuek grasped the opportunity to sit and discuss about every aspect of her life including her love life of being 17 years old. Let’s get to learn more about her together.

 How are the tidings for Kularb Rai Nam?

“The tidings are good. There haven’t really been any criticisms. Whenever I go to places, people are starting to greet me like when I’m out shopping, people will come up to me and call me Nong Nuch. I’m very happy that people are addressing me that way because it shows that they’re watching my lakorn. Regarding criticisms, I haven’t really heard anyone saying much. I’ve only heard of people complimenting that I’m cute and that my acting is natural. I’m pleased to hear that. On the first day that the lakorn aired, my sister called and asked me, why is my character so stupid? My sister is currently studying in Norway.”

In the lakorn, people say you can’t speak Thai clearly

“I can read Thai but I still can’t speak it fluently yet. I’m serious about this issue because speaking abilities is very important. I’m trying my absolute best.”

This is your first lakorn and as a main actress and the feedback is great

“I’m very glad. I never thought that many people would be watching my lakorn, furthermore giving me a lot of praises. I feel good. It’s like my hard work and all the tiring hours of filming was worth it because things have passed by without any troubles.”

Does this character have any similarities to your real self?

“There are similarities. I’m someone who is prim and proper already and smiles easily like the character of Nucharee. Nucharee cries a lot. She’s someone who is very pitiful and looks at the world too positively so there are always people who are trying to irritate her.”

Is it hard being a main actress for the first time?

“It’s very difficult because the character of Nucharee is like a princess of tears. I have to cry in almost every episode so it’s a little hard. I’m also portraying a character that is a lot older than my real age so again, as results it’s a little challenging. ”

What techniques do you have for crying scenes?

“I have help from those at the lakorn set like P’Ta, P’Ploy and P’Rome who all help to send me the right emotions. They all give me a lot of encouragement and try to not let me feel stressed.”

Since this lakorn has good tidings, does that pressure you for your future works?

“I do feel pressured because I want to continue to improve and develop my acting to be better. I have to do even more homework than before. Right now, I’m filming Duangjai Akkanee, the series for Channel 3’s 40th Anniversary and I’m acting alongside P’Nadech. I’ll have a change of role where my character is brave and serious. The genre is somewhat of a slap and kiss. Acting in this lakorn is a little tiring because it requires a lot of energy. I have to argue with P’Nadech all day (laughs).”

Your limits when it comes to love scenes.

“This all depends on the director. Personally, I think of it as a part of acting so it’s nothing all that damaging. It all relies on the elders. My parents don’t say anything because it’s only in lakorns.”

Are you impressed with working in lakorns?

“I’m really impressed. I’m someone who enjoys acting already. At school, I took acting classes too. I would like to continually have work. ”

Debuting in the entertainment industry. Was it your dream to come into this field or no?

“When I was a kid, I didn’t think much of what I wanted to be because I was just a kid. For a while, I’d go to school without combing my hair. At this moment, I’m still a little surprised as to how I was able to enter this industry. I’ve never thought that I’d be a lead actress. I never would have thought that I’d have this opportunity.”

How did you enter the industry?

“At first, it was P’Tue who peruaded me to model for his fashion show and so I started off as a model at the age of 13 years old. I did magazine shoots and shows. When I first entered this industry, I was very excited. One day before the fashion show, P’Tue came up to me and said, you’re walking tomorrow okay? I just said yes. I was a kid and didn’t even know what was happening. On the following day, I dressed up and prepared myself accordingly. It’s fun. I like it.”

How did you go from being a model to a leading actress for Channel 3?

“PTue introduced me to the elders of Channel 3 and correspondingly, they saw my pictures in a magazine so they called me to audition. As a result, I got to sign a 3 year contract with them.” Don’t you think that’s too little? “At that time that I signed the contract, I still couldn’t speak Thai very well. I could only speak about 30%. But now it’s getting better. I took extra classes to help and my mother also forces me to only speak Thai at home. Not being fluent in Thai is an obstacle for me when it comes to acting in lakorns. I have to do a lot of homework. If I’m assigned a role, I will have to read my script 20 times and also record my voice otherwise, it won’t sound right (laughs).

Has your life changed at all now that people are starting to know you?

“It has changed a little bit. Before leaving the house, I have to brush my hair (laughs). I have to take care of myself more and be more alert but I’m still the same person as always.”

Are you used to the idea of people greeting you and asking for your signature?

“Not really. Now there are people starting to recognize me but I feel glad that people remember me. I don’t feel awkward.”

You’re becoming popular where people are worried that you’ll be conceited and forget yourself

“I don’t think about it. I want to be this way forever. I don’t think of changing myself. Being my own self, I won’t feel pressured.”

Do you have a lot of adjustments to make?

“I have more responsibilities because my father is someone who is very strict on education. He says that if I drop school then I must quit the entertainment. I have to manage and divide my time accordingly. Whenever I have free time, I’ll study. I don’t really get to meet my friends that often. Currently, I’m studying at Chulalongkorn in the faculty of Liberals Arts, International. When I started my first year and I just entered the industry, it was a little hard to adjust myself. I only had weird things to do but it was okay because there are the elders and my mother who all help me.”

Do you think you’re too young to have so many burdens of going to school and work at the same time?

“I don’t think it’s hard na. I personally want to work in this field; it’s been a dream of mine. I have my parents who give me their support and encouragement so I don’t think it’s too much for me to handle. ”

How do you plan to manage your popularity?

“Truthfully, I’ve never thought about wanting to be popular but there are elders who teach me about how to conduct and behave myself. The elders would tell me to be cute like this forever, especially P’Ta Warit who has taught me so much. He’s like one of my brothers. He teaches me how to handle myself in this industry.”

How are you going to deal with the news that comes your way?

“I’m scared but I don’t think too much of it. I should just be more aware and alert of my surroundings and myself. Actually, wherever I go, my mom is always with me. Both my parents are worried but my mom is even more concerned than possessive. I’m close with my mom in this way (laughs). I’m someone who likes to stay home. Whenever I’m free, I’d stay and relax at home. I don’t really go out much. As for guys, my parents are somewhat concerned but I’m someone who doesn’t really talk to many guys. If someone were to come and court me, I wouldn’t even be aware of it (laughs). “

There are people saying you look like Taya Rogers

“I’m very happy. There are many people who greet me this way. I think that she’s very beautiful. At first I didn’t think that I looked like her. I’m happy that people say I resemble her because I consider it as a compliment. I’m not serious about it that people are comparing us, if anything I’m happy. I’ve actually watched her acting in Prissana but I’ve never met her in person. I like her already; even before I entered the industry I already admired her so if I get the chance to see her, I would probably have to ask to take a picture together (smiles). There are also people saying that I look like P’Mam Kathaleeya. I really want to be like her (laughs) because she’s a beautiful woman, like a princess and I admire her as well.”

Love – Is your heart taken yet?

“No not yet. I think that I’m still too young, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to manage my time. I want to focus more on school and work first.”

Do you have type?

“I do. I like a guy who has a good sense of humor and my parents must like him too. He has to be a gentleman. With my group of friends from school, we’ve known each other for 4 years now and they say that no one dares to court me because majority of people say that I’m crazy (laughs). I still say that I’m too young. I would have to be a lot older before I have a boyfriend. My mom says to finish school first and then I can date (laughs).”

Have you ever thought about what age you want to get married at?

“I’m someone who is quiet but playful. There are only people who tell me that I’m very cheeky therefore when I was little, I didn’t think too much of these things. But one day I’d like a family of my own. I have a dream of wearing a beautiful wedding dress. ”

Seeing her determination, she will surely have a bright future ahead of her.

Personal Notes: Miss Yaya has surely grown so much over the past 5 years. Just comparing this interview to her recent ones signifies how hard working and determined she is. She went from this young girl who was striving to be the best person she could with language barriers to a sensational superstar that is adored by many. She went from giving simple answers to more complex ones. At the same time, she is still the sweet and lovely girl that everyone fell in love with in the beginning.




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  1. Thank you @cheek for the translation. Yes, Yaya have grown so much and love by everyone. Through out the five -six years she been in ET, she gave all her best and that’s all she can do. ET is a cruel world and I’m glad she can handle every situation she in gracefully.

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