Beautiful and talented, Bo Thunyasupan


December 12, 2012 |

This is an older interview of Bo when she first entered the showbiz. I know she’s very underrated which is why I wanted to share this article with everyone because I think it’s worth reading. This is one my favorite interviews of her and it really shows how intelligent, mature and classy she is of a person. She has such endearing qualities that reminds of me nang aeks back in the 80’s and 90’s. 

We heard that you’re someone who loves studying right?

“Thats right. Previously, I was a very nerdy student. I’ve pretty much been like this my whole life. It’s likely because I wanted to be an ambassador so I was a nerd for most of the time, nerdy even until the very last moment.”

Since you love studying this much, your GPA surely must be good

“From grade 7 to grade 12, my GPA has always been 3.98 ka.”

Wow! Your GPA is very high. Do you have any special technique that helps you to be such an excellent student?

“I always tell myself, can’t do, impossible to do or didn’t do. I think that there’s nothing in this world that is more hurtful than looking back in time and regretting not doing something that you wanted to do while you had the chance. Therefore, whenever I’m studying, I tell myself that I have to do my very best because if I don’t, one day in the future I will surely regret it. I will feel very upset and that is a terrible feeling to have. That becomes a catalyst that encourages me to give it my all with everything that I do. If I do something well, I would want to do even better continuously. I strongly believe that no matter what, being gifted looses to hard work. That’s my personal opinion and others might think differently. I’m not a smart person nor am I someone who understands something after hearing it just once.”

From being a nerdy kid, you’re now starting to become spoiled right? 

(laughs). Yes, I’m starting to become spoiled. I’m fascinated with the light in the entertainment industry (laughs). No, I’m just joking. I want to say that when I went to audition for the movie, there were around 400-500 people. There were many celebrities who went for casting and there were also many younger generation kids who wanted to enter the industry.

Is it a value for those of this generation?

“Yes. A value and compensation that stems from temptation. I feel that  many kids want to enter this field and the age of those coming in will decrease every time. Currently at 21 years old, I feel that I’m still young. However whenever I went to audition for a variety of different jobs, I would tell them that I am 21 years old and they would laugh at me and say 21 already? It made me question whether I was too old for the job. They all told me that at this time, lead actresses range from 15-16 years old and that is why I didn’t think I would ever receive an opportunity like this. I got to stand at this stage because I fought with many people to be here. Once I came here, it made me realize that perhaps our lives depend on both the right timing and opportunity given. Therefore, if I have the chance to receive the perfect timing and opportunity, I have to give it my all. My parents have always taught me that we’re only born once and one life is very little but if we take advantage of the opportunities we are granted and make it worthwhile, one time is already more than enough.”

“I personally don’t think that it’s damaging for kids to want to enter the entertainment field. I understand well because previously, I also thought that work in this industry is easy work. You don’t have to do much and there’s those who always do your hair and makeup. When I was younger, I enjoyed dressing up. On the days where I had someone do my hair and makeup, I felt very happy. Being able to dress up beautifully was happiness. It was like I was a princess by just standing and smiling in front of the camera. Just being beautiful and you get paid. That’s awesome! Who wouldn’t want that? But as soon as I entered the industry and got to stand at this point, I started looking at the industry differently. I realize that before, I was only judging things based on the outside. My perspective of the industry before and now has changed.”

“Working in the showbiz isn’t all about just using your physical appearance. It requires you to use your astuteness. You must have knowledge and experience. You have to use your capabilities and talent in many different areas. You’re not only acting. You have to use your ability to carry a tune, to sing and dance to the music and that requires a lot of energy. It’s like being an athlete. It’s not as easy as i thought it was. That’s why for one kid to like the work in the entertainment field, you can like it, it’s not wrong. It’s one profession that is not any much different from other professions, not much different from a doctor or other respectable careers. It’s just that if you like it because you think it’s easy then I don’t agree with that because you won’t be able to stay for long. I want people to think more profoundly than that and if you really do like it then that’s something to be supportive of.”

“It’s not hard to make someone like you. But for us to conduct ourselves to be a great inspiration for others, that is the hardest thing.”


After gaining your first real experience in your first movie, how is it? 

“I feel that this experience has allow me to grow up and be more of an adult. It has given me the opportunity to develop myself in many areas. It made me a more responsible person, gave me chances to meet new people and allow me to understand more about myself as to what type of person I am and what things I like. ”

Are you fascinated? 

“I am but the experience is tiring (laughs). I think that it’s enjoyable. Whenever I wake up early in the morning and  I see work waiting right in front of me, I have much happiness with my doing my job.”

Does this mean the chance of us loosing a beautiful ambassador is possible?

“Oh ho (smiles). Actually we don’t really have any female ambassadors to begin with. Majority of them are males because of the opportunity and limitation of this profession. However, there are definitely a lot of talented women at there.”

Are you starting to see your goal yet? 


“My goal is not for people to come and like me. I want to be an inspiration for others. I think that making people like me, it’s not that hard or anything but for me to be an inspiration for other people is something bigger. If I really can accomplish this goal, I will feel really good. For me to use the things that I’ve learned, the capabilities that I have to inspire just one person, I think that is something very meaningful.”

We feel that not only is your face beautiful but so is your mind

“(Smiles shyly). No ka. I don’t think I was born beautiful. I wasn’t a pretty girl. I used to be a shortsighted person who wore these very thick glasses with a protruding teeth. I was a swimmer so it made me somewhat underdeveloped looking and dark and I was pretty much like that from grade 1 to grade 9. I never received flowers from anyone until grade 9 when my glasses broke 3 consecutive times and I couldn’t handle it anymore. It wasn’t comfortable so I finally changed and wore contact lens instead. After the school holidays still during grade 9, I starting wearing braces and that was when someone approached me and asked which school I transferred from. It meant that they didn’t remember who I was. I was really hurt.

During Valentine’s day after that year, I remember that I received 102 roses. I thought to myself uhm.. I felt that I was still the same person, still the same as I was before but I was also aware that my appearance got better. I wasn’t so unattractive so I was surprised about the extent of people’s conducts towards me.”

It’s like your world has changed

“My world has changed. I understand that looks is always the basis of all first impressions. But people tend to treat people who are beautiful and not beautiful differently. This made me understand life much better. I honestly think that being physical attractive or not is not the main point. I think that everything must come from the inside, from the heart. Truthfully it doesn’t mean that we must conduct ourselves differently, it’s just a matter of time. It takes a little more time for someone to develop an interest in us. Back in the days where my appearance was different from how I am today, if I liked a guy and I wanted him to be interested in me, I had to develop my charm from the inside. It might be that I was a funny or smart person that made someone take notice of me. I need to use an extended period of time to persuade someone to be interested in me. If I have the looks that is  is eye-catching to people, if I’m also a charming person, it increases my level of attractiveness. If someone is already interested in my looks, I don’t need to use a lot of time on the rest.”


It’s like your voice is louder

“Yes. My voice is louder. In terms of physical appearance, I think that if I use economic terms, there’s the word ‘depreciation’ which means a skilled person. This type of person believes that their potential will improve daily. I think this is similar to a person’s charm where someone can develop their charm and knowledge daily. Beauty does not always remain with us forever. Our face, our figure does not stay with us forever. One day it will diminish. That is why I believe that if someone want to get to know me, I don’t want them looking and judging me based on my outer appearance because everyone including myself are more than that.”

On the day where the world looks at you fascinatingly. How would you feel?

“I would feel that I would then I have to be more cautious of myself like a paranoid person (laughs). I think that if there was a guy that took interest in me knew during the time when I was not attractive, that is a type of person who values me for my real self. But as soon as my appearance altered, there were a more variety of people who take an interest in me. They don’t take an interest in me because of my personality. Majority of them were interested in me because of my appearance and then they slowly determine whether my behaviour is compatible with them or not. It’s strange but in a good way. Perhaps because of people’s focus on outer appearance that makes them increasingly careless about other things.

Let’s talk about your movie. What do you the viewers will get out of this film?

“When I first accepted to play in the movie, I was already aware that the director, P’Wasin Bpok Bpong also was the director for the movie A Little Thing Called Love. I thought that the role and script was good so I was confident in his work that it would turn out well. When I watched the movie after it was first finalized, I felt like everything exceeded my expectations. It’s not your typical romantic comedy movie. There are also immortal beings featured in this movie to make it more modernized. With the message that the movie is trying to communicate to the audience, I believe that the viewers will share the same sentiments as I do which is that love is something that dies. The love that was present in the former days will also remain present today. The viewers will likely understand the different viewpoints and aspects of love and I believe this is a movie that will connect with many people because even if people don’t like the main couple, there are other couples too.

If you were to compare this movie with A Little Thing Called Love

“Oh ho! They can’t be compared. They’re different genres. But what the viewers can get out of both films are both equally great things. P’Wasin always says that there are so many bad things in this world that comes in many different forms but love is the good thing that exists in this world.”

In reality, has a cupid of love ever shot you with an arrow?

“I’ve had some boyfriend. They happened accordingly at an appropriate age (laughs). During high school, I talked with some people, this and that person because I attended a mixed-gender school. But it wasn’t anything serious. Once I entered university, I started talking to someone who is a close friend and it went according to my age (smiles).”

Someone who is both beautiful and intelligent, do you have a a type?

“I like someone who knows what I am thinking. As for matters of appearance like being tall, light skinned, I don’t have any specifications. Like I said before, I measure someone’s value based more on the inside. I think that for two people to be in a relationship, to go out together as boyfriend and girlfriend, communication is the most important thing because communication is the basic necessity that allows people to understand each other. If people don’t understand this then they are not able to understand each other’s feelings. Sometimes life has troubles so there needs to be some level of understanding which stems from communicating and interacting with each other. Therefore, I like someone who is smart in knowing what I think and is ready to understand me. Most importantly, I’m someone who is very serious with my relationships. If I can’t see a future with someone, I won’t date them.”


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