Yaya’s Interview for Khaosod — June 2015


How is it acting in your very first period lakorn?

I was secretly nervous ka. The language is one of my biggest obstacles everytime I’m acting in a lakorn and furthermore, period lakorns requires more abstract words. I must pronounce my words clearly and slowly but normally I’m someone who talks fastly and unclearly. I often got scolded by paajaew constantly. Being that this is a period lakorn, the hardest part is not understanding the perspective of women from that era. When I’m acting, I’d feel like why am I not allowed to think this way? I’m someone who is expressive and honest and whenever I’m acting, my thoughts will correspond with my facial expressions but Paajaew didn’t allow that. Majority of the time, I’d take glimpse and wouldn’t be able to express my inner thoughts and feelings. It’s difficult in that sense because I wasn’t able to surpress my emotions.
In this lakorn, viewers are paying extra close attention to your speech
Viewers pay attention to this aspect for every lakorn of mine but in this one, I speak much slower. My character’s age isn’t that old so it wasn’t necessary to adjust my voice or act in a more mature manner. The hardest scenes for me would have to be the earlier scenes where my role first meets the praek.
How was the filming process and atmosphere of the lakorn?
It was fun and very cheerful. It’s the first lakorn where I was able to tease and prank others. In the past, I was the one being teased on. I’m older than James by 5 months so I’m able to refer to myself as P. James also calls me P. Everyone on the lakorn set calls me P’Ya together. It’s enjoyable in the sense that I have a bait. James was the first person that I pranked and for the most part, James didn’t dare to tease me back. Perhaps because my face can be fierce looking. On the days when I have to film a scene with James, before we’re able to succeed, it took a considerably long while as it was a process of trail and error. James is very mischevious, just like how his fanclub members refer to him as monkey. He’s a kid who is very naughty, but he’s equally just as naughty as I am.
We noticed that in the ealier scenes, you both seemed considerate of each other
We were both tensed because we’ve never acted together before and morever, the character of Khun Poom talks a lot. My dialogues were really long. The same applies to Khun Neung. The dialogues are both long and difficult. During the first filming queues, our methods for helping us feel less tense is to give each other support by squeezing each other’s arms and telling one another, you can do it. James would tell me, P’Yaya it’s okay, you can do it. Adding to that, our characters in the lakorn often quarrels so the method for our team is to constantly tease each other. We treat each other as if we’re those chaarcters. We tease each other for real too (laughs).
Being James’ senior, did you offer any advice?
There’s nothing. James is considered someone born to be. He’s already talented and has previous experience with period lakorns therefore, he’s the one who acts slowly whereas I act fastly. He would constantly help me by saying, take it easy P’Yaya.
Viewers have established you both as a new koo jin already, Jirassaya
Oy! No one has ever referred to me but my real name before. I’m very pleased ja because we both were very determined and worked to our fullest potential.
Is there a role that you want to act as?
There’s a lot but the role that I want to act the most is to return to play in an action genere but I want act as a female killer/assisinan.
As you’ve grown older, it seems like your photoshoots are increasingly more sexy
Perhaps it’s because my face has matured so it comes off a little sexy like I’ve reached another stage. I didn’t intend to become more sexy. It’s likely also due to the fact that I’ve done many photoshoots so I’m getting more comfortable and familiar on how to pose and in turn, I’m also braver in  my convicition. For any work that I don’t feel confident in or it seems out of my comfort zone, I will discuss with the elders of Channel 3 beforehand as well as my mom who is the person responsible for accepting and managing my work. Everything still needs to pass approval from the Channel.
You’ve been in the industry for 6-7 years already. In what areas do you feel like you’ve improved on?
My language has improved consistently compared to my first lakorn where I wouldn’t speak Thai at all. I went from not understanding anything to learning how to understand things. The most obvious thing is that I’ve grown up and matured more. I’ve overcome many different things. I’m starting to understand the essence of being a human being and the importance of life so it allows me to understand my lakorn roles better.
How do you see your future in the entertainment industry?
I never established any plans for myself. I just simply want to accumulate everything that I’m capable of doing and perform those things to the best of my abilities. Before enterting this industry, I looked at the showbiz as something that’s very impressive. It assembles many individuals. Each time I go to work, I meet hundreds of new people so it’s very exciting.
Today, I started to realize that the entertainment industry is like a foundation of many other areas of art. Everything works and intergratdes together for it all to come out well. This is a field that is appropriate for celebrities and requires good teamwork.
*** I did not translate the second portion (mostly about Yaya’s viewpoint on love and her relationship with Nadech) of this article because I came to realize that someone else has already translated the whole thing already. To read the rest of the interview, please visit space4ny’s Instagram. From now on, I will not continue to translate or post anything related to Yaya because there are many other devoted and supportive International fans who are doing so and therefore, there’s no need for the same things to be translated twice. Thanks!

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