Breaking down the changing walls of “Kob Suvanant”




She has gained the experiences of being in the industry for 20 years along with the popularity and adoration from her fans continuously. Today the reputation and popularity of “Kob Suvanant Kongying” is still resonating in the hearts of many, even if she had a change of character to play mean in her recent lakorn “Reun Sorn Rak” that just finished airing not too long ago. Today was a good opportunity where she came as a guest on our show Mang Bango of KomChadLuek. We would like to delve into the details of her working life during the 20 years as well as a sneak peek on her marriage life after marrying Brook Danuporn Poonakan for almost 2 years. Let’s get to know more about her together. 

Work in the industry with the change of role in Reun Sorn Rak. 

“There are two types of tidings/feedback. One of them is good where people have been asking where I have been? Why have I been missing for so long and why haven’t I played as an antagonist for once? As soon as I accepted this new role, people say it’s fun to watch and it’s a nice change. But there’s also another feedback. Because I have been in the industry for so long and back during the period where viewers liked a nang aek who always gave in to everyone and couldn’t do much, this kind of image has always been stuck with me until now. When I played a mean character, there is a small group of people who don’t like it but there is also another group who does.”

In the past, did you ever feel uncomfortable portraying a prim and proper character?

“I was very troubled (smiles). Personally, I’m someone who is straightfoward. I would not be willing to sit around for someone to do anything to me. I would fight back. But when I’m acting in lakorns, there are moments where I don’t want to give in. My feelings are communicating to me that I don’t want to do it but I have to because it is part of my acting performance. Nowadays times have changed where the nang aeks fight back. The image of the nang aek these days is also more dressier, wearing shorter length clothing because society is changing, therefore everything is changing as well.”

Has anyone contacted you for more evil roles?

“Not yet. As you already know, the ratings weren’t as high as expected. But it wasn’t that bad. I think that in the beginning, people tuned in because they were curious and because part of storyline contained some harshness. People who like this kind of drama might have liked it. But as the role of Khun Roong became meaner and harsher, viewers might not have liked it. They probably didn’t want me to be that way. Do I have anymore nang rai offers? Not at this moment. I believe that those who contact me for lakorns will consider the fact that I have the image of a crying nang aek. ”

Do you like playing this kind of role?

“This is how I look at it na. There’s a lot for me to act out. The nang’rai’s of today have changed. Back then, nang’rais were mean for the sake of being mean but these days there are a lot of nang aeks who act mean as well. As a result, the storyline has to offer reasons to justify the nang aek becoming mean. I will speak frankly that I’m very proud of what the majority of viewers enjoy, of what I made of this character. Do I like it? I do but not that much. There’s a lot for me to act out and that’s a good thing. I take pride in what I have accomplished. What I had done in Dao Prasook, in this or that scene, I was okay with it but acting mean has allowed me to improve my craft. However, I believe that viewers would likely not remember me for it. But if you ask about a nang aek who always cries, there must be my name Suvanant on that list and I’m also proud of that as well.”

Are you disheartened that the ratings weren’t that high? 

“Not at all. I just feel that I already did my best. Right when the lakorn started airing, a lot of people were talking about me. This is like my first step. I have been in this industry for 20 years and I have never played a mean character to this extent before so this is counted as like starting on square one. Viewers took a lot of interest in me. Many also praised me because they didn’t think I could pull it off. However I’m a little sad that I might have disappointed some of the newcomers. I believe that some of them had hoped that this lakorn would help establish a name for themselves. Many people entrusted their hope with me so I’m sad that I couldn’t help pull higher ratings for them.”

Will you have another lakorn this year? 

“I planned to have a baby since Brook and I have been married for a year and a half already. Before this I had to film the lakorn and the role was somewhat tough but now that it has ended, my focus went back to my first goal. I would like to ask for 2 more months in order to plan my personal life first and then I will come back to play in lakorns.  ”

A life that wasn’t filled with roses

Today you’ve been in the industry for 20 years already

“I have entered this industry ever since I was around 13-14 years old. At that time I was in the 8th grade and was about to enter 9th grade.

Was it a path sprinkled with roses?

“I think that I was lucky and fortunately I didn’t have to go through so many thorns to enter the industry. After being in the industry, I was lucky that many people knew me and admired my acting abilities. All those variety of things combined became a difficulty for me. For a 13-14 year old, I had to fight my way in an adult’s world. Nowadays if people want to enter the industry, they have to enter contests and compete with a lot. I didn’t have to do any of that so I consider myself very lucky.  ”

At that time, I didn’t have a lot of competition. Like when I got the chance to act in Prayong with P’Noom Soranram, people started recognizing me and then I got to play in Dao Prasook. I may not be the prettiest or most talented but I was lucky. When people started complimenting and admiring me, that was when difficulties started to arise. Any thorns or anything didn’t hurt me. The point where I was standing, like P’Tor Rayawat said, the higher you are, the colder it becomes. It was really hard for me. Back then I was just a kid. I didn’t know how to conduct myself. No one taught or told me anything. I had to be cautious and careful with everything I did. Back then I felt like I built many walls all around to protect myself but it’s getting better now. The walls have slowly diminished but because I’ve had them for 20 years, how do I take them all down?  In order to completely break down those walls, it requires for me to use my personal internal strength in many ways. I need to slowly learn and grow on my own. This is something I consider to be difficult.

People view that you’re conceited

Previously, people said that I’m stuck up and that it was hard to get to know me. Do you believe it if I say that it was really difficult for me? Every little thing I do was so hard. It was like I couldn’t actually do anything. Others could say and do things freely meanwhile, I had to be careful of everything I say and do. Before, my work was tiring. Working for Channel 7 isn’t easy (laughs). We film and air lakorns simultaneously. We film until the sun rises. For one kid to do all of that work, it was very exhausting. There was no one around to teach me anything but the need and expectations for this one kid was exceedingly a lot. I can’t smile all the time. Whenever I’m tired, my mouth would tilt upside like a frown (laughs). I was a little peevish, a little tired but I also had a lot of pride in the popularity I had because I was still a kid.

So there was some indulgence?

Yes there was. I believe that anyone who enters the industry and becomes popular where literally everyone, every household knows them would also be this way. But as soon as I grew up, I slowly realize that “Oh! In the past, what are all the obstacles that I passed? All those things were like thorns. I had to behave and carry myself well all the time, to do this and that and to have this perfect image and personna was all because that was what everyone expected of me. ”

It’s easy to enter the showbiz but it’s harder to be the beloved of everyone and remain in the business for a long time.

“It’s hard. All of my experiences I have encountered were hard. Everyone wants to be in the entertainment industry for the fame and to earn an easy income where the work is fun. You get to perfect your craft, make a name for yourself, advertise and showcase yourself publicly and to earn money more so than others, all of this is true. The hard part relies on having to take care and conduct yourself. When you’re being interviewed, you have to consider and think beforehand. If you go out publicly without dressing up fancily, people will criticize you. During my time, there was probably less competition but now there are a lot of competitors. Entering the showbiz is easy but leaving the industry is also fast therefore, to maintain your popularity, image, quality of your works, I think it’s a difficult thing.

Apart from this, I have my closest friends and people who love me like Mother Yo Thatwan Seniwong and Mother Dao Jarinjinda who have helped me to slowly get better. When I got older, I started learning more about the “dark side”. I have to come to terms with myself that I’m not 100% perfect. Presently, I can honestly say that I still have walls surrounding me even though they are thinner. These walls are there as a frontier before you get to me but once you do, I’m a very open person. I’m someone who looks at the world in a positive light. My heart is pure and that is why I need all those barriers. Whoever can pass all those walls and get to me, I will tell you everything (laughs).

You don’t have many friends

“Whenever I go anywhere these days, P’Brook would ask me are you with your friends? Who? I would tell him it’s Mother Yo of course. In the entertainment industry, I would film a lakorn for two months and then the groups of people change to a different one. I’m someone who is rather a loner so I don’t have a lot of friends. Outside of the industry, I have 4-5 friends. It’s hard for me to make friends with people within the industry because on the contrary, I don’t give myself a chance and I don’t have the time to do so and I don’t even try to be close with anyone. I must blame myself for not even trying to make the effort. The industry has taught me that people always come and go. I see many people who have friends, they are adorable as they go out, have fun and chat together and open up their hearts for one another. It’s likely because I’m someone who didn’t open myself enough.

“Like I said, I really do have these walls so the thought of opening myself to someone is rather scary so it’s better to avoid it. I’m not brave enough to make that risk and this is a terrible thing. The moment I take down those walls, people will tramp on me repeatedly and I’m scared that I won’t be able to stand up again. I might be just imagining these things on my own because the fact that I reached the highest point of my life in such a fast period of time while I was still at a young tender age causes me to be very fearful. There is no one behind me supporting me. If I fall down, I fall. If things get bad, it’s bad. It’s better for me to cut off any of those chances of risking it.

Lifetime reward
You’ve been in the industry for long but you haven’t won a lot of awards for your work but you’ve always won popularity awards.

“That’s right. I don’t really have many rewards for my acting but I always obtain the popular awards. At times, I do feel a little sad by that (laughs). But I’ve come to terms with it already. I accept and admit that I’m not the best or most talented actress with the best skills that exceeds expectations. With the roles I first received, I used to be indifferent to them but now I’m just very happy and grateful. I’ve gotten the greatest things from my career already. No one can have everything. I’ve done my best and everything I do, I give it 100%. ”

How do you feel about people saying that your acting is still the same has never improved?

“If you ask me, if it’s really a truthful and honest critique then I can accept that. But right now the market is big. It is like a competition where people stab and hurt each other in order to win. Whatever people say about me, I don’t think much of it.”

You’ve been with ch7 for so long now.

“I signed a contract before but it has already expired for a long time now. Let me say it this way. It’s not a contract of the heart or anything like that but it is my way of giving back and compensating the all the favors and kindness that Channel 7 has given me in order for me to have this day. All my life, I was never a khunnu. I was just from a middle class family. Both my parents worked for the government. But the reason why I’m here today is because while being in the industry for 20 years, I have never ever looked down on anything anyone has ever given me. I consider them to be great opportunities. My heart wants to repay them. Even today I still haven’t paid them all back yet. ”

Aside from lakorns, you also run an acting school, “Suvanant Academy”

“Right now things are getting better and better continuously. It’s a special choice school, it’s not something mandatory. It’s for people who love this type of thing. It’s not a school that teaches people who want to become actors but is rather for someone who wants to carry themselves well and have a good personality. Those who are shy and aren’t brave enough to express themselves can also enrol there as well in order to gain a boost in their self-confidence. Thing are progressing well but it should also improve even more. I might slowly expand it. I actually wanted to run a kindergarten school because I love being around kids.”

Love life and family
You’ve been married with Brook for a year and a half now, how is it been? 

“I think our bond has grown stronger. It’s like we’re living the life. We’ve known each other for over 10 years so it makes us even closer to each other. I think P’Brook has gotten sweeter as well. He’s cute because he always lets me have my way and likes surprising me but maybe it’s because I’m someone with good instincts (laughs) I always catch on to his surprises so it’s no longer a surprise. He really is getting cuter.”

And when will you have a baby?

“Not for a while. I’d like to travel for two months or so. Recently, we went to Hong Kong and before that we went to Australia, Singapore, Phuket and later we’ll go to Japan because P’Brook doesn’t have a lot of free time and so the times where our availability is the same is quite little. Actually I’ve always wanted to go visit the US for a while now and P’Brook also has a younger sister living there. After we get back from Japan, I will probably then start planning for the baby by visiting the doctors and getting a physical check up. I believe that those who get married all are eager to start a family. I don’t have high hopes though because if we have have a baby then we would. I’ve already discussed with P’Brook that if we don’t have one then it’s okay as it’ll just be the two of us still have each other. Nowadays, we’re living our lives happily.”

Interview from July 24, 2010 



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