Nychaa, another newbie actress who people are keeping a look out for

Nychaa, a newbie actress that people are keeping an eye out for


 January 15, 2015 |

For the lakorn Sam Bai Mai Thao of Maker Group production that is about to big farewell from the television screen, the feedback from the lakorn fans is extremely good even though it’s a remake, especially with the role of Urawasa or Khun Wasa that is portrayed by the young newbie actress Nychaa Nuttanicha Dungwattanawanich pairing with the complimentary actor Alex Rendell. We would like to get to know Nychaa who is debuting as an actress that is to the viewers liking. Dtaao Dtaang Mum didn’t waste any time to book an appointment and chat with her in order for the fanclubs to learn more about this young girl.

Please tell us how you entered the industry

“I have an elder who knows someone named P’Base. P’Base has become my personal manager as of now and is affiliated with P’Berm who is the manager of P’Porshe Saran. P’Base sent my photo to P’Berm and then P’Berm called me and asked if I was interested in working in the industry. At that time I was only 16-17 years old. I started off by playing in the lakorn Tong Neu Gao, Cubic and Sam Bai Mai Thao in the role of Urawasa.”

Did you always want to enter the entertainment industry since the beginning?

“No I didn’t because I’ve never been someone who likes to do activities involving acting (laughs). I never wanted to be a cheerleader and instead I wanted to be an athlete but was too afraid to express that ambition. But this time I had an opportunity and so my parents told me to give it a shot. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try and if I don’t end up liking it then they won’t force me so I decided to go for it in the hopes that it might be a good experience that I can learn from. If it doesn’t turn out, I won’t be against it. As soon as I entered the industry, it was okay. I must be able to make that first step.”

It’s considered like another phase in life that teaches you about responsibilities 

“That’s right. Any normal teenager would have their responsibilities like going to school but for those like me who enter this field, we have the responsibilities regarding work as well. It’s not just a small society where people only go to university or go out to meet up with friends and be responsible for the assignments that our professors give us. Here, we’re working in a bigger society. If I don’t show up to work, the whole team wouldn’t be able to do their job. We have a lot more responsibilities than just the basics. ”


We can say that you have made an impression for yourself from the lakorn Sam Bai Mai Thao because the feedback is really good.

“This is my first lakorn where I’m playing a prominent character and getting a lot of screen time. The feedback is great! I never expected that people would like my pairing with P’Alex. People compliment us saying that we have good chemistry together but really, P’Alex is a good actor. He sends me the right emotions for me to act correspondingly. Portraying a role that is a lot older than my real age is something that is difficult for me. The viewers who follow up with my pairing with Alex says that they’re really [in] and connected with our characters. At first, I was scared that it wouldn’t come out believable because the character of Wasa is so much older than me. In the lakorn, my character just graduated from overseas and gets married and ends up being pregnant too. All these things haven’t happened to me in real life (laughs). I thought to myself and had to imagine how I should act in order for the viewers to believe in my portrayal. I had to do a lot of observing and studying of older people in order to get a better idea. P’Chai and P’Jett had me, Preem and Ice take some acting classes where we had to sit down, open our hearts and reveal what was obstructing us. They gave us a lot of great advice. Most importantly, P’Alex has helped me a lot in sending me emotions through his acting and the viewers like it so I’m happy. I’ve succeeded my job.”

Did you go back to watch your lakorn and make note of your flaws?

“I watched the lakorn at the same time when it aired. I saw both my strengths and weaknesses and made note of what areas where I should make adjustments. The first thing I have to tackle is my speech. It doesn’t sound very natural because in reality, I’m someone who talks very slow. In real life, I talk much slower than I do in lakorns but in lakorns, I can’t talk that way. Viewers would probably think that I’m just reciting my lines. I must improve myself as much as I can and develop my acting skills to be the best that it can be. I surely won’t stop at just this stage. I’m pretty satisfied with how this lakorn turned out. I love the character of Urawsa a lot.”

You’ve been in the industry for 1 year already. What have you learned?

“I’ve learned a lot. I originally lived in Chiangmai and I’ve never stayed in Bangkok before. I never had any working experience. I’ve never paid attention or had any interest in working in the entertainment field. As soon as I started acting, I’ve become more enthusiastic and faster. I no longer just go to school and come back home. My life has changed a lot especially because I take naps during my trip to the lakorn set of Tong Neu Gao where I played Somreudee. It was the first time I’ve ever seen on a filming set. I took acting classes prior to that but when I had to act for real, all the different cameras overwhelmed me and I didn’t know what to do. I tried my best to learn from all the seniors. They all gave me good advice. I did a lot of homework. I consulted with P’Chai and P’Jett because I wasn’t confident in my own acting but P’Chai is a nice person. Everyone is very nice so I was brave enough to ask for advice. P’Chai is a true professional and I really enjoy listening to his lectures. I have P’Chai as my idol. He really loves acting and I’m able to feel connected to him.”

After working in the industry, is everything like how you envisioned it to be?

“I think it’s an okay community. It trains us for many different things. Like the lakorn Sam Bai Mai Thao, everyone on set is like a family. The Maker Group production is very friendly and welcoming. Going to work and being on set doesn’t feel like I’m working at all. It feels more like I’m there to happily meet my friends and relatives.”

Your future lakorns that viewers are able to follow up on

“I have Sapai Jao in the role of Sijitra and the series Luerd Mongkorn in the part Raed in the role of Wipada. I’m very happy that I get to play in three lakorns and all the characters aren’t the same. In Sam Bai Mai Thao, I play as a confident woman who just got back from abroad. In Sapai Jao, I play as a prim proper woman. In Raed, I play as a mischievous character that likes to annoy people. It’s very enjoyable. I’ve been able to play in 2 remakes already. People will ask if I feel pressured at all. I do feel a little pressured but it’s more like a challenge for me to act my role and express my emotions without copying the older versions.”

What is your real personality like?

“From my appearance, I seem like a confident girl like the role Urawasa right? But honestly, I’m only 18 years old (laughs). People like to think that I’m very prim and proper because I talk really slow but truthfully, I’m more boyish. I’m from Saraphi, Chiangmai. I have one older brother and one younger sister. My dad is in Chiangmai. Currently, I’m residing in Bangkok with my mom. When I was still living in Chiangmai, I was very quiet. I never thought that I would be able to become an actress. I don’t really look after myself. Others like to apply facial cream but I don’t because I always thought it was too excessive and it’s not good (laughs). Now I have to take better care of myself.”


How does your family support your work?

“Both my dad and mom give me a lot of freedom and independence. If I want to study something, I can. When I got bored, I quit and changed to learn piano instead and I got bored once again until I became an athlete. My parents will always wait to encourage me but when I started acting, they taught me many different things. In basic terms, I’m a kid who has to respect and agree with my elders. I great and waii everyone at the filming sets. They will always educate me. Paying respect to other people is like opening a door for me to learn new things from them. If I don’t have any respect for anyone it won’t be good. Being in this industry, I must not change. I am still my own self. I won’t be infatuated with the attention and fame that I can get.”

Now you have officially moved from Chiangmai to Bangkok now right?

“Yes. Now, it’s regarded as a big transformation in my life. I’ve come to study in Bangkok and currently I’m in my first year at ABAC in Computer Arts. I like to paint and design things so that’s why I decided on this faculty. The reason why I said my life has changed is because before when I was in Chiangmai, after I finished school my dad would go to pick me up. But now in Bangkok, I’m with my mom. My dad isn’t able to drive me home and my mom is working so I must find my own way to travel back home. When I first moved here, I took the wrong sky train (laughs).”

It’s not hard to enter the industry but it’s remaining in the industry with value is what’s most difficult. What do you think?

“I agree with this insight. Everyone who enters this field is already aware as to how they have to conduct themselves. I’m not sure how other people think. For me, I just know that I must be responsible for the duties that I’m assigned with. Being in this field, I must produce the best work that I can. If I don’t do things seriously, it’s like I’m discarding my opportunity. Nothing will get better especially regarding school, as I must not give up. I must try my best to do both things well.”

How do you see your future in this industry?

“My goal is to become the best actress that I can be. I have P’Chai Chatayadom, P’Anne Thongprasom, P’Alex Rendell and many others as my idols. I want to be a talented actress who has good works for the fans. I would like to do the best for today. Time will prove how much or how little I’m capable of doing. The experience that I gather from various roles and lakorns will allow me to develop myself. I am fortunate to have this opportunity and I will take advantage of it and not let it go easily.”

Love life

“I don’t have one for sure. I’m still a kid. I only have friends more. Everyone is a friend or sibling, there’s no one that I’m speaking to or anyone who is courting me. I don’t think much of this aspect. I would like to focus on my work first. Love is not a foundation of my life yet. My mom is possessive as well. Whenever there’s anything, I would always tell my parents. Today, wherever I go, whatever I encountered, I tell them everything. I trust them and my parents also understand the perspective of a teenager as well. I would like to be responsible for myself as best as I can first.”

Now you have a fanclub that adores and supports you. How do you feel?

“I’m very happy. I wouldn’t have thought that there would be one day where people would come and love me and follow me. I feel like I have more relatives who are waiting for my updates and are following me works. They’re like another family of mine where we all are keeping a look out for each other.”

Lastly, please entrust the fans that support your works with a message

 “Thank you to the fans who have welcomed me with open arms. As for having a full load work of lakorns for the first time, after seeing all the feedback where everyone enjoys the character of Wasa, the pairing of me and P’Alex it’s like our efforts has paid off as everyone has worked hard for this lakorn. I would like everyone to follow up with my other two lakorns which are Sapai Jao and Raed with different characters. I promise that I will work hard and become a good actress. If you see me anywhere, please feel free to approach me. Thank you very much (smiles).

From this interview with Nychaa, we get to see the loveliness, liveliness and sincerity of a good actress. Anyhow, her fanclub must continue to follow up and support her further na.


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