Opening up on the life of popular actress, Bow Maylada


Feb 17, 2015 | Komchadluek

She’s becoming very popular at the moment for the new actress Bow Maylada, the uprising star from Channel 7 because she’s receiving work continuously. After succeeding in the lakorn Yai Kanlaya, she brought in koo jin tidings with Mike Pattaradet. Lately she has another lakorn Kaat Cheauk and the newest Khun Na Chai Kai Thong. Being this hot and popular, komchadluek didn’t wait to seize the opportunity to chat with this actress and we can say that her life story is definitely not ordinary. Let’s listen to her interview together.

Work in the Entertainment Industry

000 The lakorn Yai Kanlaya has ended and has received good tidings

“It’s good na but I have received both praises and criticisms on both Pantip and Instagram. My fan club would often send/tag me in them so I could see the comments. In terms of criticisms, people have said that my eyes are dead and so I lack communication through them and sometimes when I recite my lines, my words aren’t very clear. I will take all these comments and make adjustments in order to improve myself continuously.

000 Becoming a koo jin with Mike Pattaradet

“At first, I didn’t think that people would like our pairing this much (smiles) because in the lakorn, there wasn’t really anything for us to jin. It wasn’t until afterwards where our characters got closer and there were some cute scenes like the praek kissing the nang aek’s cheeks. I was really surprised that the feedback for our couple was this strong. I’ve come to terms already to accept whatever the outcome is from the start. I didn’t think that many viewers would tune into our lakorn because it was during the New Years and there was also the soccer games that was happening at the same time but the ratings went up constantly.

000 Do you personally find acting to be very hard? This can be considered as your first lakorn

“This is my first lakorn that is on air but I filmed the lakorn Kaat Cheuak before this one. It’s difficult na. I always have to check myself in the monitor to check how my acting is. I might think that things are okay but for some people, they might not be satisfied. I need to make a lot of adjustments in regards to knowing about the camera angles and making sure that my body language and words are flowing at the same pace. If you ask whether I went to take additional acting classes, I sure did. Truthfully, I had to take acting classes with P’Mike but he had to work abroad at that time so I learned by myself. ”

000 After Yai Kanlaya ended, Kaat Cheauk goes on air next

“For this lakorn, I have done many things that I’ve never experienced before; for example, driving a boat, driving a motorcycle, driving a car, and box fighting. I have endured a lot. For certain scenes, I’d have to drive the boat from early morning around 9 am and we’d finish by midday. It’s like a marathon. I’m not a really good driver to begin with. I’d have to drive around the jungle for many cycles. It’s hard because when I first learned that I’d get to act in the lakorn Kaat Cheauk, I didn’t think that I’d have to film that many actions scenes and the focus would be more so on the praek and the villains. When I went on set for the first time that was when I realized that I had a lot of action scenes too. I made arrangements with an instructor in order to learn the techniques of fighting without feeling too much pain.

000 Now it seems like you’re Channel 7’s love child seeing that you’re continuously having work

“I think that I’m not yet considered to be a love child because I just had my first lakorn. If the elders do consider me as a beloved child then I sincerely thank them but I still think it’s not the time yet. I have only just started my career. The darlings of Channel 7 are most definitely P’Aum Patchrapa, P’Porhse Saran, P’Pancake Kheminit, P’Min Pechaya.”

000 Recently you have a new lakorn Khun Chai Glai Tong pairing with Porshe Saran

“That’s right. The storyline is along the lines of the nang aek having a father who is a soldier and he doesn’t allow the nang aek to have a boyfriend or any friends, doesn’t want her to meet anyone because he doesn’t trust anyone. I haven’t received the script yet so this is all that I know of. It’s a romantic comedy. I have never worked with P’Porshe before. We’ve only seen each other occasionally at events. It shouldn’t be all too difficult because we’re familiar with each other already as we both share the same personal manager. He’s a very easy going person.”

000 Previously it was said that this lakorn was going to be Min Pechaya but then you became her replacement

“At first I didn’t know that the role originally belonged to P’Min. I believe it’s because P’Min has another lakorn where the queues conflict each other but I don’t know the real reason. If you ask about me replacing her, I wasn’t even aware that P’Min was the nang aek at first so I don’t feel anything. When I learned that I became the substitute, I was confused as well. ”

Real life and Physique

000 What is your real personality like?

“I am someone with two personalities. Some days when I’m in a good mood then I’ll be happy for the day but on the days where I’m not in a good mood, I’ll be very still. I think everyone has their own world. Like P’Mik Thonya has said that I’m someone who has my own society but I don’t think so. I can be around anyone and look after anyone.”

000 Has your life changed at all?

“It has changed and I need to make the adjustment of thinking well beforehand. I’m someone who doesn’t like to take pictures so I don’t know how I should take them. It won’t be possible for me to smile the whole entire day. Some of my personal space and privacy has diminished but I’m aware that there are fans who want to meet me. They want to see me in a good mood. I’m ready to give that to them.”

000 Popularity comes hand in hand with bad news. What is your method of dealing with that?

“I’m not really interested or concerned with these kinds of things. The way I am, that’s how I will be. I used to be a singer so there are some fans who are familiar with me already. I’ll have younger peers come up to me and ask if I recognize them and truthfully I remember their faces but not their names.”

000 Has it been a dream of yours to become an actress?

“I’ve never thought of becoming an actress. I used to be a singer and model before. My real dream when I was little was to become a model. I entered the industry through competing in a singing competition first and then I become a model afterwards with the support from my mom. I never thought of becoming a singer either because when I was little, I would just sing along to whatever was played on the radio and then once my mom heard me singing, she said I should go take vocal lessons. The first stage that I performed on was at Siam and I got first place. At that time, I already took two singing courses and my instructor persuaded me to join the competition. I was confused when the results came out.”

000 How did you become a singer?

“It was through a contest. My group of friends back then liked to go around and audition for things and coincidently my mom also had a friend who was looking to form a girl group and the candidates must be young and have long legs. I was 14 years old at that time and my mom told me that I have to dance as well. I told her no, I won’t want to do it so she convinced me to have a senior teach me at school. I had to dance to a Girls Generation song and I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have a foundation for it but my senior helped me until I succeeded. I remember back that I cried a lot. I would blame myself asking why I can’t seem to get it right? When I went to audition with my group of friends, I was also the youngest. When I passed my audition, I didn’t even feel anything because I knew I still had to dance. Afterwards, I became a singer in the group Kiss Me Five but then later on we split because some members of the group went to study abroad. My actual dream was to become a designer but I can do whatever, it’s all up to my mom because she’s someone who likes for me to try out new things.”

000 How did you enter the Thai Supermodel 2013 contest?

“I’ve been competing in modeling contests ever since I was 7 years old. At that time, I took lessons on how to model walk. Truthfully I didn’t think about competing in the Thai Supermodel contest because I’m already a singer. If I enter and competition and receive the title, people will say I’m a kid with connections and if I don’t get it, people will say I’m incapable. I thought of the feedback beforehand already whether I win or not and what people will say but my mom wanted me to try it out first. That day, my mom took me out for the day but didn’t tell that we were going to apply for the contest. When we went there, that’s when the workers told me here are the application forms for the Thai Supermodel contest. I didn’t say anything and just gnawed my teeth together. I needed my citizenship card in order to fill out the application and I left it at home but my mom said it’s not necessary before she already filled that part out for me already. She also brought me high heels too. During the contest, I thought that if I made it to the top 10, it’d be good already because I thought that those who enter must need connections to get first place but when I experienced it myself, that’s when I realized that’s not the case. I still got first place without any real modelling experiences or connections with anyone, I just came together with my mom only.”

000 How is it working and going to school at the same time?

“Now I’m in my first year at Rangsit University in the faculty of Communication Arts in the acting department which ties in with my job already but majority of the time, I’m learning more about stage plays. If you ask if there’s any conflicts when going to school and working at the same time, there’s bound to be some conflicts but I’ve divided my time where I go to school for 3 days and work for 4 days. My grades are okay. I’ve thought about this from the beginning but my friends get around the same grades as me but they’re not working. I’m not a smart student but I always study before the exams and complete my assignments and hand them in to the instructors.”

Let’s talk about guys

000 Before this you had news with Kang the Star

“With P’Kang, it’s something that I didn’t think would make news since I was with Kamikaze and people said we were koo jin so I was confused. We’ve never sang together before. I’ve been in a MV together but we were never close. When people said we were koo jin and that we were dating, I came out to clarify that it’s not true. Ever since I left Kamikze, everything is over. He’s part of The Star and I’m with Channel 7 and they’re not associated together.”

000 What about with Porshe Saran? You’ve had news with him and you’re also about to pair up together in a new lakorn

“There’s nothing. It’s probably because we have the same personal manager so people think we’re close and that he’s courting me. He’s not courting me and I’m not his type. His type of girl is more Chinese looking. I’m not afraid of making news with him again because I know what’s going on. I know what the truth is but I think there’s definitely going to be news again and people will assume about it but I know myself that he’s not courting or flirting with me.”

000 Being Koo Jin with Mike Pattaradet

“I’m okay with it. It means that we’ve succeeded in our acting. Like for example in some scenes, just looking at each other and people jin us (smiles). I’m happy. It goes to show that the viewers are feeling connected to our characters because whenever we’re acting together, I’d ask P’Mike, is this okay? How about this? Sometimes I feel shy with him because I’d have to stare at his eyes. It’s not like when I’m looking at him off screen because in lakorns, I’ll have to stare even longer.”

000 People jin you both until they’re established the MB fandom

“There are fans who have established Mike and Bow family on Pantip and I’m delighted that they adore us and like our works. They’ve also made shirts with our names and it’s very cute.”

000 Not just on screen but people are cheering for you both off screen as well

“I think it’s normal that people cheer for us because I’ve heard people who watch us on screen say oh they’re really compatible. I want them to date each other. I think it’s better to wait for now. I’m still a kid and I’m not in a rush or anything. Are we close? We are close since we filmed together from dawn until dusk for almost 24/7 so we’re together almost all the time. We always have to practice our scripts together. He’s not courting me but its more like him taking care of me like any other actor. Like when it’s time to eat when we’re filming, he’ll remind me to not forget to eat lunch.”

000 Is Mike your type of guy?

“I like guys with dark eyebrows with nice eyes and a nice smile. P’Mike is cute. I’m not in a hurry and I’m just talking and observing for now. Is there a chance for the fanclubs? There’s a good chance but the fans understand me. Some people understand that I’m working and going to school so I don’t have time to think about these things.”

000 What is your current status?

“I’m single because I’m working and going to school so I have no time to talk with anyone. My mom told in my high school to not have a boyfriend yet, wait until you enter University first. Now I’m already in University and no one has approached me yet (smiles). It’s probably because I’m a mischievous person. My friends even ask me if I’m a tomboy or not? (laughs). I tell them that no, I like guys.”

000 Your viewpoint on love

“I see it as two people being easygoing and understanding each other, speaking rationally and aren’t easily offended or peevish to one another and that’s enough. I used to have a boyfriend but as of now, I’m single. At that time, it was considered my first love where it was nice and easy but later on we were distant from each other. One part that possibly plays a factor is that I’m in the entertainment industry so we had to stop seeing each other. He didn’t work in the showbiz along with me. We’re from different fields. He’s going to school as well as I am but I’m also working. If we don’t understand one another then there’s no point in staying together.”

Personal comments: Whha!? How is that she said her mom didn’t want her to have a boyfriend but then admits to previously dating someone? Maybe I translated those parts incorrectly lol.


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