Patricia Good – Slimming


Queue for 2 lakorns

I have two lakorns. In Lom Sorn Rak, I portray a business woman who just returned from overseas who is paired with Pran, the older twin portrayed by Nadech. Actually, even with just the fitting there are already a lot of tidings for this lakorn. It’s probably due to the fact that I get to act alongside P’Nadech. People might be worried that I won’t be able to do well in comparison to him because he’s very talented. I had to practice a lot. I want to prove to everyone that I can do it. My other lakorn is Malee Reung Rabum where I play Nu Malee, a young girl from the north side who travels to the city in order to find her father and fulfil her dreams of becoming a singer by participating in a singing competition. I have a lot of homework to do, singing, dancing, and I have to practice my speech by reading a lot of Thai novels. Before, my mom was the one who read my scripts for me but now I’m able to read them on my own. There are still some words that I don’t understand so I have to ask my mom for guidance.

You’ve dreamed of going to Hollywood

When I was little, I wanted to do everything. I wanted to be a hairstylist, veterinarian but now I want o be an air hostess. It’s something that’s very cool. But it’s impossible to succeed so now it’s change to become an actress because I’m someone who loves to watch movies. I can watch any genre. When I was little, I had the dreams of wanting to become a Hollywood actress and luckily, I participated in my school plays and a friend of my mom’s saw my performance and took a picture to send to P’Dtuk Janjira. At that time, I couldn’t speak Thai but I had to lie and say that I could because I really wanted to act. Afterwards, Channel 3 called me in to audition and I got to play in my first lakorn with P’Chompoo Araya and P’Peter Corp. I was very lucky.

Lost your adolescent years, your choice

At first I wasn’t able to keep up with my friends whether it was regarding school or work but I’m lucky that when I entered the industry, I just finished my exams. I’m lucky that I still have the time to study. But my friends saw that I’m like a missing person who is nowhere to be found and I have to accept this and come to terms with it because I chose to walk this pathway myself. I don’t regret it. Another thing is that when I first started working, it was enjoyable. I was excited to be able to do something new and I wanted to attend a University in Thailand. I’m aiming to study at Chulalongkorn in Faculty of Arts of Communication Arts. I also did the entrance exam for Thammasart in the Faculty of Journalism and Liberal Arts for Mahidol. I want to study and pass my exams.

Fanclub exclaims that you’re like Yaya and Vicki

It depends on the looker. Truthfully, I don’t look like anyone. There might be some angles where I resemble P’Vicki and resemble P’Yaya. A lot of people have mistaken me for them pretty frequently. There was one occasion where I went to distribute soccer tickets for a Channel 3 event with Yam and some fan club members thought that I was P’Yaya. Then there were many people who surrounded me. It was scary. I tried to tell them that I’m not Yaya until a senior had to come help walk me out of there. I’m not scared, just confused and don’t really understand. Do we really look that much alike? I try my best to see where and how exactly do we resemble each other.

Waiting for 2 more years

I’m not in a relationship. I don’t have any real love. I only have my family and friends. I think I should wait another 2-3 years. The right person would be someone who can talk with me and understand me and it’s fine. As for appearance, I just ask for someone who is taller than  me and not shorter and that’s enough already. I don’t like halfies or westernized na and perhaps it’s because I’m already a half-caste myself or maybe because I’ve been in Thailand for a long time so I started liking Thai men because they’re very handsome.

Scared of getting fat but likes to eat bread

I don’t control what I eat probably because I’m still young. I only eat. People have asked whether I’m not scared of getting fat. Actually, I’m secretly scared because I’m someone who likes to eat sweets and carbs, especially Italian foods and whenever I don’t have work, I like to lay down or study. I must try to find time to exercise like going for runs or swimming with my brother but not to the point of death. Just working out so I can sweat and for my body to feel better.

Serious and loves whatever she does

The two years that I’ve been in the industry has taught me a lot. Before, I looked at the industry as something beautiful and uncomplicated but after coming into the showbiz is when I realized that this industry is more like a race. Each work isn’t as easy as we think nor is it always beautiful. This is the reality. I’m lucky that I haven’t been in any bad news but I’ve already prepared for it.

I think a good actor is someone who truly loves their profession. They aim high and are serious with their work. I want to do things to the fullest potential. If one day I encounter bad news then I just hope that I can look back and have no regrets and continue to work further. I don’t want to regret anything. I only have one life and I don’t want to stress or dwell on such matters. Nowadays, I tell myself that I’m doing all of this because I want to because I love it. If I have the opportunity then I should do it. If one day I don’t have anymore jobs then it’s fine because I still have my main principle which is education. Working in this field is more like a hobby.

5 New Year Wishes

– I want to work out more. Truthfully I do like to work out but ever since I started working, my schedule has been irregular so I get tired. This upcoming year, I’d like to force myself to work out everyday.

– I would like my brother to focus on his studies. I’m worried for him. He’s very athletic so I want him to his best with his studies and get good marks.

– I would like to travel abroad. Usually my family goes on a family trip once a year but next year I don’t know if we’ll have the chance to go anywhere together. So I’d like to go somewhere again.

– I’d like to be more fluent in Thai. I’m someone who likes to do weird things and I’m not a fast learner like other people. When people play something, I don’t usually get it. People would like to tease me whenever I don’t understand something. Now I’ve learned a lot of Thai and there are some cases where I don’t know what’s going on so I’d like to learn  more.

– Next year I’m 17 years old but nothing should really change but I probably will be a little more mature. I’d still like to be a little playful like before.

Personal Slim Menu

Breakfast: Milk and Sandwich

Lunch: Spaghetti or Ramen

Dinner: Salad


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