Chinese Series

This will be a section dedicated towards anything related to the Chinese industry.

Favourite Actors & Actresses:

TVB 70/80’s – Damian Lau, Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Simon Yam, Ray Liu, Jimmy Au, Sean Lau

Michelle Mai Shuet, Angie Chiu, 5 Beauties (Margie Tsang, Idy Chan, Kitty Lai, Jamie Chic, Yammie Lam), Sheren Tang, Barbara Yung, Dodo Cheung, Rong Wai Mun


Louis Koo, Sunny Chan, Frankie Lam, Julian Cheung, Gallen Lo, Patrick Tam

Kathy Chow, Nnadia Chan, Monica Chan, Annie Man, Carman Lee, Athena Chu

00’s – Steven Ma, Roger Kwok

Tavia Yeung

ATV, Mainland, Taiwanese, Singaporean etc. 

Kenny Ho, Steve Ma, Nathan Chan, Lawrence Yan, Alec Su, Peter Ho, Yuan Hong, Wang Kai, Eddie Peng, Nicky Wu, Hu Ge, Christopher Lee, Chew Chor Meng

Liu Tao, Shui Liu, Ady An, Alyssa Chia, Ruby Lin, Ning Jing, Erica Choi

Favourite TVB Series:

80’s Condor Trilogy, New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984, Duke of Mount Deer 1998, A Step into the Past, Better Halves, Legendary Four Aces, War and Beauty, Colourful Life, Virtues of Harmony I & II, Family Man, Cold Blood Warm Heart, Net Deception

ATV, CCTV, China, Taiwan, Singaporean etc. 

Princess Pearl I & II, Bodyguards – Jade Dolls, Hua Mulan 1999, Heroic Legend of the Yang Family, Young Master of Shaolin, Xiao Zhuang Mishi, Young Warriors of the Yang Clan 2006, Legendary Fighter Yang Heroine, Paradise + Legend of the Magic Mirror, The Royal Harem, Bu Bu Jing Xin, To Mum with Love, You Are the One, Ode To Joy I & II, The Disguiser, Nirvana in Fire, When a Snail Falls in Love


Wuxia: Condor Trilogy from the 80’s, New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984, Demi Gods Semi Devils 1996, State of Divinity 1996, Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain 1985, The Young Wanderer, Blood Stained Intrigue, Return of Luk Siu Fung, The Grand Canal

Yang Family – Highly recommend the 2006 version w/ Hu Ge and Peter Ho and for the girls version, Legendary Fighter Yang Heroine. The short condensed 6 episode TVB Anniversary one from 1985 is very good as well. If you can get your hands on the ATV versions with Amy Chan, I think that’s worth looking into as well.

Palace Theme: Princess Pearl aka Huan Zhu Ge Ge I & II, War and Beauty (such a beautiful series although be prepared for a sad ending) Schemes of a Beauty, Royal Harem, War and Remembrance, Where The Legend Begins

Justice Pao – If you’re a big fan of Justice Pao like I am then I think you should watch the Taiwan versions with Kenny Ho. That one is simply the best of all IMHO and the ATV versions are pretty good as well. I’ve watched the TVB one and I didn’t like it as much because the cases were all too similar to each other and very predictable. If you’re a fan of the casts such as Felix, Noel, Patrick, Fiona, Ada, Jacky then you might want to give it a shot. Young Justice Pao aka The Young Detectives is a spin off on the Justice Pao story and it’s pretty good if you want something more recent.

Fantasy – Legend of Eight Immortals, The Lotus Lantern, Paradise + Legend of Magic Mirror, Dark Tales I & II

Comedy – Lady Flower Fist, Virtues of Harmony I & II, Better Halves, Duke of Mount Deer 1998, Colourful Life, The Driving Power, Old Time Buddies I & II, Legendary Four Aces, Square Pegs, Wars of In Laws, Survivor’s Law II, To Catch the Uncatchable

Modern – Secret of the Heart, Cold Blood Warm Heart (both series are extremely long and although there are some flaws, they’re general well written series that are worth watching), Net Deception, Into Thin Air, Triumph in the Skies, Heart of Greed

Other Ancient – Eternal Happiness, Doomed to Oblivion, Find the Light, Rosy Business, Sweetness in the Salt

Time Travelling – A Step Into The Past, King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, Bu Bu Jing Xin

Gambling – Who Is The Winner I & II, The Shell Game

Shaolin related (anything that mentions Zhan San Feng) – Rise of the Taichi Master

TVB SEREIS CHALLENGE (Basically the Lakorn Challenge that has been altered to TVB series instead)

How did you start watching TVB series?

My family used to always rent TVB series back in the early 90’s and I would usually end up watching with everyone. From then, I instantly developed an interest in them and ever since, my addiction has been pretty bad. Throughout the years, I’ve watched a countless number of Chinese series, not just TVB but Chinese series in general although TVB remains to be my favourite. I’ve collected and traded series in order to build up my collection and now I’m pretty satisfied with what I have lol. If anyone were to ask me which do I prefer between Thai lakorns and Chinese series, the answer is without an a doubt Chinese series. During the time when series weren’t yet converted onto DVD and were still recorded on VHS tapes, my mom would be the one who watched the lakorns while my sister and I were the ones who watched the Chinese series. I would have those phases where I’d tune in to some lakorns but for the most part, my interest pertained to Chinese series because of the variation it has to offer.

Your all time favorite series?

Oh this question is so hard because I have so so much love lol. If I had to pick only one, my all time favorite would have to be Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre 1986. I’ve watched this series over 100 times by now and I absolutely love everything about it.

Your least favorite series?

To Grow with Love. This is one of the worst TVB series that I’ve ever watched in a very long time. The storyline was just plain stupid and Myolie’s acting was insanely annoying.

Your favorite series OST?

Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1999, Heaven Sword & Sabre 1986, Legend of Condor Heroes 1982, Princess Pearl I & II, Young Warriors of the Yang Clan 2006

The last series you watched?

The most recent series that I’ve watched is Born Rich but I just re-watched Burning Flames I.

What series are you currently watching?

Line Walker.

A series you looked forward to but disappointed you in the end?

Gun Metal Grey – Started off well in the begin but dragged midways. If the writer tweaked the storyline a bit and the female lead was someone other than Jessica, I would have enjoyed it better.

Dicey Business – During the time that it was released, a lot of people seemed to like it and when I finally got my hands on a copy, I was excited to watch it. Sadly, I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it for whatever reason.

A series you started without expectations but loved it in the end?

Survivor’s Law II – I liked the first segment and didn’t think the second one could be all that better since usually, any series with a second instalment fails miserably at capturing the essence of the first one. Both are completely different as the second part takes a more comical approach but I liked it a lot. I found myself smiling at the cute bickering between Ella and Kenneth.

A Step into the Past – God knows I’m not a fan of Jessica or Sonia and although Michelle is very pretty, she’s a horrible actress so none of main girls were attracting to me. It was Louis and Kong Wah who both delivered and carried on this series to the end. This series has a mixture of everything, romance, comedy, suspense etc.

Young Warriors of the Yang Clan 2006 – Prior to watching the series, I have watched almost every single series related to the Yang family possible and frankly, I was getting tired of the storyline. How many more versions could be made about the tragedy of the Yang family and how could it be better than any of the ones I’ve already seen? Thanks to my sister who persuaded me to watch it and knowing that we both have the same taste, I listened to her and don’t regret it at all.

Preferred series type?

Similar to lakorns, I don’t really have a particular preference; it all depends on how the series is executed. I can watch anything really whether it be wuxia, modern, ancient, fantasy. If I were to break it down, I’m a big big fan of wuxia and when it comes to modern series, I would say I’m particularly drawn towards the family drama and investigation ones.

Favorite male/female character?

Qiao Feng from DGSD – One of the most loyal and heroic characters I’ve watched on screen.

Hong Siu Lung from A Step into the Past – He’s handsome, funny, dedicated, hard working, helpful and clever. What more can I ask for?

Huang Rong from LOCH and ROCH – The cutest, funniest and smartest female character. Zhao Mei from HSDS is a close second.

Least favorite male/female character? 

Eddie Cheung’s character in Love is Beautiful – Can there be a more stupid character?

A series character you’d like to be friends with in real life?

Of course Huang Rong!

A series character you’d marry in real life?

Qiao Feng!! I would say Siu Lung but then I don’t like the idea of sharing my  man with someone else, I’m not that kind of a person haha.

Series are full of psycho villains. Who makes your blood boil the most?

Cho Cho from Love is Beautiful.

A series character that is most like you?

Bernice’s character from Into Thin Air.

Most memorable series confession?

I don’t know. The first one that comes to mind is from Secret of the Heart when Gallen confesses to Amy when she was in the hospital but I don’t know if I consider that to be the most memorable.

Most memorable first meeting of the main couple?

LOCH when Huang Rong dresses as a beggar and meets Guo Jing or when Wuji meets Zhao Mei at her place and she tricks him into the secret underground room and he tickles her feet.

Favorite series ending?

Legendary Four Aces when all the wives bring out their weapons and threaten their husbands.

Top 3 couples in a series?


Top 3 actor/actress pairing?

Michael Miu & Barbara Yung,



Personal thoughts on actors/actresses


Damian Lau: One of the most legendary actors of all time who has such equity and versatility. He successfully portrays each and every one of his roles and never once fails to deliver a great and believable performance. I also admire his dedication and mannerism because although he is beyond a talented and respected actor, he is never arrogant or boastful. He only has praises and positive things to say about his fellow co-stars and always showcases professional work ethics.

Michael Miu: I love everything about this guy from his dashing looks to his acting to his personality. He is the ultimate package. Back in the days, I would say that Tony Leung was my favorite Tiger but eventually I’ve come to realize that I’ve watched more of Michael and he is the one who demonstrates the most versatility. He is exceptional in pretty much all his series.


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