Bella Ranee – Slimming


Miss Siam with Khun Chai Puttipat

In the series Suphap Buroot Juthathep in the segment of Khun Chai Puttpiat, I act alongside James Jirayu. He’s cute. In the lakorn, he portrays a doctor who is still and commanding, which is very contradicting to his real personality. Truthfully he’s a very playful and mischievous kid. He likes to tease and prank everyone on the lakorn set. When we have scenes together, I do feel shy sometimes because my character is younger than him so I have to try to make that believable to the viewers. On set, I tell him to call me Nong so we’ll be more familiar with each other (laughs). Our story is about love of different classes. My role is quite different from my real self. I have to talk a lot in this lakorn. My script and dialogue is very long. Sometimes, it’ll take a few takes to get it right because Nong (James) is still new. I’m also new as well so when we first started filming, I was little confused. All the actors and actresses of this lakorn helped each other by sending the proper emotions. It was a nice collaboration to work with this leading actor. James is someone with development and he’s also a fast learner. At first, he might not have been able to remember his lines sometimes and his acting can be stiff but afterwards, he used the method that Paajaew taught him which was to try and understand what he is saying and listen to himself to make sure it sounds right. At last, he was able to overcome that difficulty (smiles).

Transforming from an active student to an actress.

Before entering this industry, I was a normal student who liked to do many different activities. Whenever the University had different clubs going on, I would always join them. I was a cheerleader, dancer. I like to do many things. I didn’t like to stay still. Until one day P’A Supachai peruaded me to go audition for commercials. Truthfully, I have had people approach and persuade me for a long time already but my dad didn’t allow me to. He was afraid that I’d drop my studies. When I became older, I asked for my dad’s permission once again and he agreed. My very first work in the industry is an advertisement for Ovaltine and then I was continually casted in 40 other advertisements until I had the opportunity to sign a contract with Channel 3. I never hoped that I could reach this day because I was still going to school and I only thought that I’d just film commercials first as lakorns require a lot more time. At last I decided to go for it and was able to land in a lakorn for the first time. At that time, I had to reschedule my appointments and all to accommodate the lakorn queues.

You’ve studied behind the camera but haven’t had the chance to work in front of the camera

I studied journalism in the radio and television department. I was able to make some connections between my studies and my acting because I have learned about production before. I’ve learned about being a host, DJ, reporter which is already work in the entertainment industry but I’ve never taken any acting classes before. I only studied behind the scene stuff. Whenever I’m acting, I’m pretty familiar with all the technology being used like the different cameras and angles. With acting, I had to take classes and learn with Channel 3. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to take acting classes for a long time now because I thought that it was something that was enjoyable and we don’t ever have to stay still. It’s not just something where we learn from textbooks but we have to practice oursleves in person. I’m always watching the television and I wanted to know what goes on off screen and on screen. I want to know the process of filming. I think that studying in this filed has allowed me to learn many different things in regards to acting.

Being a lead actress isn’t as easy as we think

My first lakorn was Roy Marn and afterwards Tawan Yord Rak but at that time, no one really knew me until I became the lead actress for the first time in Porn Prom Olawaeng where I paired up with P’Boy Pakorn. He’s a very friendly person. Usually, I’m not someone who is crazy about celebrities but after meeting P’Boy and being able to work with an actor who is always waiting to give me advice, I feel really impressed and it allows me for my love towards the acting field to increase. Truthfully, I’m rather pressured by the word Nang Aek because I feel like it’s a term that doesn’t come easily like we think. In order to select someone to be the main leads of a story, it means that the person selected has a lot of charm. I have to use techniques of all kinds for that charm to come out correctly. Many people have told me that my best feature is probably my speech and way of talking. Others have said they like my eyes and smiles (smiles).

Has worked in drama and wants to try out comedy

What I really want to play is a lead role that is very bad because I think it’ll be a good challenge. I think it’s hard to play a lead actress who is very negative and fierce. As for which genre I’d like to act in, I’d like to try comedy. It doesn’t have to be drama because these types of genres requires lots of energy and can be stressful. Whenever I have dramatic scenes, I have to do a lot of research and homework. I have my own method of preparing my mood which is trying my best to feel very connected to my role or another method is by comparing my feelings with my real life experiences and I’d have to use my imagination or listen to music or watch movies in order to help me bring out that specific emotion. I started off acting in dramas and haven’t had the chance to play anything comedy. I think that one day if I have the chance to receive a new role like that, viewers will get to see a different side to me from my previous characters. As for other types of work, I haven’t thought about it because I want to be a talented actress who is able to continually improve and develop.

An only child but not a spoiled child

I was born and raised in a family where for the most part, I have a lot of freedom in terms of thinking and living my life. Even though I’m an only child, my parents never treated me like a little kid or spoiled me nor do they force me to do this or that. My parents always tell me that if one day they’re not around, I must be able to take care of myself because I don’t have any other relatives. They raised me in somewhat of a westernized way but it’s with a combination of Thai style as well. When I was little, I was raised to be cautious of my image with the way I dress, my manners and way of life to not be too sexy or revealing. If I wanted to do something, they’d let me. I could choose any career/occupation I want because it’s my life. They’ll teach me how to do things and go to places on my own because at times, they won’t be free to take me. Whenever I encounter a problem, my mom is always there for me. She’s my friend, my sister, my advisor who can discuss all matters with me. I don’t think that being an only child is lonely or makes me feel isolated (smiles).

Your perspective of the world

I don’t have a principle when it comes to living my life because no one can determine how our life will be. My whole life has been a process of trial and error. There are times where I seek advice from other people but I must be able to find my own pathway on my own in order for myself to exceed the most happiness. I haven’t really come across anything life threatening or anything so I haven’t made any firm decisions on what my main motto would be. Perhaps it’s because I’m still fairly young. I look at the world realistically and not just a world where everything is beautiful nor everything is completely bad. There are both good and bad. Everything happens as result from learning for yourself. When I was little, I was gullible and would believe everything anyone would tell me. When I got older, that’s when I knew that everything they said was untrue. Those who approach me aren’t all reliable but I don’t have to be prejudice against them or be problematic at the first stage of meeting someone. I look at everything neutrally with two sides to it. I seem as if I’m someone who fully understands the world (laughs).

Bella is not sweet like her name suggests

My dad is the one who named me Bella. It’s the name of one of my father’s grandmother. It means a girl that is beautiful. It’s of an Italian name and is originated from the word Isabella which translates as blessings from the god. From the sounds of it, its like a girl who is very sweet but truthfully I’m not like that. I’m not a woman who is sweet or prim and proper. I’m someone who is more brave and daring. I’ve had to fight for myself and take care of myself ever since I was little. It wouldn’t be possible if I was someone who just stood still and was scared to express my feelings. Whenever I go anywhere, I’m always very active and sometimes I’m not careful of myself. I always have a tendency of walking very fast but stumbling down. I’m someone who likes to walk forward and only look towards the future. I don’t look at the ground. When I was little, I liked to step on dog poo (laughs).

Not a party girl and only has some time to hang out with friends

Now I’m still not entirely familiar with the industry just yet but I’m able to come to terms and accept the news. I understand that the news will always publish both true and untrue things. Sometimes, someone will come along into my life and the reporters will ask about it. It’s something that people want to know so I have to answer what is true and not true. Time will prove everything. The most harsh news I’ve encountered so far is one where it says I’m a party girl. I’ve been drunk many times until I caused troubles for those on the lakorn set. Sometimes, I’m confused about what people say and I wonder where on earth did they get their sources from? How do they know that I’ve done damaging things before? Did they see it with their own eyes? Nowadays I don’t have a lot of free time. Whenever I make an appointment with my friends, it’s usually between work time. Sometimes we’ll meet at places where they serve alcohol but I never drink. I just go there to eat and chill, listen to music and hang out with my friends. Those who look from the outside will think that I’m a party girl but I’m fully aware of what I’m doing. I’m not serious and just let things go with the flow (smiles).

Learning acting for the series

Whenever I have some spare time, I’m never sitting still. I like to look for things to do. If I’m outdoors, I like to take a stroll around the park, go shopping, go eat, watch a movie etc. If I’m at home, I like to read, watch American shows, Thai lakorns and Korean dramas. I can watch any genre. My current favorite is one about housewives who are friends with each other and they all have their own different family problems, love problems and sexual problems. When I watch it, I feel like it’s something that’s very far from my own life but they’re all issues that can possibly happen in real life. There are both good and wrongdoings and I’m able to learn a lot from this series. Most importantly, I enjoy the acting from the casts. They all have a lot of justifications. I’m able to believe that they’re really that character. I’ve stored it as knowledge for my own acting.

  • From Bella’s comment, I thought of the TVB series called The Family Link

Still Single. She doesn’t have anyone but isn’t forbidding or closing the doors 

Right now I’m single. I don’t have the time to talk with anyone. I would like to give myself a chance, whoever approaches me and I’ll talk to them but I’m not in any rush. I would like for nature to take it’s course. It can be anyone both in the industry and not in the industry. With P’Boy and P’Weir, we’re siblings who talk, there’s nothing to it. No one is courting me. I’m frequently in contact with P’Boy and he’s a cute person and he’s like my consultant when it comes to acting. When I’m having troubles, he’ll give me suggestions. As for P’Weir, he’s an actor from a different channel but I’ve had the chance to work with in a film for P’Yuth but it hasn’t be shown in theatres yet so people are confused as to how I got to know him. Truthfully, we’ve known each other for a while now and we still talk sometimes but we don’t see each other. I like someone who is simple and easygoing and isn’t problematic or fussy or easily jealous. The person has to understand my work in the industry. Whenever I’m acting in a lakorn that has love scenes, my boyfriend would have to understand this aspect and most importantly, I have to look at their behavior. Sometimes, a person can not be good looking but has a good heart which can make them look more attractive. I like someone who is taller than me. I don’t like anyone who is too light but is a little more tanned skin. The person also has to take care of himself and not just be someone who is dirty and unhygienic (laughs).

Eating vegetables, fruits and working out is the simple secret to the girl who loves her being healthy

I’m someone who has been working a lot lately and doesn’t have much time to rest. I’m also starting to feel a little under the weather pretty often. I look for a way to take care of myself which is by taking vitamin C. Whenever I’m out of province, I’ll encounter a lot of dust and so I have to take my allergy medicine beforehand. As for my diet, I’m someone who loves to eat a lot, I can eat anything. I love fruits and vegetables. My diet menu is Sukiyaki because it has lots of vegetables and protein as well. I’m someone who likes a love of strong flavor in my foods. I usually like to add additional spices like dipping sauces. I used to be overweight. At that time, I wasn’t very confident in myself. I tried to eat less and exercise by running and by doing more fitness work like doing yoga. If I have the time, I’d play badminton. I’ll go and get massages sometimes. Most importantly, I’m always taking care of my mental health. I don’t like to be stressed. Sometimes, something hasn’t happened yet so I shouldn’t worry. I must look for the origin for my stress. If it’s something that I can’t change or do anything about, then I must let it go (smiles).



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