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Patricia Good – Slimming

Queue for 2 lakorns I have two lakorns. In Lom Sorn Rak, I portray a business woman who just returned from overseas who is paired with Pran, the older twin portrayed by Nadech. Actually, even with just the fitting there are already a lot of tidings for this lakorn. It’s probably due to the fact […]

Bella Ranee – Slimming

Miss Siam with Khun Chai Puttipat In the series Suphap Buroot Juthathep in the segment of Khun Chai Puttpiat, I act alongside James Jirayu. He’s cute. In the lakorn, he portrays a doctor who is still and commanding, which is very contradicting to his real personality. Truthfully he’s a very playful and mischievous kid. He […]

Talking with Matt Peeranee who has matured in her way of thinking

March 19, 2011 | KomChadLuek Chatting with Matt Peeranee who has matured in her way of thinking She’s someone that many people are keeping an eye out for Matt Peeranee Kongthai, the half Norwegian half Thai actress. Most people might recognize her through her various mischievous roles but now this actress has changed her character […]

Maprang, the beautiful Thai looking actress

January 18, 2015 | She’s coming off strong for the actress Maprang or Kannarun Wongkhachoraklai, the beautiful actress who has lakorns from Channel 3. Apart from Pope Rak, we get to see her once again in Bang Rajan which is airing very soon. Being this beautiful and charming, many people would like to know […]

Preaw, born from the role of Pia, acting as an antagonist to improve her skills

May 25, 2014 | She’s turning around to play a prominent antagonist for the very first time with the role of Pia in the lakorn remake Kom Payabaht via Channel 7. The main actress Preaw Tusasneeya Karnsomnuch will sure receive hatred nationwide. How is the feedback of the lakorn where you’re playing a bad […]

Nychaa, another newbie actress who people are keeping a look out for

Nychaa, a newbie actress that people are keeping an eye out for  January 15, 2015 | For the lakorn Sam Bai Mai Thao of Maker Group production that is about to big farewell from the television screen, the feedback from the lakorn fans is extremely good even though it’s a remake, especially with the […]

Now on the day where her life is complete in both work and love — Daao Dtaang Mum

Now on the day where her life is complete in both work and love | November 9, 2014 One of the many leading actresses of Channel 7 with a traditional Thai look which is a trait of all their actress is Now Tisanart Sornsuek. She’s a young actress with the combination of a […]