Simple life in the style of Matt Peeranee

Komchadluek: She is regarded as an actress who has been in this industry for many years but is not all that well-known. In this time, the lakorn Wahn Jai Gab Naai Jom Ying is airing via Channel 3 and the popularity of this lakorn is increasing with the good ratings going up continuously, making the cast being the source of talk these days. Today Komchadluek would like to invite the lead actress of this lakorn, Matt Peerage to chat with us.

Current works

@What are your current works?

“The lakorn that is currently on air is Wahn Jai Gab Naai Jom Ying. The one that I’m currently shooting is Kularb Rai Glai Rak from the company, Duang Malee Manee Jan. This one has opened production for a while now. In this lakorn, I will be pairing with Great Warintorn and my role is Nate Chanok. She’s a teenager who holds a grudge against her father for remarrying a woman who is a lot younger than her. This stepmother also happens to be the praek’s younger sister. I have to make a disclaimer right now and say that this character is a lot different from my true self. Even though this character is more harsh than my previous roles but I wouldn’t consider her to be evil. It’s just this role revolves around an immature child who always wants to get her way, therefore, she doesn’t want her father to stay with that other woman in fear that he will abandon her. She’s afraid that this new woman will snatch her father’s love and affection from her so she does everything within her power to make her father stay with her.’”

@ How are the tidings for the lakorn Wahn Jai? 

The feedback is great! Viewers are praising that it’s a cute, enjoyable and relaxing lakorn. Whenever I’m out and about, there are a few people who call me Jom Jai. As for my praek in the lakorn, P’Smart Krissada, we’re close with each other because we’re always talking and having fun on set. Everyone on the filming set is close even if it’s only my first time ever collaborating with P’Smart. It’s good to work with him because he’s very funny. He loves to tease and poke fun, making things more fruitful.

@ Has anyone on the lakorn set taught you anything in regards to acting?

“P’Smart hasn’t taught me anything. Personally, I’ve been in this industry for a while now. I would know what to do and what not to do. For the most part, I will listen to the director and he doesn’t really teach me anything either but more like he advises me on my acting and emotions. I’ve taken acting classes before whenever I had a new lakorn open production. It’s been 4 years already. I don’t take any acting lessons anymore because I’m busy with schooling”.

@ You’ve been in this industry for a while now. How’s your acting coming along?

“Since I signed with Channel 3, this is my fourth year being the industry. My contract has not expired yet as I still have a long time remaining. I think that my acting has shown improvement. Many people have told me that my acting is okay, I’m getting better and I’m not stiff anymore. ”

@ Channel 3 has a lot of newcomers. How do you feel about this?

“I don’t have any feelings towards this matter. I still have works continuously. As for newcomers coming in and becoming more popular, again I don’t feel anything. If something is meant to happen then let it happen naturally. Personally, I’m not someone who is serious about this type of thing because education is more priority. If I work, I will do them. If I don’t have work than I study. There’s nothing much to it.”

@ Even though you started becoming known from your previous lakorn but now it seems as if your workload has decreased

“In the past, I only filmed one lakorn per year because when I first came into the industry, I will still in my last years of high school. I never intended to act in only one lakorn at a time but my schedule only permits me to accept that much. I have classes on Monday and Friday. I only have Saturdays and the remaining weekdays to film lakorns and with the rest of my free time, I have many other things to do. It’s either I don’t graduate or I still home with too much free time. Truthfully, i’ve had more lakorn offers but I had to decline them due to school work. ”

@ You’re busy with school. It’s not that the Channel is not promoting you, right? 

“(laughs). I still have work coming in. I still have queues for lakorns continuously. I haven’t quit. Ever since I acted in my first lakorn, i have been entrusted with more lakorns after that but like I mentioned previously, I’m waiting to graduate first. If viewers would like to see more of me on screen, they would have to wait a little longer because right now I’m in my 3rd year at Thammasart, in the faculty of Applied Arts, majoring in stage plays. My dream was never to become an actress. I never expected to work in the entertainment industry because I’m someone who likes to paint. I wanted to go into Fine Arts but I didn’t get accepted into the program I wanted so I switched fields because I felt like this would be helpful towards my career whether it be acting, studying or whenever I’m working on new lakorn character. My real dream was to always open up restaurant for my mother since she’s a great cook and I enjoy her cooking at home. My house never forces me to earn all A’s but they expect me to fulfill my duties as a daughter.

@ How do you feel about the industry right now?

“I think it’s fun. I consider it as my luck that I’m able to work in this field because like I said earlier, I never thought of becoming an actress. There are people out there who want to be an actress and want to enter this industry but they don’t have the opportunities like I do. Once an opportunity came my way, I accepted it. If I work, I will do them. If i don’t then it’s not a problem because i feel like it’s not my dream.”

@ How did you enter this field? 

“That was a long time (laughs). At first I was filming a commercial and there was a senior who took my picture and sent it to the elders without me knowing beforehand. Afterwards, the elders of Channel 3 called me in to take acting classes until I became a member of the second generation to Power 3 Club and started acting in lakorns.”

@ You’ve been in the field for a while now but you’ve never had any strong tidings

“No at all. I feel like being in this industry, I haven’t completely let myself go yet. Truthfully whenever I’m home, I’m a very normal person. Whenever i’m going to places, hanging with friends and all, I’m not a fussy person. I don’t like people who complain a lot or like to be troublesome. I like being on my own. I’m someone who likes being in my own world. It’s likely because I’m an only child so I’ve played by myself and was on my own ever since I was a child. If I were to be around a lot people, I can handle it but i wouldn’t be able to endure for long. I’m not a sweet person nor am I prim and proper.

Your Family

@ Being in the industry, are your family member worried about you?

They’re not worried, especially my dad because he often works overseas, going around many different countries. Whenever I’m acting in a lakorn or shooting for a magazine, I will send the DVDS or magazines to him. He likes them and would sometimes turn the pictures into postcards to send to our relatives. He is mostly very happy to have a daughter who is a celebrity. As for my mom, she’s more indifferent because whenever I go out, she’s always with me. There’s nothing for her to be concerned about because i’m always within her eyesight. Actually my father never really supported me being in this field but he never forbid me either. He’s just proud to have a daughter that is a celebrity, that’s all.

@ How close are you with your mom and dad? 

Very much. If I go out, my dad doesn’t follow me around because majority of the time, he’s working abroad whereas my mom is always with me. The only exception is when I’m vacationing with my friends and i forbid her to join us (laughs). She’s pretty much like my manager and manages my queues and everything else for me.

@ Being in this industry, what has your mom taught you? 

My mom has taught me many things. She’s taught me everything. If I were to go into details, it would take a long time but she has taught me many good things. Every parent would want their children to be loved by everyone. She’s taught me respect, responsibility, time management, manners but she has given the most emphasis on time. I cannot lack this matter. Like if I have a meeting in 7 hours, i have to be at the location before the appointment time. If it gets close to the time and we’re not their yet, my mom will start to feel anxious. She’s very serious about this matter.

Matt’s love

@ What is your heart status right now? 

I’m still single, I don’t have a boyfriend. Right now I’m focusing on my studies. My priority is to graduate and get it out of the way because i feel like my Bachelors degree is within the tips of my fingers. At the least, I want to get my Masters Degree.

@ Your type of Guy

I like someone who is manly. He has to be clean and respectful. I don’t need someone who is rich or very handsome but i would ask for someone with somewhat of a good appearance and good personality, that’s good enough. I don’t like guys who are playboys. That is not my type.

@ What do you see in your upcoming future? 

This is hard question to answer. When someone asks, I tell them that I don’t have high expectations. I just think to do the best I can today. In the past, when people ask me if i could go back in time and change something, what would I do? I have never regretted anything that I’ve done whether it was something good or bad. If it’s something good then I regard as a source of encouragement for me to continue on and the bad things are like immunizing agents. I don’t have any plans. I just hope that in the near future i can graduate and to work to the best of my ability. Whatever happens in the future, I don’t know.



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