Talking with Matt Peeranee who has matured in her way of thinking


March 19, 2011 | KomChadLuek

Chatting with Matt Peeranee who has matured in her way of thinking

She’s someone that many people are keeping an eye out for Matt Peeranee Kongthai, the half Norwegian half Thai actress. Most people might recognize her through her various mischievous roles but now this actress has changed her character in the latest lakorn Kularb Gai Glai Rak where she has paired up with the dark skinned actor Great Warintorn. This lakorn is considered as a very dramatic lakorn that touch bases with many aspects of society that can be used in real life. Today, KomChadLuek would like take this chance to chat about her life story.

Feedback from your recent lakorn

“It’s really good. At first, I was anticipating to see whether the viewers would like it because I’ve never played a bad character before. I was nervous to whether people would even watch it, would they like it? There are those who dislike her and sympathize with her because the role of Nade Chanok has areas where she’s like an annoying kid as well as an area where people find her pitiful. If lakorn viewers end up liking it then it’s considered like my worries have disappeared. I’ve seen some reviews and comments from the Internet already as my friends told me to read them. As soon as I started reading the comments, I was really glad and I would to thank everyone for providing constructive criticisms. I really thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.”

It’s a change of character

“That’s right because in the past, I might have had instances where my roles were slightly bad but it was more in the style of a mischievous annoying kid. However in this lakorn, I’m bad all over whether it’s my actions, my speech and mannerisms. When I first read the script, I wasn’t stressed about it bu when I started filming continuously that’s when I realized that it was very difficult. I had to consult with the director all the time because this character has a lot of conflicting emotions; there’s hatred, anger, love, evilness all in one. My actions and words must express that I hate you but my eyes must convey that I sympathize with my stepmother who is portrayed by Gale. It’s really hard and it’s like I have to learn acting all over again. Whenever I’m in a scene with Gale, I have to express so many different emotions and when I read my script, I only understood and interpreted only one part of it. The director would tell me that I couldn’t do that. My eyes have to communicate something meaningful but yet it’s concealed. It’s hard.”

How was it working with all the different casts?

“This is the first time that I’m working with Gale and Great. There’s also P’Au and P’Mam but I’ve already worked with P’Mam before in the lakorn Chompoo Gaem Maem. P’Mam is a very nice person. As for Gale and Great, everyone is close with each other, which makes everything a lot easier. We click and understand one another very well. Regarding adjustments, it’s more with Gale because every scene that I have with her is difficult. I have to find a central point so that the it doesn’t look too much or too soft.”

The real personality in the style of Matt. Is the character of Nade Chanaok similar to you at all?

“I think that we’re similar in the sense that if my dad were to have a new wife then I’d probably react the same way because in reality I’m also the only daughter in the family. I was raised in a way where I pretty much got whatever I wanted. If one day there was someone who came to replace my mom and everyone tells me that regardless, my dad and everyone will still love me but my feelings won’t ever be the same anymore. I wouldn’t express my feelings in the same way as Nade Chanok but I believe that all daughters out there would surely feel the same way. Furthermore if my new stepmother was the same age as me, I wouldn’t be able to accept that either. There are some aspects where the character is similar to me like the fact that we both don’t give in to people easily but I’m not evil to the extent of Nade in the lakorn (laughs). Being a lakorn, there were more additional things to spice up the story and make it more enjoyable for the viewers.”

After playing in this lakorn, do you feel like you’ve matured more?

“I feel that I’ve grown a lot na. I feel like I’ve progressed and developed myself in many different areas. I think that I’ve matured and I want to continue to improve myself because whenever my lakorns go on air and the viewers enjoy it, it’s like a source of encouragement and energy to push me forward. In another sense, I also feel pressured because viewers will have bigger expectations. I will try my very best because ever since I played in my first lakorn with P’Nok Jariya, she has taught me to always give everything my all and work to my fullest and my works will be successful.”

What have you learned from this lakorn character?

“What I’ve learned from this is that we must minimize our rage and forgive each other because everything has a center point. Like the character of Nade, she likes to only use her own feelings and thoughts to determine everything. She only thinks of herself. The father doesn’t understand either as to what the daughter really wants. There must be some sort of understanding and cooperation from both parities. ”

Do you have to make any adjustments?

“In terms of personality, there weren’t any problems because in the lakorn my character is a typical pretty girl like everyone else. In terms of emotions, I had a lot of adjustments to make. As the director told me, I have to do things accordingly because I accept that there is some times where I don’t fully understand the perspective of Nade as to why she must think like that. The director is the one who told me to believe in it because I’m someone who can’t act if I don’t believe in something. I’m lucky that I’m someone who doesn’t do things where it contradicts with my emotions so when I’m acting in lakorns, if someone tells me to do something, I’ll be able to do it. It won’t come out well if I’m not connected, don’t believe or if I don’t really understand the character I’m portraying.”

The perspective of Matt. You’ve been in the industry for a while now. Do you think the industry has changed?

“I have to say that ever since I first entered this field, I have never thought or dreamed that I would be able to reach this day. When I had the opportunity, I went for it. The results turned out good so I continued to act. Truthfully, I’ve never wanted to be a beauty queen or celebrity. I never wanted to do anything in this field from the beginning. As soon as I started working in the showbiz, I started seeing the charms of this industry. I feel like I really do love my job. Whenever I’m working, I never feel like I’m sick or tired of it even if I started working since 6 am until midnight. I’ve never been in low spirits. I work everyday because I love my career and I want all my works to turn out good.”

What do you think of the words celebrity and actress?

“I just think they’re two words. I’m not attached to these terms. This is only my opinion because I think it’s more like a catchphrase. Not everyone who is very pretty and elegant is considered a celebrity and not every person who acts regards it as his or her profession. The dictionary definition and the definition in real life might not be the same. So I believe both words are just popular terms that majority of people like to use. I respect and admire those who are truly talented and have capabilities. Like with Hollywood actors, there’s this one actor who portrayed a very intimidating muscular man but in another movie, he had to loose weight in order to match the character he was portraying and that’s what I call a true actor. It’s not just about going to events and taking beautiful pictures and then it’s done. I don’t want to be like that.”

Would you like to entrust the newbies who are entering the industry with anything?

“I want to say that this industry will teach a lot of different things. Like I said previously, I first started because I had the opportunity but after trying it out for a while, I ended up falling in love with it without being aware at all. It has the ability to pull you in that way. It’s not wrong if you want to become popular but you must have responsibilities in all areas whether it’s being responsible for the duties you are given and having respect for other people. As soon as you started acting in a lakorn, you are then responsible for that one character. That character will also be combined with the efforts of the producer, director, other co-stars, cameraman, photographer etc. Basically, being responsible for yourself is just like being responsible for other people too. It shouldn’t be for the only reason that you want to become popular because it’s not fair to the others who also worked hard with you.”

Have you ever been infatuated with fame before?

“Never and I’m speaking honestly. At first I was actually really annoyed because there are cases where I have to do things that I don’t like or something that is not me. Being an actress is when I have to do things that aren’t part of myself. You can’t bring your real self on the lakorn set. Acting one character requires strength, endurance and abilities in all areas. I was a little uncomfortable with it at first because I’m someone who likes to stay on my own and I have my own little world and I don’t like to be disturbed by other people. Being in this industry, I have to meet new people and people have to keep to me. Previously, I used to think that if I go to events and people don’t interview me, it wouldn’t be a problem at all but now I’m more grown up and I understand things better. I’m always learning as I go and I have come to terms that people will want to see me because I’m a public person. I’m proud to have people look up to me as their idol and further, admire and want to see me on TV, want to see my interviews and want to hear me talk. I think that even if it’s just one person who is interested in me, it’s already good. I don’t want or need any popularity or fame. What I love and am most enchanted by is the fact that I’m able to accomplish my work and I can be happy plus I also want the viewers to be happy.”

Do you think that popularity will lead you to forget yourself?

“I can proudly say no and I’m not afraid of this because even today when some people are trying to get to know me better, I’m still wearing my t-shirts and shorts and walking around the markets like before. I’ve already said before that I’m a straightforward person. I will feel uneasy and uncomfortable if I have to lie or say something that goes against my principles. That is not my style. If one day I do reach that stage and I do forget myself without being aware of it, I would like to ask for everyone to please remind me. If you have any criticisms please feel free to tell me because I’m someone who likes to listen to it and I can accept it. ”

Love life

“I’m single right now but there has been some people who have come to talk to me because I’m not someone who is closing myself off. I can talk to anyone. Right now, there’s no one that is serious yet. I’m not ready nor do I have the time either. I like a guy who is average looking but has a good personality. I like someone who is a gentleman.”


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