Prosperous star of the horizon, Yaya


September 10, 2011 | Komchadluek

When we mention about the young actress who is becoming extremely popular right now, everyone would think of the name of the half Thai, half Norwegian actress, who is always known for her bright smile, Yaya Urassaya Sperbund. She has switched her image from the sweet, prim and proper nang aek to turn around and carry a gun while wearing stylish jeans and a cowboy hat in the action packed lakorn Tawan Deurd, produced by talented Nok Chatchai Plengpanich. The director is the new Num Attaporn Temagon. For this lakorn, the young actress alternates her co-stars by pairing with the calm actor Mark Prin Suparat. Many people have praised that this pairing has good chemistry, definitely not inferior to her kook wan like Nadech Kugimiya. Today, KomChadLuek and the catalogue Mango Bango will go and chat with her and get to know her cute stories in a very easygoing atmosphere like in the style of this girl herself.

When it comes to the tidings of the lakorn Tawan Deurd

Majority of viewer’s say that the scenery is beautiful, the picture and the way it was directed is very similar to a movie. In this lakorn, I portray the role of Phet Roong, who is friends with Tawan (Mark Prin) since they were very little but as soon as Tawan grew older and came back to the farm, he changed and became a different person. If you ask how I got to play in this lakorn, I was able to talk with P’Nok Chachai during the time when I was auditioning for the lakorn. P’Nok told me that my looks gets his approval (laughs). To be honest, I don’t know exactly why P’Nok chose me to act in here but the first time I got to read the script before auditioning, I felt that the role in this lakorn is very challenging because the lakorns I’ve played in the past, the viewers saw me act in prim proper roles. It was very nang aek like (smiles). But in this one, the role is rather uncommon, Roong is a woman who is very strong, has power and every actor who came to audition for this lakorn were all very confident. They are prepared themselves very well.

You didn’t play in many lakorns. Reaching this day, how much do you think you have improved yourself?

I personally think that I’ve improved myself a lot. The first thing to mention is my Thai speaking and my understanding towards my characters has increased. Being at the lakorn set often allows me to be more familiar with the process of filming with different cameras. However, I still feel that I have a lot more to improve on. I must improve myself continuously.

How is it working with Mark?

I’ll speak truthfully na. P’Mark is someone who is very determined because in the lakorn, he must play someone who compresses all of his emotions. The character will feel confused all the time but whenever P’Mark is at the lakorn set, he will silently focus on his work. He’ll sit down and read his script and will do his homework before we have to act it out for real because he has a lot of action scenes to focus on. Everyday that we have to film, P’Mark always has fighting scenes but he always gives it his all. He never complains and is never in low spirits.

Did you learn anything or gain any experience while working the seniors? 

I only got to be in some scenes with the seniors like Ah Too and it made me realize that they’re all very determined. When I was rehearsing, I didn’t give it my all because I was saving it for the real thing but with the senior actors, they give it their all even during their practice sessions so they’ll know if their acting is okay. Whenever I have a scene with P’Dom, just looking into his eyes and seeing his eyes widen like that, it makes me feel that he has sent me such strong emotions and lets me feel that I can’t repress my acting. It’s like a source of energy that allows me to be in the appropriate mood for the scenes and allows me to feel more into my character than before. It allows my acting to have more depth. Another thing to mention is that all the senior actors are very punctual and have lots of discipline. They would all advise me on how to conduct myself by saying that I shouldn’t be confused with all the different things that come my way.


You have a lot of lakorns, there’s Thoranee Nee Ni Krai Krong and Game Rai Game Rak. How are these two lakorns different from each other? 

For the lakorn Game Rak Game Rak, we’re almost done filming already. It’s a lakorn that’s very challenging. It’s like I’m playing two different roles in one lakorn because in the first part, I’m playing as someone who lost her memory and acts like a child. Some characteristics of hers from the beginning is still there but after she regained her memory and comes back to the city, the lakorn will turn around and become very dramatic. I always have scenes where there’s lots of tugging, pulling involved with P’Nadech. As for Thoranee Nee Ni Krai Krong, playing with P’Nadech again I feel pressured. People will have more expectations because it was already made into a lakorn once and it’s a very cute lakorn. I’ve already discussed with Paajaew and he said that they’d make adjustments to the characters so that they’re a little more modern. It won’t be exactly like the older version.

In real life, what’s your personality like?

 I’m someone who is very still and quiet. I’m well mannered but whenever I’m with my friends, I’m somewhat childish like any typical girl. There are times where I play around and prank others.

Working to this extent and going to school at the same time, how do you manage your time?

I go to school on the days when I’m not filming lakorns. Right now, my queue is completely full and dedicated towards filming. Truthfully, it is a little hard to divide my time. There are times where I feel like I’m still so young. There are days where I sulk and other days where I want to out and travel but it’s a small matter because I know that I’m a very lucky girl to be able to enter the industry. There are many people who want to be here and want to be an actress but don’t have the opportunity. It makes me feel like I’m very fortunate. I must be determined and work fully with what I have whenever I have the chance. Being a responsible person is something that’s very important.

Your future in the industry

I want to be here until no one hires me anymore (laughs). At first when I started acting in lakorns, I thought to myself, why is it so hard? Just acting in lakorns is already difficult. I still have to look out and take care of myself as well but after acting in lakorns continuously; I eventually fell in love with my career as an actress. My goal is that I want to be a skillful actress where as soon as someone mentions me, I want people to say [Yaya? She’s very talented]. I want people to admire my works more.

Returning to look at yourself. Have you ever indulged yourself with the popularity that you’re getting?

I’m not all that infatuated with it. When I first began working in this field, I was rather shocked that people would be that interest in me. I was confused because I wasn’t yet sure of how to handle the good feedback. Now, I’m able to adjust myself to it. Now I understand that people come to greet me because they’re happy and want to praise me. It makes me feel delighted (startled expression) and it’s a source of encouragement for me when working forward.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable or been in a bad mood?

I think it’s something very normal for us as humans to have those days where we fee like today we’re not a good mood (laughs). But I must compress that emotion but if I have to work and I meet my fanclub or friends, co-workers, those bad feelings will go away on it’s own because I know that there are people who are smiling for me. Whenever someone smiles at me, I’ll smile back (smiles).

Has your life changed a lot?

It has changed in the sense that more people know me so my level of privacy and personal space has slightly decreased but my daily life routine is style the same as before.

Popularity comes hand in hand with news. Do you have any method of dealing with news that comes your way?

If I see the news, I will acknowledge it but I won’t pay too much attention to it because if it’s untrue then I won’t think about it. But I might secretly think to myself why people have to this this way about me? Do people see me as this type of person? I’m aware of what type of person I am. Whenever I’m in the news, it doesn’t really affect my mental health that much. In the beginning of my career, when I was in bad news, I was stressed but I got the support from my mom because my mom is the best source of encouragement for me.

Having such a beautiful daughter, is your mom worried about you at all?

She might be worried about me not getting enough time to relax because I’m working and going to school at the same time. Truthfully, she’s not someone who is worried too much.

The most proud moment in your life

I’m most proud that I’m only at this age but I’m able to work on my own. I think working and going to school simultaneously is something that’s hard but once I’m able to handle both, I feel very proud of myself. Getting the opportunity to work in this field has taught me to appreciate the value of life. Another thing that I’m proud of is that my dad can’t speak Thai and normally he wouldn’t watch lakorns but it’s funny that my dad would sit and watch the lakorns that I act in without knowing what I’m talking about. He’d be really into the lakorn (laughs). He’s proud of me. My mom watches the lakorns too and tells me [my daughter is so beautiful. You did a good job]. Just hearing those words makes me feel honored (smiles).

Let’s talk about your love life. Are there any guys courting you at all? You’re so beautiful and popular.

No, there’s’ no one (laughs). I’m working 7 days a week, so I don’t have the time and the fact that my mom is always around to take care of me is unrelated. If someone wants to court me, my mom would be with me too. If someone really wants to talk to me, they can make the effort to do so. In my perspective, it’s not hard to love someone. I’m just like any other person because love is love. It’s something that’s unavoidable but I wouldn’t know much because I’m still a kid. I’ve never had any experience in this aspect (smiles). It would all have to wait on the appropriate timing and I would have to carefully watch and observe someone to see if they’re okay first.

Personal comments: For those who didn’t follow up with Tawan Deurd, P’Nok Chatchai revealed on Perd Gong Vic 3 that 3-4 actresses auditioned for Tawan Deurd but he was most impressed by Yaya. She got the part because she’s really talented. She can play any character and she is born to be an actress. The director, P’Oui also praised Yaya because she’s still so young and inexperienced but was able to act well. He wondered why someone so young can have so much understanding and after talking with Yaya’s mom (Mae Pla), he learned that it’s because Yaya loves reading so she has a big imagination.


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