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Now on the day where her life is complete in both work and love

 877281 | November 9, 2014

One of the many leading actresses of Channel 7 with a traditional Thai look which is a trait of all their actress is Now Tisanart Sornsuek. She’s a young actress with the combination of a sweet and youthful Thai face and currently has the lakorn Kularb Len Fai which many lakorn fans are addicted to. People are praising her acting saying that as the days go by, her acting has progressed continuously. As soon as we heard that the young actress Now had free time, we quickly went and booked an appointment with her to sit down and chat in an easygoing manner about her work, her current life and her love as she seems to be growing closer to the leading actor New Wongsakorn. To learn more, follow up with this interview.

 Lakorn Kularb Len Fai has a change of character

“In this lakorn, my role has drastically changed. From my previous lakorns, viewers are probably used to the image of me being a very prim and proper actress where I’m always crying. As soon as I got to act in this lakorn, a lot of viewers have complimented me saying they like seeing me in this new type of role because I have both goodness and badness. At first, I wasn’t that worried about accepting a new character but when we started filming, I started understanding my character more and that’s when I started becoming more stressed. I had to find the right balance between being good and being bad. I wasn’t sure if my acting was convincing enough. Luckily I had the help of the director, P’Neung who constantly helped me by telling me how to act and how to prepare my emotions.”

How are the tidings from the lakorn viewers?

“It’s great! I never thought that the viewers would like me in this type of role. Some of my fanclub members don’t want to see me returning to play in prim proper characters anymore (laughs). Some people want to see me acting in a harsher role. Truthfully, I want the opportunity to play in every role because I’ve played in many prim proper roles already so I do want a change. When I learned that viewers liked my new role, I’m very happy. It gives me more encouragement to continue working. I’ve considered since the beginning that portraying this type of role might not look good in some people’s perspective because I’ve never played a character like this before”.

What does this lakorn have to offer to the viewers?

“I think that this lakorn teaches people the important of family, responsibilities and that living in this world, we need to learn how to distinguish between good and bad based on our upbringing. In this lakorn, every single character has psychological complex from their families. I personally think that everything relies on the mind of people where they have to choose what type of person they want to be. I understand that some people might be unfortunate and have to grow up in a family with a bad environment. When there’s a problem, they don’t know whom to turn to for advice and so as a result, their life doesn’t turn out well but I still think that everyone has the freedom to choose what kind of lifestyle they want. Every character in this lakorn has their own reasons for doing what they do. Viewers who watch this lakorn will understand the foundation of this lakorn and what the story is trying to communicate to the fans.”

Has this lakorn helped to improve your acting?

This lakorn has certainly helped me to develop my acting skills. In the earlier episodes, my character is enjoying her adolescent years, loving her friends but then she gradually transforms and becomes slightly bad and this alteration was difficult for me. I first had to understand that root cause of this transformation is that my character loves her friends and therefore wants to seek vengeance. I became very engrossed with my character and it made things easier and allowed for my acting to come out more naturally. Playing this role has permitted me to do many scenes that I’ve never done before such as the dancing scene where I’m trying to provoke P’Vee Veeraphap. That is probably considered to be one of the most difficult scenes for me to do. Dancing in that kind of style made me very shy. It’s very hard (smiles). Another scene that I found difficult is the scene where I was modeling with the car and I had to be confident and sexy. This is another thing that I’ve never done. All of this has allowed me to understand that being an actress really does require you to do everything.

Apart from this lakorn, do you have any other works?

“I have the lakorn Atitha. I’m portraying the role of Jankrapor. My character is very tough because she’s the leader of the household and this is regarded as another new character for me. I believe that viewers will enjoy this character. This is high budget remake lakorn. The team workers also made adjustments to mix this lakorn with both period and modern days. Viewers will understand it once they watch it and I ask for everyone to follow up with this lakorn.”

You’ve been in the industry for 3 years now, what have you learned?

“Being in this industry has given me more responsibilities because I’m currently working and going to school. When I first started working, there were days where I was stressed because I didn’t know how to manage and divide my time and my mom said [this is what you call responsibilities because if we don’t have responsibilities, we wouldn’t be stressed.] I’m in my 4th year now and I feel somewhat pressured because I want everything to come out well. I’m lucky that my queue is only filled with filming lakorns on Saturdays and Sundays only so it doesn’t interfere with school. Later on, I will have to be trained to be a full time dance teacher or else I won’t pass. I have to manage my time very well.”

Are you familiar with being a public figure yet?

“I’m used to it already. The moment I entered this industry, my privacy has vanished at that same moment as well. It’s not a problem though. Before I was someone who didn’t really smile and I liked to be straightforward but now I’ve made adjustments. Whenever I meet my fans, I smile automatically because I really am happy when people come to greet me. If I were like before where I just stayed still and didn’t react, people would think that I’m being arrogant so I made the change but I’m still the same old Now as when I first entered the industry. “

We also feel that you’ve matured a lot now

Really? (laughs). I’m still a kid. Now I’m 21 years old (Thai age). I have a better ability of thinking and making decisions on my own. I’m able to manage and be responsible for myself but I still have some childishness in me because I’m always with my mom. There are times where I went to go to the filming set by myself but then I change my mind and think that it’s better to bring my mom along with me. My mom enjoys being on the set with me. My mom is someone who is concerned when it comes to news. She’s afraid that I will encounter bad news but I tell her that she doesn’t have to worry because I live my life normally.

People also praise that not only have you matured physically and mentally but even your acting has progressed

Thank you very much! I have my mom who teaches and guides me regularly. Even learning Thai dance has taught me good manners discipline and individuality. I’m not someone who is aggressive. I’m mischievous and playful but I know propriety. I think this is something that is very important. At times, I’m someone who likes to talk very fast and others might perceive this as me being someone who is harsh so I have to make the appropriate adjustments. When I didn’t yet enter the showbiz, I didn’t have anything to worry about. I was just living happily like a normal child. Regarding bad news, I’d rather stay far away from it because people easily believe and remember bad news (laughs).

Love with New Wongsakorn

“We’re still siblings who talk. He gives me advice whether it’s about school or acting. He’s helped me a lot. Our relationship right now is happy. Even with people keeping an eye out for us isn’t a problem. People who see me going out to places and doing things with P’New ask about it and I answer truthfully. I don’t hide anything. It’s th truth that people all see. P’New has taught me that being in this industry; I must speak and answer truthfully because there’s no secret in this world. We both don’t have to be careful and watch out for anything. When there was news that P’New hit me, we were just playing. Some people thought that we were fighting but really, P’New is just a funny person but when he’s being interviewed, he can be very serious. I would tease him and say why do you seem so arrogant? He would respond that he has to have some seriousness in him. In another perspective, my fanclub sees him as a cute person”.

Are you now using the word, boyfriend and girlfriend?

“Not yet. It’s better to say he’s my closest older brother. I’d rather wait until I’m fully confident, my work is stable and I finish my studies before I use the term boyfriend. I don’t want to use the word boyfriend to determine anything because right now, we’re just siblings who talk to each other. If one day, we become an official couple, the term boyfriend would have some negative meaning to it. P’New is considered someone who is my type. He’s someone who is responsible and does things with pure honesty and maturity. This is the reason why I’m able to discuss almost every matter with him.”

There’s a 13-year age difference between you both. Is that an obstacle at all?

“This is not a problem because P’New also has a playfulness and childishness side to him as well. He’s not someone who likes to stress a lot. If we reach that day where we agree to become official, any adjustments that we have to make would be much easier as we’re close siblings already. Right now, we’re very close and I don’t see that I have to make any changes yet. My family has already given the green light for us to talk. I haven’t been to his house or met his family and I’m not serious about that. It’s better to wait for the appropriate timing”.

Lastly, place entrust your fans who have been following up with you with a small message.

“Thank you so much to each and everyone for allowing me be in this industry and have welcomed me with kindness and warmness. Thanks for following up with my works and giving me your support and encouragement. If there’s anything good or bad, please feel free to let me know in order for me to make the right adjustments. I would also like everyone to follow up with Kularb Len Fai. It’s almost wrapping up to the end and it’s surely enjoyable to watch (smiles).”

After finishing the interview with Now Tisanart, we see the loveliness, brightness and friendliness of this young girl. It’s no wonder that everyone has fallen in love with her. Fanclub must continue to follow up and support her works na.




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