Preaw, born from the role of Pia, acting as an antagonist to improve her skills


May 25, 2014 |

She’s turning around to play a prominent antagonist for the very first time with the role of Pia in the lakorn remake Kom Payabaht via Channel 7. The main actress Preaw Tusasneeya Karnsomnuch will sure receive hatred nationwide.

How is the feedback of the lakorn where you’re playing a bad character for the first time?

“Lakorn fans hate me ka. There are only people calling me Nang Pia , Ee Pia, I really want to slap her. Do you want a durian? (laughs)[Nang and Ee are an informal ways to address someone]. A lot of people talk like that. During the time where I’d go to the cafeteria, the aunts who sell rice would greet me saying [huy! It’s Nang Pia!]. Most people would greet me this way. Getting to act as an antagonist for the first time, I feel like I’ve been given a great opportunity. I am able to make adjustments to my acting and develop myself with a role that I’ve never acted before. I’m happy that I’m able to play this character. I was able to experiment with things I’ve never done. If you ask me if I’m afraid whether people would be attached to the image of me playing an antagonist? I want people to look at it more as an area of acting. It’s my job.”

This lakorn requires a lot of energy

“That’s right. It requires a lot of energy, especially because there’s a lot of screaming involved. It’s very tiring. I would wake up in the morning to film slapping and fighting scenes and up until the night and I’m still slapping. Even if I’m not using much strength, I still have to use a lot of thinking because I have to express many different emotions in one scene.”

This is the role that Aum Patchrapa has successfully portrayed before. Do you feel any pressure?

“I felt some pressure but as soon I read the script, I realized that this version and the older version are quite different so I was no longer stressed. I’m acting this role in my own style. I’ve played in 3 remakes already ever since Mae Bpoo Prieow and Dome Thong and now Kom Payabaht. Most of these roles are rather difficult. Uncle Yoh Tatwan taught me that if I act in remakes, I shouldn’t go back and watch the older versions because it won’t be the same. I’m not capable of playing Pia the same way P’Aum did. She played it in her own way and I’m playing it my way.”

Were there any scenes that made you worried?

“The first scenes where I had to pretend to be happy with my parents and grandmom, crying, going around hugging them and being sulky was very difficult. It took almost 7 takes until I got it right. After that day, I became more familiar with it. I was able to understand how to talk or what kind of voice I had to use, how to use my high pitched voice and low voice. Another thing that I was worried about is when I had to act sexy because Pia had to be in scenes where she’s in the water and I was afraid that my pants would float off. I had to wear more layers. It won’t look good if that happens. Pia is a character that doesn’t conduct herself well to begin with.”

You have a lot of scenes with Now Tisanart where you have to fight her. How was that?

“P’Now is a very cute person. We’re very close. When we started filming, I would tell her P’now I’m going to do this na it’s just acting na. I wouldn’t use full force or pressure so that it’s safer and no one gets hurt.”

How has this lakorn helped your acting?

“I feel that getting to play in a lakorn like this has allowed me to develop my skills. I’ve expanded and opened up myself even more from playing the nang aek who is prim and proper who was quiet. There were times where my previous characters had to fight back but it wasn’t to this extent.”

Are you afraid that the character of Pia will translate in real life?

“No ka because it’s very different. It has absolutely no chance of translating to my real self. There are some people who say that my eyes look harsh. At first people didn’t think much of it. People would say my face looks somewhat harsh and indifferent but when I act as a nang aek, I look pretty as well as prim and proper. As soon as I became an antagonist, people would say why do I look so evil? (laughs). I said there’s no possibility of me acting like Pia. I think people who look sincerely into my eyes can tell what I’m thinking.”

You’ve been granted the opportunities from Channel 7 to play diverse roles

“That’s right. I like every kind of style because they’re all uniquely different. Like in Mae Bpoo Prieow, I played a young innocent child who was mischievous. In Dome Thong, I portrayed two characters; one was very prim and proper and cried all the time while the other was confident. In Leh Nang Hong, I was sympathetic and had to fight my way through life. Up until Kom Payabaht, I must act as someone who has to win everything. It’s different for every role. I like this because getting to try out different roles and different styles allows me to love acting even more. Thank you for the great opportunities. I will work to my fullest potential. If there’s anything wrong, I will make the adjustments. ”

Your future works

“I have Prai Payakorn but we only started filming for one queue because all the casts are busy with lakorns that are filming and airing simultaneously. Like for me, I still have Kom Payabaht, P’Poo has Sapai Hua Daeng and P’Oil has Nayn Ja. Everyone’s queue is busy with other lakorns.In Prai Payakorn, I play as P’Poo’s sister who is a fortune teller who has the special ability to see spirits. I’m pairing with P’Boss Tonon.”

Are you starting to be familiar with your job yet?

“I’ve been in the industry for 2 years and I’ve played in 4 lakorns so I’m familiar with it already. It’s fun. Whenever this lakorn is finished production then I’ll have another one to film. On the days where I’m not filming, I feel like the day goes by very slow. Even when filming requires almost a full day, when I’m not on set I always miss the atmosphere on the lakorn set. I’m never in low spirits or feel that I’m tired or unable to do something.”

How do you see your future in this industry?

“I will try my very best and work hard for all my lakorns to turn out well. I will give everything my all. I wish for only good things to come my way. I want to take care of my family and take care of myself as well. I ant to be a good actress and I want to be a model too. I haven’t had the chance to do modeling work yet but I want to try it out. If I have to choose, I like acting more because I get to try out new things in many different ways.”

Taking care of herself and her starting point working in the entertainment circle

“I had my juniors who took my picture and posted it on the Internet and then a modeling agency contacted me to compete in a beautiful hair contest. I got the award after I won. After that, I went to audition for lakorns and the elders saw me and I got the opportunity to be an actress for Channel 7. I signed a contract for 7 years. My first lakorn was Mae Bpoo Prieow and I paired with P’Ouan.”


Has your life changed after you entered the industry?

“It has changed. I don’t have as much privacy as before. Wherever I go, people would recognize me. At first I felt a little weird but now I’m used to it already.”

Does your family support you being an actress? How were you raised?

“I’m closest with my aunt but she doesn’t really want me to be in the industry because she’s afraid I’ll discard my education. When I started working, I tried my best to make sure that my grades were okay. My aunt doesn’t object anymore and says it’s good that I’m able to do both well. I’m able to earn more money and support my family.”

You were an active student at school

“I’m a folk dancer at school. I’ve been dancing since I was in grade one. This might have some part in helping me with my acting. It some aspects, it allows me to express myself more. In reality, I’m someone who is very shy and indifferent but somewhat naughty as well. I have one older sister but we don’t live together because for the most part, she lives with my uncle. I have a big family and we have many homes. I stay with my aunt. I do all the housework. I swept the floors; wash the dishes, wash clothes, iron clothes, cook etc. I’ve been raised in a way that is different from other families because our family has a buy and sell business. We all have to help sell as well. We have a slogan that says selling goods is our job”.

Are you close with your parents?

“I can talk to them about every matter. My mom is someone who is concerned and possessive. Is she worried about guys? I don’t actually know because no one has come to court me as most of the time, I’m at the university or working. I don’t have anyone nor so I see anyone. My family has raised me in a way where I must learn to look after myself and do housework. I must wash my clothes and iron them completely. They also taught me how to use money.”

A Brave, brash girl. She asks for someone who understands her

“I’m not talking to anyone in particular. I just have normal friends. I don’t get to meet new people nor is there people coming to me. People on the lakorn set like to tease me and say Nong Preaw is more like a younger brother but I seem very daring. Normally I don’t like to wear makeup or dress up. People on set like to say how’s it going little brother? I’m not closing myself off, its just that I want to work first. My type of guy is someone like Lee Min Ho. I don’t like him because he seems like someone I want as a boyfriend. I like his acting more. I’ve never really thought about having a preferred type. I just ask for someone who has a good behavior and is able to understand each other. Right now I’m single.”

How do you manage your time with school and work?

“Right now I’m in my second year at Bangkok University in the faculty of Communication Arts. I chose this field because it would help me further with my jobs. I don’t want to encounter problems where both my school and work are overlapping each other. It’s also a way of me looking further into my acting because learning about publicizing is a good skill to have. I film lakorns from Thursdays to Sunday and I selected for my classes to be on Mondays to Wednesday so they won’t collide with one another and cause any problems. There are some difficulties when it comes to handing in my work because I’m not aware beforehand of what assignments I will have and my friends have already handed in their work. I would be filming lakorns and I’m unable to hand in my work so I have to come to terms with this. I just focus on my new work. I go to classes all the time. If I have work, I’ll tell my friends to inform my professors first. My friends all help me keep track of what’s gong on.”

Real personality

“I’m someone who is shy but brave. I don’t like anything that is too girly or feminine. I like to do kick boxing. I like to wear black or white t-shirts. My name is Preaw but I’m not Preaw but I’m rather chill. I’m someone who doesn’t wear high heels but I like to wear flats and sneakers. People usually think that I’m a harsh person because when I’m filming or doing events, I look that way but reality is I’m just an ordinary girl.”


Before entering the showbiz, Preaw had the job of selling gods at Chatuchak market.

“Everyone in my family is a shopkeeper. My grandma, mom, dad everyone! We sell different goods at different shops. We sell decorations, ornaments, necklaces, skirts, clothes etc. I’m able to study the minds of many people when working at the market. Nowadays, I don’t get to sell things at the market anymore because after filming lakorns, I don’t have the time. There are days where I have the chance to drop by and oversee the shops and walk around. I like going there because I feel so connected there like I’m at home. My house has been selling goods even before I was born. When I came into the world, I was introduced to this type of atmosphere at a young age. It’s a lot of fun. I get to meet my friends, meet new people. It’s like this hobby if from my lineage. ”



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