Maprang, the beautiful Thai looking actress


January 18, 2015 |

She’s coming off strong for the actress Maprang or Kannarun Wongkhachoraklai, the beautiful actress who has lakorns from Channel 3. Apart from Pope Rak, we get to see her once again in Bang Rajan which is airing very soon. Being this beautiful and charming, many people would like to know more about her so let’s not waste any time and chat with her.

Pope Rak just ended and now you have Bang Rajan. You’re very hot/popular right now

“It might seem that way but really, I’ve spent more time filming Bang Rajan because it took around a year and 2 months to film. Pope Rak took only around 6-7 months so Pope Rak aired first even though it started production later than Bang Rajan.”

You’ve been receiving a lot of different roles

“That’s right. For those have been following me since Dao Kiang Duen where I portrayed Ying Nim, this is like another style of character. In that one, I was a modern woman but then in Pope Rak, I was a police officer who was a bit cool and reserved until this one where I’m very Thai.”

You’re considered to be lucky to play different characters

I’m very happy that I’m able to receive these kinds of roles. I don’t want to always accept the same old characters. In my first lakorn, which was Paen Rai Paai Rak, I was the antagonist. I was the younger sister who always got her way. In this way, I never got to play the same characters again so I’m happy. I must thank the elders for giving me the opportunities; for not letting play the same roles and allowing me to experiment with different things all the time. Bang Rajan is considered the biggest and the first period lakorn that I’ve ever played in my life. I’ve got the chance to do things that I would have never imagined that I could do.

What was your first impression with Bang Rajan and how was it when you started filming?

“Ever since the beginning, I have to thank the director P’Mai for challenging me and giving me a chance. P’Mai told me that he never selected me since the beginning but it was P’Nong Aronusha who told him to let me try it out and asked him to talk with me first. When P’Mai saw me, the first impression he got, he thought I wouldn’t pull it off because I didn’t look anything like Feuang. Until one day where I had to chance to sit down and talk with him, he told me to come in my most natural state. He told me to dress in a t-shirt, jeans and to not apply any makeup or nail polish, nothing. He wanted to ee me naturally. He told me that if I want to act in this lakorn, he’d give me the opportunity because after seeing my natural face, he felt that augment it into something. He perceived me as a modern woman, as a model and he said that there was no possible way that I could pull off the image of an ordinary villager. I must thank P’Mai for trusting me with this opportunity. During the period when we were filming, we spent a lot of time with each other and we all have grown connected. All the actors and actresses gave it their all for this one.”

As soon as the lakorn finished production

“Oh ho! As soon as we wrapped up and closed production, my tears kept flowing. I was very happy and I was glad to see the final results that exceeded my expectations because it required a lot of time to film. In some scenes, I almost forgot that I had to film them until I saw them on screen and that’s when I remembered the atmosphere of that time and what I had encountered, what obstacles I had to overcome back then.”

After acting in this lakorn, have you become more patriotic?

“After acting in this lakorn, I feel very connected. I understand the difficulties and burdens that the people of ancient times had to endure because I was able to experience that through this filming progress. I feel as if I really did live in those times. People back in the days had to fight through a lot of things. They had wars, they had love that wasn’t fulfilled and they didn’t even anything left to the point where they rarely got to smile. I finally understand how hard it was for them. That’s when I realized that oh ho! Until we’re able to come till this present day and for Thailand to be the way it is now, it was very hard and our ancestors sacrificed so much for us.”

We’ve discussed about your lakorns already and now we’d like to get to know more about you personally. Let’s start with your childhood. What was your dream as a child?

“I never dreamed of becoming an actress because when I was a kid, I was very shy. I was always in my own world and my mom raised me to be very prim and proper. She taught me mannerism and modesty like in an old fashion way. In turn, this made me become a person who is afraid of expressing myself. It wasn’t until one day where a modeling agency contacted my sister first. I said no I won’t want to do that but as soon as I got a job and the agent told me that the customer likes this, likes that, that was the starting point of my career and more opportunities continuously came. Now I’m beginning to love my job and I feel like acting has really made my life more colorful. From someone who used to always live life in a straight line, I lived my life like any typical child. I was a kid who was always in some type of border because my mom raised me to be that way.”

What about fashion? You seem like a fashionable modern woman but your mom has raised you as someone with borders.

“I’m someone who already likes fashion. I love beautiful things and love to look good. I still have my borders but I’m not overly too revealing or anything. I’ve been like this since a kid (loves to look good) (laughs). My mom has always told me to be wary of myself and to look in the mirror.”

In terms of fashion, do you have any limits?

“Yes I do because fashion today has gone so far. I would look at magazines and tell my mom that the current trend today is this. Sometimes she’ll get ready and then say no it’s not right and I would be able to tell her that the trend is like this and she’ll understand.”

Let’s talk about your love life with Tong Saosai.

“(laughs). Truthfully our styles aren’t really the same. It’s different. We got to know each other through a mutual friend from my university but we didn’t attend the same university but we would see each other frequently.”

How long have you both been dating?

“If you ask how long we’ve known each other, around 3-4 years now and we’re slowly developing because like I’ve mentioned previously, my household is very strict with this matter. So I’m not in a rush for things. I have my own work and he also has his own field that is different from mine. Our schedules are difficult to work our way around. We’re just studying each other slowly first. I’m not sure if we’ll get along in this aspect. We started off as just friends.”

When will you both agree to be boyfriend and girlfriend?

“We want things to progress unhurriedly. We’re unaware of when we’ll feel that we met the person. Other people like to think that we don’t have time for each other and we’re not suitable for each other but because we started off as friends, I’m able to see many aspects of him that others are unaware of and I know what type of person he is. There are also many other things about me that viewers aren’t aware of it either. This might be one reason why we both get along well. We’re just talking and taking things slowly.”

Can you call him your boyfriend yet?

“I don’t want to use this term to define things. It’s not something in the moment or else my mom would scold me (laughs). I’m concerned about her because my mom is someone who is very serious regarding the news. I would tell her it’s okay, the news is not damaging or it’s not true. I’m not a third wheel or someone who snatched another person’s boyfriend. These days, it’s like my mom has been more open mind. Another thing is that I haven’t introduced him to my mom yet.”

Have you thought of when you plan to introduce him to your family?

“I want a little more time and I don’t want to rush into anything because I’d rather introduce him when I’m more confident than this. Let me be sure first. My mom likes to use this saying a lot and she’s already aware of whom I’m talking to so it’s not a problem. Let’s wait until I’m ready and until all parties involved are okay first.”

Being in this industry, you have to meet a lot of different and good looking people. Are you worried at all?

“Truthfully, he’s someone who gets jealous easily but after I explained things to him, he understands better now. He also works in the industry its just different areas. Afterwards, his understanding increased.”

Do you argue often?

“Truthfully we argue continuously like normal but this doesn’t affect our relationship. Like I said before, we both have different styles. We have to make adjustments for each other in order for us to know how much we understand each other and how much he can come to terms with. Being an actress, I must meet a lot of different actors and pair up with them. At first he didn’t understand this but now it’s getting better.”

Being a musician, he also gets to meet many girls. Are you worried about this?

“Oh! In his MV’s he has so many different girls but I still understand. Everything relies on the professionalism of each person. If we were to date, I would know what kind of person he is and I would believe in him so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

After talking about love, let’s talk about the news. How do you handle it?

“When I first encountered news with guys, my mom called me and I was very stressed. I was also stressed with filming lakorns. My mom calling just added more pressure. I thought to myself, oh no! What should I do? Now I have come to terms already that news is just news. I know what I’m doing but others might not understand. My mom is more concerned about other people’s feelings and she assumes what the people around us would think of me. She cares a lot about other people’s opinions. I’m more concerned for her than my own self. My dad has his own style and is always just behind my mom and giving his orders but he doesn’t ever raise his voice. He’s worried for the both of us.”

Do you have any methods of pushing yourself to be successful in this industry?

“Let’s suppose that one day I’m able to reach that stage where I’m popular and I can look back at myself and see that I’ve become popular without any damaging news, I will be very proud of myself. I just told my mom recently that I was to be popular and known for my lakorns and for my acting abilities. I don’t care about being popular through scandalous news. Some reporters don’t remember me yet and would ask me who I am because I don’t have any tidings but I’m rather proud of when people recognize me from my lakorns as oppose to damaging news.

To be honest, you seem like a harsh person

“Honestly a lot of people say that because I’m someone who likes to dress up. So people would say that I seem harsh but when someone gets to know me, they’ll realize that I’m actually prim and proper. When people judge from my outer appearance, they think I’m harsh.”

You’re beautiful and sexy, have you had anyone contact you for swimming suit photoshoots?

“There are some but I’m not ready yet. I think that I should be womanlier and most importantly, I must ask for my mom’s permission first.”

Lastly, please entrust the fans with something

“I’m very happy that wherever I go, people greet and address me as E Feaung. I’d like to entrust everyone with Bang Rajan. Everyone has worked hard for this lakorn. We’ve devoted over a year of time for this one and have waited for the final work to come out. I believe that after the lakorn ends, people will still remember Bang Rajan for a long time.”

Beautiful and Thai looking like Prang, we believe that the industry will have another talented Thai looking nang aek. Fans lakorns please continue to follow up and support Maprang further.



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